Absolutely, FTF!FTF events have become a key component of our development pathway.Thanks for your great work!

Club Coach

Good evening FTF and Ryan (NLU), Thank you for the very informative seminary tonight! In spite of having four children following different pathways in soccer and earning post secondary scholarships, both in Canada and the US, the refresher was great and I even learned some new things tonight as well!What you have done here is terrific and hope this continues to bring your organization much success.


Hello my name is Frank Nicolazzo and I have a daughter named Chiara  Nicolazzo who is a u15 soccer player for Hamilton United. She has been doing very well recently,  played at provincials for team Ontario. We have also attended events that you have been a part of. I would like to express my  gratitude in the manner in which you present her in your clips and pictures.  Thank you,  it really make her feel proud of herself.I thought I would let you know what kind of impact you really have on these kids.

Chiara Nicolazzo

Thank you for all you are doing for the student – athletes. Evan Selby has attended Montreal and Toronto combines and continues to have great opportunities open as a result of FTF. Evan will be going to FC Malaga City in the fall 2023.

Evan Selby

Thanks for all of your support of the Spurrell twins! FTF has been instrumental in both of them realizing their dreams!  They work so hard but without the ability to showcase themselves that can get lost!   Because of you and FTF that isn’t the case and they are both destined for big things!  Marcus, you are doing a very very real and valuable thing for the young men and women football players of Canada!  The best compliment is that the players you identify go on and have successful university, and beyond, carers!!  The Spurrell’s will be forever thankful that you came into our world!!  Cheers pal!

Jamie Spurrell

What an #amazing week at the FTF Vancouver spring break combine! My second year doing it, and I love it more each time. Some key takeaways were- Being positionally solid, defending the space as well as the player, moving together as a team, 1, 2 touches are key and happen fast, playing another player on, sometimes these small touches go unnoticed but a team has many roles. I loved being able to play with so many new and fantastic players, as well as experience top level coaching. Definitely will be back soon!

Mia Louden

FTF, a huge thank you for introducing us to Leo. And as mentioned in our announcement, thanks to you and the FTF family for the opportunities you offer these young soccer talents to be seen by the ones that matter. Have a great weekend!!

Dante Carraro

Thanks again for working to support athletes across the province, it’s platforms like yours that are helping so many in their journey

Cassie Crozier

Hi, Thank you for hosting a very well-organized showcase.

Coach - Peter Hogg

Thanks for an amazing weekend. It was very well organized and our team had a blast. I noticed some promo codes on highlight tapes. Is there something similar if we want to sign up for the summer combine in Montreal? We’ve never done an individual showcase so are considering going after seeing how well last weekend was done.Julie

Julie - Parent

FTF thank you for a great weekend, I wanted to reach out to whoever the club rep is from Vaughan and/or referee coordinator I can honestly say, that this weekend, was one of the more consistent refereeing displays that I remember recently and I wanted to thank them


Hi, Sofia Matias (2007) enjoyed the FTF Vancouver combine and as her parents we found it to be an excellent experience; Sean and the team were exceptional! Sofia (Team 1 #11) would appreciate an evaluation/feedback.  Many thanks, David 

Parent of Sofia Matias

Hello I wanted to thank you for organizing such a great event in Vancouver.  It was my first FTF combine and it definitely won’t be my last.  I learned a lot playing with so many great athletes and from my coaches. But mostly I had so much fun.  I would welcome any feedback on my performance at the combine so I can use it to further improve my play. Thank you again,

Addison Sun

Thank you for everything last two days. Was fantastic! Players and parents loved it.

Paul Lippa

Hello sir. Dante committed to Bradley on Friday. Great opportunity and we are truly excited. What a great head coach. He signs this week and it will be official by Friday I think. Here’s to the next chapter. Thanks so much for getting him into all of the events.


Hello FTF, I hope everything is going well. I just wanted to let you know that I have committed to play at Canisius next year and wanted to thank you for helping me throughout the entire process. I appreciate all of the opportunities you opened up for me. – Matthew Fischer

Matthew Fischer

Hi FTF, This has been an amazing journey and we are so grateful to have you in Jordan’s corner. We are driving to the University in a few hours to help Jordan finalize his decision. We can not thank you enough for your help FTF

Jordan Barclay

Hello there, My daughter Georgia Gavas participated in the East Coast Showcase this past fall. We are excited to report that from that showcase, she was identified by several post-secondary institutions. She finally decided today, and has committed to the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she will be studying Sciences and playing with the Varsity Blue Devils. Thank you for your contribution in making this happen. Kindly, Andrew Gavas (proud dad)

Georgia Gavas

I had an excellent experience at the Montreal combine these past two days, the coaching was excellent and I enjoyed my experience. As you guys mentioned, I’m following up to request feedback on my performance. Looking forward to hearing what I did well and what I can improve on. Thank you for all that your organization is doing to give us Canadian players a chance to showcase our skills. 

