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Ontario Provincial Team vs TFC Academy

Provincial Team Standouts: u14 Boys 

#12 CDM Julien Elliott

Elliott acts as the general in the middle of the park. A complete player, who affects his team positively both in and out of possession. He finds great spaces in between the lines of the opposition, keeping tempo and finding great outlet passes to break pressure and start attacks. Out of possession, Elliott’s a workhorse, who continuously recovers the ball for his side through proper positioning or a strong tackle.

Tariq Livermore

Livermore is a versatile attacking player who can play on either wing, or straight up top as the main striker. He’s most dangerous with the ball at his feet, as Livermore’s excellent technical ability and rapid change of pace causes continual problems for opposing defenders. On top of all that, he’s got a high football IQ as well which allows him to make the right choices when it comes to creating a chance for himself or a teammate.

Standouts TFC: u14 Boys

 CAM Christian Pitt 

Pitt is a very exciting attacking prospect for Toronto FC Academy. He demonstrates an elite football IQ in not only his decision-making capabilities, but the speed at which he makes them. He knows exactly when to play 1 and 2 touch through tight spaces, and when to take more touches before releasing the ball. One area for improvement would be in front of goal and his timing of runs into the box when the ball gets swerved from wide areas.

#5 LCB | Stefan Kapor

Kapor has all the tangible assets that you could ask for in a central defender. He’s great size and a big frame which allows him to dominate duels both aerially and on the ground. When faced with 1v1 situations, Kapor is an excellent defender and rarely gets beat. In possession, he is incredibly poised, comfortable on the ball, and finds great outlet passes to break the press from the opposition.

Provincial Team Standouts: u16 Boys 

Anthony Umanzor

Umanzor is a tall and athletic central midfielder. He has the ability to efficiently rove around the pitch and is an elite transitional player. When his team wins the ball back, Umanzor ensures his team remains in possession, making sure that his first pass is to an outlet who has time and space. Umanzor presents himself more as a deep-lying midfielder as he hasn’t quite developed a killer instinct in the final third.

Tobias Sealy

Sealy has all of the athletic gifts a proper attacking player could dream of. He’s got a big frame and strength which allows him to hold off defenders and a fantastic change of pace to pose a huge threat in behind the opposition’s defensive line as well. If Sealy develops into a proper goal scoring habit, he will cause serious problems at the next level.

Standouts TFC: u16 Boys

#10 Carter Tavares 

Tavares is an incredibly crafty footballer with the ball at his feet. He absolutely loves to dribble and is a wizard while in possession and has the ability to create a ton of chances for himself and teammates. Tavares is also a cerebral player who reads the game at an elite level. He’s constantly scanning, popping up in the right spaces, and is able to find seam-splitting passes.

#17 Dante Wright 

Wright is a very direct attacking prospect out of Toronto FC Academy’s U16 program. Deployed across the front three, his height, strength, and speed pose significant issues for any defender he faces. Wright shows qualities and habits of a proper striker if he continues developing. Massive threat in and around the box with the ball at his feet, and his movement creates space to finish towards goal.

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