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Official Growth Partner

FTF and Guelph Union are proud to announce a new joint effort to grow the game and provide a platform of opportunity for footballers across Canada.

“One of our objectives at Guelph Union is to provide opportunities for Women on the field and in the ecosystem of sport, we work hard to increase the platform of the women’s game at our community level” ~AC Lang (Player Coach, Guelph Union)

”FTF is one of the most recognizable brands in our segment of the game today and aligning with them to help young players find their way in sport is a positive step“ ~ Onkar Dhillon (First Team, Head Coach)

“Guelph Union has a clear vision and we want to join them on this mission to grow the game through our events and digital media infrastructure. We are excited to see this relationship grow and to see how we can help more players get to their sporting destinations” ~Marcus Hanson

In the coming months FTF and Guelph Union will roll out speaking opportunities for their event participants and other initiatives to execute this vision. Join us as we attempt to #growthegame.

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