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The Playbook | FTF x SA Girls All-Star Teams

The  FTF x SA Girls All-Star event stands as a monumental occasion in the realm of Canadian soccer, marking its status as can’t miss event. Drawing an impressive attendance of over 50 college and university coaches, the event showcased a high level of talent. With top players hailing from various corners of Canada, the stage was set for a showcase of unparalleled skill and athleticism.

Goalkeeper MVP : Lundyn Michalek | Grad 2026 | Markham FC

Lundyn Michalek, was our FTF x Sports Ambitions Goalkeeper MVP, showcasing exceptional skills as a shot stopper coupled with impressive distribution capabilities. Despite being a 2026 graduate, she there’s still much to learn in her journey, but her commitment to continuous development positions her as a promising goalkeeper for the next level. Michalek’s proficiency in handling shots and distributing play highlights her potential to become an outstanding asset in the evolving landscape of sports, making her a key player to watch as she advances in her career.

Defender MVP:  Amy Medley | Grad 2026 | NDC Quebec – CF Montreal Academy

Amy Medley, our FTF x Sports Ambitions Defender MVP, stands out as an outstanding 1v1 defender, leveraging her athleticism both offensively and defensively to maintain a constant upper hand. Her prowess on the pitch is not only defined by technical excellence but is also fueled by a relentless competitive spirit. Medley’s ability to channel her emotion and unwavering intent to win into her gameplay makes her a formidable force. As a defender, she not only secures the backline with finesse but also contributes dynamically to the team’s overall offensive strategy, embodying the multifaceted skills essential for success at the highest levels of competition.

Midfielder MVP: CDM: Kelly-Ann Prince | Grad 2025 | Celtix Haut-Richelieu

Kelly-Ann Prince, our FTF x Sports Ambitions Midfielder MVP, defies expectations with her exceptional intelligence on the field, compensating for her smaller stature with unmatched tenacity. Her ability to navigate 1v1 duels showcases not only her technical finesse but also her unwavering determination. A versatile midfielder, Kelly-Ann consistently delivers impactful performances in various roles across the midfield. As she advances to the next step of her university career, whether in the United States or Canada, her skill set and adaptability position her as a player poised for significant success and influence on the pitch.

Young Player MVP: RM: Tahlia Aird | Grad 2027 | Ottawa TFC 

Tahlia Aird, our FTF x Sports Ambitions Young Player MVP, emerged as an exceptional talent with remarkable speed and attacking prowess. Despite her youth, Tahlia showcased an innate ability to navigate the field, leaving defenders in her wake. Her impressive goal-scoring moments highlighted not only her speed but also a keen understanding of when and how to exploit it effectively. With a focus on continued development in the technical aspects of her game, Tahlia presents a promising future, raising the possibility of seeing her don the red and white jersey for Team Canada someday.

Attacker MVP: ST: Kayla Kamden | Grad 2025 | NDC Quebec – CF Montreal Academy

Kayla Kamdem, our FTF x Sports Ambitions Attacking Player MVP, stands out as an exceptional goal-scorer with an innate ability to find the net in any situation. Her well-suited size for the striker position, coupled with a keen sense of goal-scoring, positions her as a potent force on the field. While already proficient with both feet, Kayla’s continued development in hold-up play promises to elevate her game to new heights. Notably, her pace adds a dynamic element to her play, allowing her to consistently create separation from defenders and maintain a goal-scoring threat throughout the entirety of the game.

Overall MVP: LM: Eva Vespa | Grad 2025 | FC Laval
Eva Vespa, our FTF x Sports Ambitions Overall MVP, is a standout player renowned for her exceptional technical skills and unwavering work ethic. With an impressive record of scoring five goals in four games, Eva’s natural ability to find the net sets her apart. Her consistent standout performances across various positions secured her the Overall MVP title. As she progresses to the next level, the intrigue lies in discovering where Eva will position herself on the field. Regardless, her versatility and adaptability suggest that placing her anywhere in the attack will likely result in her figuring out how to shine, making her an asset for any coach.

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