Thank you for hosting the FTF combine. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have got this opportunity. Keep doing what you’re doing and providing great opportunities for aspiring soccer players 

Jusitin Baker

You have been an amazing help and we wouldn’t be where we are right now without the help of you guys

Jordan Baker

Both schools UIW and FIU have reached out. I appreciate all of this. It’s dreams that are now becoming a reality!

Elijah Dos Santos

I definitely wish I knew this back in Gr 9 and 10. I was close to not being eligible because of this. Glad you guys are raising awareness for young Canadiens.  

Jalen Watson

Thank you for absolutely everything that you have done for me. From helping me contact different schools and reaching out to them, just everything! You have helped me get to this point. I can happily say that this is exactly where I want to be! Once again thank you so  much

FTF Alumni

I just walked into Laurier Men’s Soccer team and I just wanted to say thank you to you guys for promoting soccer across Canada. Without you guys and seeing all the different paths people take on their soccer journey made me take a chance in trying out and I was lucky enough to make it.

Greysonn Silva

I’ve committed to Mansfield University. Thank you so much for all the events that you guys hosted – that exposure was invaluable. 

Taya-Reese Johnson

Between MOM for his Saturday game, his selection to the Starting 11, and the connections you helped make happen, this weekend was a great opportunity for him. As we navigate the waters towards his goals of high level NCAA soccer and beyond, it is opportunities like these that give players a chance to shine with and against higher level competition, encourage their growth within the game,  and expand their possibilities moving forward.

Rob Bickford

Thanks again for all your support in helping her get to this point in her career. Looking forward to your next event!!

Jason Evans

Big thanks to FTF Canada for making this possible

James Wilson
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