FTF Canada Winter Showcase

The FTF Canada Winter Showcase will be a (2) Combine event for Girls and Boys born in 2003/2004 predominantly with some allowance for 2002,2005, and older ‘transfer’ players.

The “Open Combine” at the Winter Showcase is available for anyone to sign up. It will provide the same opportunities as a normal FTF Canada Combine with players playing (4) showcase games in front of talent evaluators, scouts and coaches from across the world in person and via livestream. The date for both combines will be sometime at the end of January/beginning of February once Peel and Hamilton regions return to the “Orange Zone”. Applicants will be accepted on a “first come, first serve basis” based on the positions available on the next page.

The “Top-60 Combine” at the Winter Showcase is an invite only combine for players that FTF has identified as some of the top players in Canada for the 2003/2004 age group. FTF has scouted these players at our previous events, games we have watched, showcases we have attended, and referrals from sources/ contacts we trust.

The invitations for the “Top-60 Combine” have already been sent out, but there are a minimum of 5 spots remaining on both the boys and the girls side that will be reserved for some of the top performers at the “Open Combine”. These players will be accepted at no charge for the “Top-60 Combine” that will take place January 2021.

Any player interested in participating at the FTF Canada Winter Showcase must submit their application along with the $250 combine fee. (Debit and Credit Card payments are accepted.)

We look forward to having you and spots will not be reserved.

Full COVID-19 protocols will take place at all events

All combine games will be live-streamed for coaches, scouts, and talent evaluators to watch from all over the world.

If Ontario Health Restrictions don’t allow the events to take place they will be rescheduled to a later date in January/ February.

2020 Combine Dates

Toronto, ON Combine

Female: August 31st/September 1st

Male : September 3rd/September 4th

Calgary, AB Combine

Male: Saturday, October 24th/Sunday, October 25th


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