Thank you FTF appreciate everything you’ve done and helped with! Just off this post you put me in a conversation with Jed Davies!  thank you  -Daniel Lombo – #61, Top 85 -2025 Boys

Daniel Lombo

Hi Shane & Adam, I wanted to reach out to express my gratitude and to provide you an update regarding Graydon. At the Vancouver March Combine, he was noticed by the Capilano U head coach and after emails and conversation, he has accepted an offer to play for them in the fall. I wanted to personally thank you both and FTF for providing this exposure & opportunity for Graydon – and of course many other players! Your events are always well organized, efficiently run and a pleasure to participate in. I am always happy to refer players to your combines & tournaments. It has been my pleasure working with both of you; and Graydon, Dave & I wish you every continued success.


Thank you for organizing such fabulous events! It is much appreciated as her past  participation has led to some wonderful opportunities and connections in the soccer community – Jason Bentley
FTF is one of the best platforms in Canada for young players to showcase themselves in front of college coaches.As a soccer coach I strongly recommend FTF to young players if they would like to continue their soccer journey at the next level. Great program to join their showcases nation wide.I’m glad that Seba was part of it

Seba Piatkiewicz

I was talking to my friends Michael and Ainsley (both ranked #6 last year) about FTF and they said you guys really helped them with university exposure. I’m 100% interested
Thank-you once again for your help with Philip and FTF. He’s committed to Butler University. Feel free to update that on your top 100 listing for players that have committed to US / Canadian universities and / or otherwise

Phillip Biodich

Thank you so much. I appreciate all you do and the attention you bring to our community.
Thank you for a great tournament for our athletes. They were exposed to excellent quality soccer and a positive environment from your organization.
As always FTF – appreciate what you do for the game and the kids. They & I look forward to your events. See you at the next one!
Thank you for the tournament this weekend!! It was a really enjoyable experience for us.
Thank you so much ftf! Your platform has given so many people an opportunity to aspire for our dreams! – Jiji Sweiss on her commitment to Marist College NCAA D1

Jiji Sweiss

Marcus, I can’t thank you enough for having our boys at your tournament. I was thoroughly impressed with how well it was run and with the reffing.  I know you may not often hear that but please pass a message along to the refs on our behalf.  I look forward to having you here in Saskatoon this summer.  I have to discuss our holiday plans with my wife but will look to get Simon registered for your event.  Have a wonderful Spring season. Best regards,


By the way you guys are amazing! Thanks for documenting this so well. Thank you to the whole FTF team Thank you so much for the fantastic weekend. Our players are still talking about it!– Barrie Soccer Club 2009 Boys

Barrie Soccer Club 2009 Boys

Your events (and highlight reel that you did for me) have helped me connect with many coaches and provided me with a lot of potential opportunities to play at the next level. The combine in Halifax, in particular, helped me in my eventual signing with Dalhousie. Once again, thank youvery much for everything.

Isaiah Tsouluhas-Posner

Marcus- I saw my man. Thank you for sharing and putting these events together. One of the best in the world to be honest lol

NCAA Coach

 I just want to thank an employee by the name of Makaya. She responded to an email of mine quickly and with professionalism.  She was able to deal with my situation and we are please with her service. This makes me believe Ftf is serious in the service they are providing for future soccer player. Thank you very much, we will see you in the next event.

Parent - Makaya testimonial

Hi FTF,  just want to thank you for everything you have done for Anth. You truly have something great going and this country needs more people like you advocating for these talented Athletes! On behalf of the Anth and the family thank you to you and FTF!

Anthony Morano

Hello. I want to thank you for the three highlight videos that you made for me. They were very helpful in my recruiting efforts and I have now committed to Truman State University in Missouri. Thanks again.

Chernet Armstrong-Douglas

Hey Marcus, I just wanted to let you know I had a great time the past two days. You guys are doing a great job. It brought back a lot of memories that’s for sure. I noticed, especially yesterday, every time I looked around people were shaking hands, hugging, and high fives. Honestly, it was crazy to see everyone from the soccer community come together and have a great time. Keep up the great work!


