Thank you for all you do. The representation and opportunities you provide our players is amazing!

Club in Alberta

I have now committed to University of South Alabama and I wanted to thank you for all your help in the process. FTF has been an amazing platform for me to gain exposure and has helped me out tremendously in my recruiting process!!Thank you again

 Sofia Mastracci

Thank you for your help and recommending my son! Without you guys it wouldn’t be possible

Parent - MLS Academy referral

As always, thanks for doing what you do better than anyone else in the country.

Club Coach

I am a proud FTF Alumni and just wanted to share this with you. I appreciate the support from FTF over the years. We just won the SWAC division and made the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2006. As a Freshman I was awarded SWAC all tournament team and SWAC ALL Conference Tournament MVP.  I am reaching outside my comfort  zone sending you all this information before going to class.  I just felt it was important to share since you really did a good job getting me highlighted out there. Thank you so much.Sincerely

Sophia L

Thank you for an amazing experience. From the very beginning, I knew this was a platform that I wanted my son to apart of.Thank you for keeping a very unbiased, neutral and fair place to compete so that these athletes can demonstrate their full potential in an environment free from parental interference.I’m just very glad that I heard about FTF from a parent on the opposite team that my son was playing against years ago.I’ll be in touch again soon when my 10-year-old reaches his time to go to university.

Parent - Scott MacDonald

Thank you for your support,I enjoyed attending your events.Hope to see you again, continue the good work!

Esther Brossard

Thank you!!! Thanks for putting together the FTF top 60… never would have known about her without that – Taylor Bennett
Thank you FTF! Without your program, this wouldn’t have been possible!

Morgan Barry

Hi FTF As always I hope everything is well with you on your end. Good news to share on ours. Our daughter  has recently committed to Western Carolina University (NCAA D1). Thanks for being a part of her journey. We definitely appreciate all of your efforts. Cheers
Hey dude. Hope all is well with you.Just wanted to let you know that Callum Shillington is a baller. Phenomenal player. Thanks again for helping out with him – Alex

Callum Shillington

Hi FTF team – thank you for all your help over the last couple years, you have been really amazing for the opportunities you helped me receive. I wanted to let you know that I have committed to McMaster University which was my first choice outside of any Ivy league school. Thank you for the exposure and support.


Good morning Marcus. Obv you’re aware that Katie Henahan and Alyssa Mella recently secured NCAA scholarships. Whether you’re directly responsible or not for the great accomplishments and achievements of players, your role at FTF has become paramount in the success of my  players and teams. Much thanks for all you and your staff do. Sincerely,Casey

Club Coach- Casey

Just wanted to give you major props to you and the team on a great Top-60 event and just wanted to tell you guys congratulations. It was super well organized and the level was phenomenal”
Btw – this was the arguably one of the best showcases I have been to in Canada.Keep it going man. Great job!
Hey ftf team. Sharing that Nathan will be joining Lindenwood university this year. He heads of to training camp in a few days!  He’s super excited and we thank you so very much for the exposure and marketing you’ve done!

Nathan Baker

Absolutely, FTF!FTF events have become a key component of our development pathway.Thanks for your great work!

Club Coach

Good evening FTF and Ryan (NLU), Thank you for the very informative seminary tonight! In spite of having four children following different pathways in soccer and earning post secondary scholarships, both in Canada and the US, the refresher was great and I even learned some new things tonight as well!What you have done here is terrific and hope this continues to bring your organization much success.


Hello my name is Frank Nicolazzo and I have a daughter named Chiara  Nicolazzo who is a u15 soccer player for Hamilton United. She has been doing very well recently,  played at provincials for team Ontario. We have also attended events that you have been a part of. I would like to express my  gratitude in the manner in which you present her in your clips and pictures.  Thank you,  it really make her feel proud of herself.I thought I would let you know what kind of impact you really have on these kids.

Chiara Nicolazzo

Thank you for all you are doing for the student – athletes. Evan Selby has attended Montreal and Toronto combines and continues to have great opportunities open as a result of FTF. Evan will be going to FC Malaga City in the fall 2023.

Evan Selby

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