The Classics $ Money Tournaments $

FTF Canada presents the CLASSICS. 

The CLASSICS (Thanksgiving and Boxing Day) are two 6v6 ‘money tournament’ events that happen annually in the Greater Toronto Area in partnership with Sports Leagues Canada.

The Thanksgiving Classic took place on Thanksgiving Monday, October 9th, 2023. This year BSB won the cash prize of $5000 and earned a free entry into our 4th Annual Boxing Day Classic.  The second-place team earned 50% off entry to our Boxing Day Classic as well!

4th Annual Boxing Day Classic

In this year’s Boxing Day Classic, we provided the biggest 6v6 money tournament in Canada on December 26th/27th, 2023. Hosted at (2) locations for the round robin (East & West). The winners Salo United walked away with a $15,000 after an epic final.

The Tournament will be back again December 2024! 


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