Hello I just wanted to share that my daughter – Grace Hill  (Goalkeeper with Fort McMurray Fury FC) – who attended your summer 2022 and 2023 Edmonton combines has committed to Mount Royal University/U-Sport for fall of 2024! Thank you for providing the opportunity for her to showcase her skills. I really believe that this, combined with the incredible highlight video that your team produced, was instrumental in her achieving her goal of playing collegiate level soccer in an exceptional program

Grace Hill

Hi FTF, I’m very happy to announce my commitment to Guelph University, and I wanted to say a big thank you for providing me, and many others, the opportunity to be given lots of exposure.Through my experiences attending your events, I was able to meet and connect with Coach Shayne from Guelph more than once. So huge thanks again!

Rebecca Draeger

Hello FTF team, I just want to thank you and let you know that I have recently committed to the Dalhousie University Men’s Soccer Team in Halifax, NS (https://usports.ca/uploads/hq/Forms/LOI/2024-25/231127_LOI_Registry_Public.xlsx) I will be playing for The Tigers, under Coach Alan Jazic, for the 2024 season. I have attended your events as both an individual player (Montreal Summer Combine 2021, Toronto Winter Combine 2022, and Halifax Summer Combine 2023) and with my team, Alliance United League1 Reserves, at two FTF X VSC Showcases. Your events (and the highlight reel that you did for me) have helped me connect with many coaches and provided me with a lot of potential opportunities to play at the next level. The combine in Halifax, in particular, helped me in my eventual signing with Dalhousie. Once again, thank youvery much for everything.

Isaiah Tsouluhas-Posner

Good morning FTF At long last we can share Emma’s signing if you are interested in posting as this all came about because of the combine in July in Saskatoon Have a great day

Christie & Emma Ottenbreit

Thank you for all you do. The representation and opportunities you provide our players is amazing!

Club in Alberta

I have now committed to University of South Alabama and I wanted to thank you for all your help in the process. FTF has been an amazing platform for me to gain exposure and has helped me out tremendously in my recruiting process!!Thank you again

 Sofia Mastracci

Thank you for your help and recommending my son! Without you guys it wouldn’t be possible

Parent - MLS Academy referral

As always, thanks for doing what you do better than anyone else in the country.

Club Coach

I am a proud FTF Alumni and just wanted to share this with you. I appreciate the support from FTF over the years. We just won the SWAC division and made the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2006. As a Freshman I was awarded SWAC all tournament team and SWAC ALL Conference Tournament MVP.  I am reaching outside my comfort  zone sending you all this information before going to class.  I just felt it was important to share since you really did a good job getting me highlighted out there. Thank you so much.Sincerely

Sophia L

Thank you for an amazing experience. From the very beginning, I knew this was a platform that I wanted my son to apart of.Thank you for keeping a very unbiased, neutral and fair place to compete so that these athletes can demonstrate their full potential in an environment free from parental interference.I’m just very glad that I heard about FTF from a parent on the opposite team that my son was playing against years ago.I’ll be in touch again soon when my 10-year-old reaches his time to go to university.

Parent - Scott MacDonald

Thank you for your support,I enjoyed attending your events.Hope to see you again, continue the good work!

Esther Brossard

Thank you!!! Thanks for putting together the FTF top 60… never would have known about her without that – Taylor Bennett
Thank you FTF! Without your program, this wouldn’t have been possible!

Morgan Barry

Hi FTF As always I hope everything is well with you on your end. Good news to share on ours. Our daughter  has recently committed to Western Carolina University (NCAA D1). Thanks for being a part of her journey. We definitely appreciate all of your efforts. Cheers
Hey dude. Hope all is well with you.Just wanted to let you know that Callum Shillington is a baller. Phenomenal player. Thanks again for helping out with him – Alex

Callum Shillington

Hi FTF team – thank you for all your help over the last couple years, you have been really amazing for the opportunities you helped me receive. I wanted to let you know that I have committed to McMaster University which was my first choice outside of any Ivy league school. Thank you for the exposure and support.


