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FTF x FC Laval Boys Showcase All-Stars

It was an action- packed two days at the 1st Annual FTF x FC Laval Showcase Thursday, July 13th and Friday, July 14th as quality teams  competed from across Canada  the inaugural tournament championship at the U17 and U21 Divisions. 

CS Longueuil (Quebec) ended up winning the U17 Division over BTB Academy (Alberta) in an exciting 2-1 Final. While hosts FC Laval U21 (Quebec) beat CS MRO (Quebec) 2-1 in the U21 Division. 

Below are the 1st Team, 2nd Team and Honorable Mention names from the event! 

Coaches reading be sure to check your emails for virtual recruiting information to get more information on some of these players!

U17: 1st Team

GK: Arturo Flores Egido #22 (CS Longueuil) 2024 Grad

DEF: #6 Youssef Nali (FC Laval U17) 2024 Grad

DEF: #98 Adrien Oroian ( CS Longueuil) 2025 Grad

DEF: #12 Matas Jokubaitis (BTB Academy) 2025 Grad

MID: #15 Danyel Sriranganathan (FC Laval U16) 2025 Grad

MID: #14 Michael Lungu (BTB Academy) 2024 Grad

MID: #8 Trent Neumann(BTB Academy) 2024 Grad

MID: #86 Allan Eloundou Mani (CS Longueuil) 2024 Grad

FWD: #10 Nael Kane (West Ottawa) 2024 Grad

FWD: #7 Rayan Elloumi (BTB Academy) 2025 Grad

FWD: #6 Zidane Mwinyi (BTB Academy) 2024 Grad

U17: 2nd Team

GK: #99 Marco Valentir (St. Laurent SC) 2025 Grad

DEF: #3 Ben Nash (BTB Academy) 2025 Grad

DEF: #19 Jahnoi Moses (Ajax FC) 2024 Grad

DEF: #5 Anthony Gathenya (Scarborough Academy) 2026 Grad

MID: #10 Joshua Belbin (Edmonton Juventus) 2024 Grad

MID: #17 Zakarya Boukherroub (FC Laval U16) 2025 Grad

MID: #18 Juan Pablo Guaqueta Amador (FC Laval U16) 2025 Grad

MID: #10 Reno Nero (BTB Academy) 2024 Grad

FWD: #11 Gabriel Oliveira (Sporting Toronto) 2024 Grad

FWD: #9 Ethan Dilungane (FC Laval U17) 2024 Grad

FWD: #94 Jamal Mensah (St. Laurent SC) 2025 Grad

U17 Honourable Mention List

#87 Anthony Boutros (CS Longueuil) 2024 Grad

#29 Liam Ferraro (CS Longueuil) 2024 Grad

#67 Chadny Damis (FC Laval U17) 2024 Grad

#11 Hamza El Mouzali(FC Laval U16) 2024/2025 Grad

CB #16 Banjshot Gill (Edmonton Juventus) 2023 Grad

CDM #91 Juan Pablo Gomez (CS Longueuil) 2024 Grad

CM #3 Ilyan Belloui (CS Longueuil) 2025 Grad

GK #1 Gabriel Delva (FC Laval U16) 2025 Grad

CB #4 Declan Lindeman (BTB Academy) 2024 Grad

LW #10 Alexandru Liber (Sporting Toronto) 2024 Grad

RWB #14 James Hayre (Ajax SC) 2025 Grad

CDM #8 Naidjel Laidi (FC Laval U16) 2025 Grad

CDM #3 Lucas Goncalves (Sporting Toronto) 2024 Grad

ST #11 Christian Lamb (West Ottawa) 2025 Grad

LW #11 Kendrick Lysius-Cherubin (FC Laval U16) 2025 Grad

CM #18 Simon Rochon (West Ottawa SC) 2024 Grad

CDM #67 Chadny Damis (FC Laval U17) 2024 Grad

U21: 1st Team

GK: #18 Kevin Madriaga #18 (Montreal Cracks) 2024 Grad

DEF: #18 Thomas Lebeuf (CS MRO) 2024 Grad

DEF: #5 Matisse Chretien (CS MRO) 2023 Grad

DEF: #24 Giancarlo Sparagna (FC Laval U21) 2024 Grad

DEF: #19 Belaid Belmehdi (CS Roussillon) 2024 Grad

MID: #10 Pratik Tamhankar (Scarborough Academy U21) 2024 Grad

MID: #6 Julien Raymond (Montreal Cracks) 2024 Grad

MID: #10 Mahdi Djellab (Montreal Cracks) 2024 Grad

MID: #5 Liam Ferraro (Soccer Quebec) 2024 Grad

FWD: #9 Aymane Mekkaoui (Montreal Cracks) 2023 Grad

FWD: #12 Malick Diakite (Soccer Quebec) 2024 Grad


U21: 2nd Team

GK: #1 Edouard Bazinet (FC Laval U21) 2024 Grad

DEF: #4 Aaron Kadja (Montreal Cracks) 2024 Grad

DEF: #12 Elias Bouhedda (Montreal Cracks) 2024 Grad

DEF: N/A Sacha Deslandes (CS MRO) 2024 Grad

MID: #24 Alex Babol (FC Berlin) Grad 2025

MID: #16 Massimo Juarez (Montreal Cracks) 2024 Grad

MID: N/A Rayane Mlah (CS MRO) 2024 Grad

MID: #10 Nicholas Minchillo (Soccer Quebec) 2024 Grad

MID: #4 William Zafoe (Montreal Cracks) 2024 Grad

FWD: #9 Samir Djeha (Soccer Quebec) 2024 Grad

FWD: #9 Lokmen Benouareth (CS MRO) 2024 Grad


U21 Honorable Mention List

FWD: #7 Kundalini Dominique (Montreal Cracks) 2024 Grad

RWB: Moussa Sissoko (Montreal Cracks) 2024 Grad

FWD: #17 Nickolas Linares (FC Berlin) 2024 Grad

MID: #21 Nathan Hoffman (FC Laval U21) 2024 Grad

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