Player - Bilaal V

And I’m beyond thankful of how [ player name ] has kicked on via Vaughan and through your Platform… and God willing if he takes that next step… kids will know that there is another way. That FTF is a pillar if not Gold standard to fulfilling dreams


Hi FTF, Thank you for the great event. I had a great time and it was nice to talk to the university coaches that were in attendance.


Hello! Thank you so much for the Toronto event, and for having such great staff!


Hello, thank you for hosting the girls Toronto Combine this week. It was a great opportunity to compete against very good players and showcase my own skills to coaches!


Thank you for putting on a great event.   It was my daughter’s first time attending and while she was extremely nervous, she enjoyed herself,


Thank you so much for a VERY organized showcase. It was our first time participating and we were thoroughly impressed, so thank you!


Just wanted to say thank you for a great 2 day experience for [player]. Second time with you guys and she’s looking forward to more! Anyway, well organized, on time and with a good competitive flow 🙂


Thank you for hosting a great event the last couple of days, [Player] truly enjoyed the competition and competitiveness!


Good Morning, Thanks again for a great showcase – it was incredible to be among so many talented athletes!


I had such a good time at the Toronto Combine these past 2 days!


I wanted to say thank you to FTF for helping me along the way in my soccer journey. This past weekend I was able to sign my Scholarship with Southwest Virginia, CC a D1 in the NJCAA. The exposure that I received from the Combines and the Top 60 I attended helped pave the way for some great communication between me and a couple of schools and for this I am thankful!. I look forward to keeping you updated with my progression in 2023 as this is only the beginning!!!


THANK YOU for such a great opportunity to be seen through your showcase which led me to getting a great scholarship


I have officially committed to the University of Kentucky. I just wanted to thank you and everyone at FTF Canada. Your Montreal and Top 60 showcases very much helped me get to where I am now and helped me obtain this amazing opportunity.


Thanks for another great event. Just an FYI, several girls and boys have meetings and offers as a result of the weekends.


I wanted to give you an update on Emma! She is verbally committed to Southern Illinois University!! She is thrilled! Thank you so much for your support!!!


A lot of hard work but you pulled off an even better event this year. A pleasure, gradually working with quality and support of partners like yourself we will play with the best.

Club Coach

Hi FTF!I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all that you’ve done for me. I’m so grateful to have been in the rankings, I feel so blessed and privileged to have been included in so many incredible opportunities and experiences through the FTF network. And I know that without FTF and your support, I wouldn’t be committed to SFU right now. My conversation with you all about my decision truly tipped the scale, and I’m so thankful for your generosity and kindness. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me and for all that you continue to do to promote us young athletes trying to succeed in our passions! 🧡


Just wanted to thank you and FTF for helping [player] along the way…she verbally committed to Canisius on a scholarship and should have papers signed this week! Much appreciated!


This is very important for my young ballers. I was almost ineligible and had to play catchup because I didn’t take grades 9 and 10 seriously. It’s worth the work, trust me!

Professional MLS Player

From there, [player] attended an FTF Combine which opened the eyes of Tarleton and ultimately led to her offer and commitment.

News Outlet

Just wanted to thank you for the great programming weekend over Thanksgiving. [Player] had a strong showing, and really was appreciative of your comments when you pulled him aside before the Monday friendly to give him some words of encouragement. Between MOM for his Saturday game, his selection to the Starting 11, and the connections you helped make happen, this weekend was a great opportunity for him. As we navigate the waters towards his goals of high level NCAA soccer and beyond, it is opportunities like these that give players a chance to shine with and against higher level competition, encourage their growth within the game,  and expand their possibilities moving forward.  We will definitely look to develop those connections you helped facilitate, and look forward to any future opportunities that may arise where [player] could be a good fit.


Just an FYI that [player’s] announcement from Dal went out today. Thanks again for all your support in helping her get to this point in her career. Looking forward to your next event!


You guys are the reason this is happening; St. Thomas reached out to me after the Calgary Combine!


We will be posting about [player] soon.  Her performance at the FTF showcase was a big reason why we liked her. Thanks for all that you are doing Marcus.  You are making a difference in a lot of people’s lives!


Couldn’t have done it without you guys!


Thanks to FTF for connecting us with [player] at your last showcase in Toronto!


You can start getting connected to colleges and getting exposure by going to individual combines and they provide you with video service and coaches watch online and email you, it’s an amazing resource.


This wouldn’t have been possible without FTF’s doings so i just wanna thank you for putting me out there.


Thank you so much!  I also wanted to say what a fantastic showcase it was.  The FTF staff and volunteers were very kind and just amazing.  Job well done! [player] really enjoyed the tournament and we were so grateful for all the Instagram posts


Hello ftf family, my name is [player] i’ve been to 2 ftf combines in toronto the one after the first ever lockdown and another one summer 2021. Not too long ago I committed to go play in Nebraska next year with Hastings College and I just wanted to thank you guys for making this possible for me. I’m forever grateful.


Hi Marcus. I wanted to thank you and your organization for helping [player] along to pursue her goals of playing in college and professionally.  She was invited to the Gothia Cup with FC New England. The organization became aware of her after the Calgary combine with FTF.  This is an excellent opportunity for [player].


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