Good morning Marcus. Obv you’re aware that Katie Henahan and Alyssa Mella recently secured NCAA scholarships. Whether you’re directly responsible or not for the great accomplishments and achievements of players, your role at FTF has become paramount in the success of my  players and teams. Much thanks for all you and your staff do. Sincerely,Casey

Club Coach- Casey

Just wanted to give you major props to you and the team on a great Top-60 event and just wanted to tell you guys congratulations. It was super well organized and the level was phenomenal”
Btw – this was the arguably one of the best showcases I have been to in Canada.Keep it going man. Great job!
Hey ftf team. Sharing that Nathan will be joining Lindenwood university this year. He heads of to training camp in a few days!  He’s super excited and we thank you so very much for the exposure and marketing you’ve done!

Nathan Baker

Absolutely, FTF!FTF events have become a key component of our development pathway.Thanks for your great work!

Club Coach

Good evening FTF and Ryan (NLU), Thank you for the very informative seminary tonight! In spite of having four children following different pathways in soccer and earning post secondary scholarships, both in Canada and the US, the refresher was great and I even learned some new things tonight as well!What you have done here is terrific and hope this continues to bring your organization much success.


Hello my name is Frank Nicolazzo and I have a daughter named Chiara  Nicolazzo who is a u15 soccer player for Hamilton United. She has been doing very well recently,  played at provincials for team Ontario. We have also attended events that you have been a part of. I would like to express my  gratitude in the manner in which you present her in your clips and pictures.  Thank you,  it really make her feel proud of herself.I thought I would let you know what kind of impact you really have on these kids.

Chiara Nicolazzo

Thank you for all you are doing for the student – athletes. Evan Selby has attended Montreal and Toronto combines and continues to have great opportunities open as a result of FTF. Evan will be going to FC Malaga City in the fall 2023.

Evan Selby

Thanks for all of your support of the Spurrell twins! FTF has been instrumental in both of them realizing their dreams!  They work so hard but without the ability to showcase themselves that can get lost!   Because of you and FTF that isn’t the case and they are both destined for big things!  Marcus, you are doing a very very real and valuable thing for the young men and women football players of Canada!  The best compliment is that the players you identify go on and have successful university, and beyond, carers!!  The Spurrell’s will be forever thankful that you came into our world!!  Cheers pal!

Jamie Spurrell

What an #amazing week at the FTF Vancouver spring break combine! My second year doing it, and I love it more each time. Some key takeaways were- Being positionally solid, defending the space as well as the player, moving together as a team, 1, 2 touches are key and happen fast, playing another player on, sometimes these small touches go unnoticed but a team has many roles. I loved being able to play with so many new and fantastic players, as well as experience top level coaching. Definitely will be back soon!

Mia Louden

FTF, a huge thank you for introducing us to Leo. And as mentioned in our announcement, thanks to you and the FTF family for the opportunities you offer these young soccer talents to be seen by the ones that matter. Have a great weekend!!

Dante Carraro

Thanks again for working to support athletes across the province, it’s platforms like yours that are helping so many in their journey

Cassie Crozier

Hi, Thank you for hosting a very well-organized showcase.

Coach - Peter Hogg

Thanks for an amazing weekend. It was very well organized and our team had a blast. I noticed some promo codes on highlight tapes. Is there something similar if we want to sign up for the summer combine in Montreal? We’ve never done an individual showcase so are considering going after seeing how well last weekend was done.Julie

Julie - Parent

FTF thank you for a great weekend, I wanted to reach out to whoever the club rep is from Vaughan and/or referee coordinator I can honestly say, that this weekend, was one of the more consistent refereeing displays that I remember recently and I wanted to thank them


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