The FTF Canada Boys Combine Series 2021 will be taking place all across Canada. Our first stops are in Vancouver, British Columbia – Edmonton, Alberta- Toronto, Ontario – Montreal, Quebec– and Winnipeg, Manitoba. The combines will give players a unique individual showcasing opportunity to display their talents in a highly competitive environment in front of Coaches, Scouts and Agents from North America and Abroad.

2021 Combine Dates

Montreal, QC Combine

Boys: June 28th/29th

Edmonton, AB Combine

Boys: July 5th/6th

Vancouver, BC Combine

Boys: July 8th/9th

Winnipeg, MB Combine

Boys: August 4th/5th

Toronto, ON Showcase Week

Boys: July 19th – July 22nd

All combine games will have talented evaluators attend in person. Also all games will be live streamed for coaches, scouts, and talent evaluators to watch from all over the world.

All necessary COVID-19 precautions will be followed at each event.