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Ontario Provincial Team vs NDC Next Gen

U14 Girls Ontario B standouts (Red) 

#25 CAM Azaiya Patterson

Patterson is an all-action central attacking midfielder who works tirelessly both in and out of possession. She’s constantly on the move looking to find space and pockets in between the lines of the opposition. When receiving the ball, Patterson is sound technically and looks to drive at the backline, or find a final pass to create chances for her teammates.

#7 RB Anaya Joseph 

Joseph has all the attributes coaches demand of modern fullbacks. She is comfortable on the ball, both dribbling and passing, and looks to get forward and activates at the right moments to create an overload down the right-hand side. Joseph is incredibly fit getting up and down the line for the entire match. Defensively, she is so stable, always finding herself in the right position and never getting caught out.

U14 Girls Ontario A standouts (White) 

#9 CDM| Jaya Lecky

Lecky is a deep-lying holding midfielder. In possession, she controls the pace of play for her side continually looking to dictate the tempo for her team. Lecky receives the ball in good pockets of space and is capable of finding good outlets to release her team on the attack. She is also responsible defensively as she reads the game well, which makes her difficult to get past when coupled with her size and strength.

#14 ST | ‘Blair Murray 

Murray is a striker who impacts the game in more ways than strictly in front of goal. She’s got a phenomenal work rate, and presses the ball extremely well, shadow-pressing to cut off any reverse pass or line-breaking outlet. In possession, Murray acts more like a false nine looking to drag central defenders into uncomfortable areas. She’s got good technique and rapid pace, but needs to learn how to play on the shoulder of defenders to threaten space in behind as well.

U16 Girls Ontario Standouts

#26 CB Katya Alexis 

Alexis is a presence for her team as a central defender. Physically, she’s big, tall, and very strong in a challenge. She’s also technically sound and comfortable playing out of the back, which is always for first intention. Alexis understands her role and responsibilities so well and isn’t afraid to clear the ball or knock it long when she reads danger in and around her team’s goal.

# 4 LW Mya Newcombe

Newcombe is a jinky winger who can threaten her opponents in different ways. On the ball, she is so tricky and will glide past defenders with ease. Newcombe will look to beat players both down the line or cutting inside, and will come and connect with teammates knowing when to play 1 and 2 touch. Her service is very good and caused defenders problems all weekend long.

NDC Next Gen Standouts

#38 Teagen Melenhorst 

Melenhorst is a technician in the central attacking role for the NDC Next Gen side. She’s always on the lookout for the right pocket to pop into to receive a pass or provide an outlet for a teammate. Her habits are fantastic and she has a great understanding of reading passing cues from both teammates and opponents. Constantly scanning, Melenhorst always looks for an opportune moment to play through her number 9, or find a penetrating pass to her wingers.

#78 CB | Reese Kay 

Kay is a tactically, physically, and technically sound defender. Primarily deployed centrally, she demonstrated a great understanding positionally as she rarely got caught out and read the game well. Kay is strong in a challenge and typically wins most duels she gets into. Finally, in possession, she is comfortable with the ball at her feet and picks good outlet passes. She also demonstrated the aptitude to transition as a fullback in the future as well.

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