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The Playbook | 2023 Vancouver March Break – Boys

1st Team

Graydon Sherle | 2024 Grad | GK | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Sherle has great command of his box and communicates extremely efficiently with his defenders to keep the defense organized. His distribution with his feet is very good and is able to pick out a pass to break the opponents press. He’s a great shot stopper as evidenced by countless saves, including a fantastic save from the penalty spot.

Leroy Reyes | 2024 Grad | RB | Coastal FC

Reyes was the standout fullback from the 2024 class from the combine. He activated very well and timed his movement in space very well. He’s calm on the ball and finds the proper moments to drive space or pick passes. Additionally, he can drive straight down the line or come inside to combine well.

Jacob Thomas | 2024 Grad | CB | Vancouver Island Wave

Thomas won Defender MVP at the Vancouver combine after his dominating performance. Thomas has great size and is dominant in the air. He also has great technical ability with the ball at his feet. He loves to drive space to engage an opponent before picking splitting passes that break the lines of pressure and set his team up in great attacking positions.

Tavin Williams | 2024 Grad | CB | Vancouver Island Wave

Williams demonstrated his leadership qualities and technical ability throughout the event. Constantly communicating with his teammates to help organize his side defensively to remain resolute, he was also able to provide proper information for his teammates when they had the ball. A good passer of the ball, he’s able to break lines vertically and diagonally when necessary.

Kai Xu | 2026 Grad | LB | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Xu showed his immense upside playing at left fullback during the entire event. He’s so young as an 08, you’d never be able to tell watching him play. So strong in a challenge, he rarely came out on the losing end and was sure to leave his mark on any attacker that showed too much of the ball. 

Jackson Kovitch | 2025 Grad | CM | Saskatchewan Whitecaps Academy

Kovitch is a strong prospect for the 2025 class. Technically sound in midfield, he is able to impact the game in all different manners, whether it be finding the right pass, galloping past opponents with the ball, or breaking. Up the play of the opposition. His attitude is his greatest attribute as nothing during a match phases him whatsoever, and he is constantly trying to get the best out of his teammates by providing them with great information or pumping them up.

Spencer Mellett | 2024 Grad | CAM | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Mellett is a 2024 prospect massively going under the radar. He has the ability to play in the #10 or #8 positions centrally, but is equally as proficient in both positions. Mellett has the ability to find his way out of the tightest spaces by dribbling or passing. The combine’s Midfielder MVP’s movement is fantastic and he’s always looking to find the ball in advanced positions to create chances for his team.

Joe Mackenzie-Elrick | 2026 Grad | CM | Vancouver Island Wave

Mackenzie-Elrick is another massively promising 08-born prospect coming out of VI Wave. A crafty midfielder that can break lines driving with the ball or finding splitting passes to set his teammates away. His technical ability is so advanced and can strike a ball in with different techniques in order to put the ball where he wants. He was named as the Young Player MVP for the event.

Mattias Valles | 2026 Grad | LW/RW | Vancouver Island Wave

Valles showed well beyond his years as the 08 was absolutely sensational. He glided past defenders creating chances for himself or his teammates. He was aptly named the Attacking MVP of the event as his wicked left foot delivers the ball on point consistently and is a threat to produce from anywhere on the park.

Niklas Hallam | 2024 Grad | LW | Vancouver Island Wave

The Overall MVP of the March Break combine, Hallam’s talent was on full display running full speed at his opponents, keeping the ball on a string. A 1v1 specialist, Hallam is always looking to create space to take on defenders, beat them, and produce a chance for a teammate or himself. Can threaten space in behind as well as in between the lines of the opposition. 

Oliver Boogemans | 2024 Grad | LW/RW | Fusion FC

Boogemans is an interesting 2024 graduate. He looks to threaten space out on the flank and cutting inside to combine with teammates to offset the opponent’s defensive shape. He’s got a deceiving change of pace that gives him more space which causes nightmares for any defenders that have to face him.

2nd Team

Jayden Sohal | 2023 Grad | GK | BC Surf

Sohal showed very well at the Vancouver March Break combine. He has assured hands as he comes to collect the ball of crosses well, as well as being a very sharp shot stopper as evidenced by a fantastic penalty save. His technical ability with the ball at his feet are fantastic as he’s so comfortable in possession.

Elijah Meade | 2023 Grad | CB | FC Faly

Meade is an old school defender that loves to put in a challenge and relishes the opportunity to stop the opponent dead in their tracks. His speed, positioning, and ability to tackle make it very difficult for any attacker to have success in a duel with Meade.

Felix Freathy | 2024 Grad | CB | Thompson Okanagan FC

Freathy has all the tangible assets a central defender needs at the next level. He’s a beast in both aerial and ground duels as his height and strength ensure he comes out on top most, if not all times. His technically ability is also great as he is able to shift from centerback to fullback when needed in order to drive his side further up the pitch.

Mateen Sayami | 2023 Grad | CB | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Sayami showed very well at the March Break combine. An interesting 2023 prospect as he’s got the height and technical ability required an elite centerback at the next level, plus he’s left-footed. His passing range is fantastic as he can pick out short-range and long-range passes at will. Once he fills out a bit, he could be an absolute steal this late in the recruiting cycle.

Aidan Synnuck | 2025 Grad | RW | Vancouver Island Wave

Synnuck is a classic, fast-paced winger that is always looking to get the better of the defender he faces. He keeps his space very well as he’s always looking to create 1v1 opportunities for himself out wide to beat his opponent in order to get a shot off, or supply a cross for a teammate. His work ethic defensively is also top notch.

Adair Chavez | 2024 Grad | CM | Abbotsford United U21

Chavez is an all-action holding midfielder that covers every blade of grass. Seemingly never out of energy, he covers ground to support teammates and receive a pass under whatever pressure, or to break up the play of the opponent through a tackle or intercepting a pass. His ball retention skills are very good and he’s able to escape any situation that presents itself.

Arjun Bains | 2023 Grad | CAM | ICSF Azzurri

Bains is a highly underrated prospect in the 2023 class. His movement is elite, as he always finds the right space at the right time to pick up the ball in space that makes the opponent most vulnerable. Picking up the ball in great spaces, Bains is always looking for the pass to unlock the opponent and set his attackers in on goal.

Tomas Jujihara | 2025 Grad | CAM | Vancouver Island Wave

Jujihara showed very well through the combine. His positional sense is mature for his age, constantly popping up in the right spot while his team was both in and out of possession. The 2025 graduate is comfortable on the ball and is able to break lines dribbling or passing, while defensively he is very responsible and breaks up the play of the opponent well.

Ali Syed | 2023 Grad | RW/LW | Athlete Institute FC

Syed is a sharp and dynamic winger who keeps the defenders guessing as to which way he intends to attack. His lightning change of pace and tight ball control make it highly difficult for any opponent as he’s equally difficult to defend whether the defender is tight to him or gives him space. He uses his body very well to ride challenges and pick up the pace.

Wesley Jones | 2024 Grad | ST | Vancouver Island Wave

Jones is a bruising central striker who relishes the physical battle from defenders and looks to overpower his opponents. He’s a tough challenge for any defender with his size, strength, and pace. Jones is able to affect the game in different ways as he can be direct to cause havoc, or can come short to connect with midfielders.

Cole Michel | 2024 Grad | ST | Vancouver Island Wave

Michel is a prototypical striker. His main goal is to run right down the throat of the opposition and find the back of the goal, regardless of what foot the ball falls to. His movement is fantastic as he is able to threaten space in behind or come show short and link up with teammates.

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