Frequently Asked Questions

FTF Showcase Tournaments are ‘team-based’ showcases vs. FTF Combines which are ‘individual’ showcases. An FTF Team Showcase allows your club team to register to compete in a tournament style showcase. An FTF Combine allows you to register to compete as an individual. The goal for both events is the same: increased exposure!

  • FTF Puma Combine Jersey
  • 3-4 showcase games in front of collegiate coaches, agents and talent evaluators
  • Game recording of every 11v11 match
  • Individual feedback from our recruiting team
  • Discount on FTF Highlight Video Services

You can find our event calendar here. 

Please note dates are subject to change. 

Our biggest differential is the fact that we live stream our Combines on YouTube for remote viewership. We understand that not every collegiate program has the budget to attend in person, so we make it accessible for them to scout players at the combine via the live stream.

Every collegiate program in Canada and the USA across NCAA, U Sports, CCAA, NAIA and JUCO will receive an invitation to attend and/or watch the combine online, along with the event details, live stream links and roster sheets including all player information.

The top performing players of every Combine will be invited to participate in our All Star Showcases.

These specialty “All-Canadian” showcases are invite only and will feature the top performers across Canada that have participated in an FTF Canada Combine + other talents we have identified over the course of a calendar year.

All players participating in our events will also be evaluated by FTF Scouts and have an opportunity to be selected for our All-Canadian Event Rankings which provides additional exposure for players as they continue to look for their next opportunity.

All players will receive a professional headshot at the combine. Professional gameplay photos will be taken at the event as well.

When a player commits to a post secondary opportunity, FTF will post about it on social media and give you and your club/academy recognition for all the hard work you put in. Tag us in your posts and we’ll make sure to show some love.

Lastly, players that attend our Combines are now part of the #FTFFam. We encourage you to reach out at any point in time to ask questions about the recruitment process. We’ve been there. We understand how difficult it can be at times to navigate through it all. Reach out to us via email or on social media and we’d be happy to help.

All footage from the combine is available for download on our YouTube Channel. FTF recommends you use the game footage and add it to your highlight video. If you need assistance in making a highlight video, we have a professional video services team that makes highlight videos. FTF Combine participants receive 25% off their highlight video.

A full refund (minus $60 processing fee) is granted only when requested prior to 30 days before the combine date. The Combine fee is non-refundable when requested within two weeks of the Combine date. Any requests for refunds made within two weeks of the Combine date will be declined. Injuries or emergencies that happen prior to the combine within 30 days – 0 days of the Combine date are subject to a credit at the decision of FTF, but not guaranteed. Refunds will be issued within 60- 90 days of the Combine date.

A full refund is guaranteed only when a team is not accepted into the tournament. Once acceptance is granted, no refunds will be issued regardless of circumstance. 

Refunds may also be granted on a case by case basis should the tournament not be able to run or be cut short due to unforeseen circumstances. This will be at the discretion of the FTF team. 

College athletes wishing to participate in an FTF Combine should check with their school’s compliance officer and college coach to make sure that applying to the combine will not affect their college eligibility. Different governing bodies (NCAA, USPORTS, CCAA NAIA, JUCO, etc) have different regulations and the FTF Canada will not take any responsibility regarding your collegiate eligibility.

FTF has built up a database of every collegiate program in North America. Each collegiate program receives an invitation to attend the Combine in person and/or view the live stream on YouTube. FTF emails out the roster sheet and livestream links to the coaches and scouts beforehand. In addition, FTF has a vast network of scouts and agencies for players pursuing professional opportunities. Please see our alumni list for players that have used us as a platform and went on to post-secondary and professional opportunities.

Each outfield player is scheduled to play in 3-4 showcase games at the Combine. Goalkeepers are scheduled to play at least 2.5 full showcase games at the Combine.

Participants must wear their own soccer shorts and socks (preferably black), along with shin guards and cleats. FTF will be providing every participant with a Combine jersey that must be worn on both days of the Combine. In addition, FTF will be providing an ID pinnie which must be returned at the end of the event.

Do not lose your ID Pinnie! This is how coaches and scouts will identify during your games. It is very imperative that you take care of the pinnie. If you do end up losing your ID pinnie, you must pay a $50 replacement fee.

Schedules for all FTF events will be sent to participants approximately 7 days before the event.

Two options:

  1. Digitally sign them and send them back via email
  2. Print, sign and give the forms to us on the first day of the Combine.

All event photos will be uploaded to our Facebook Page.

Please allow 48 hours for this confirmation to be sent to your email. If you don’t receive anything in 48 hours,reach out to our team directly.

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