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The Playbook | 2024 Spring Showdown U15 Boys All-Star Teams

GK- Camilo Guzman l Ottawa St Anthony l 2027 Grad 

Camilo Guzman stands out as a formidable shot-stopper, renowned for his acrobatic saves and impeccable reflexes. Beyond his goalkeeping Ability , Guzman is celebrated for his leadership on and off the field, With his remarkable ability to command the defense and inspire confidence in his team, Camilo Guzman is a true asset to any squad.

CB-  Emilio Reyes l Richmondhill Raiders l 2027 Grad 

Emilio Reyes is a stalwart center back known for his unwavering commitment to defensive excellence. His physical presence and aerial dominance make him a formidable opponent for any striker. With his keen tactical awareness and ability to organize the backline, Emilio Reyes consistently proves himself as a reliable anchor in defense.

CAM- SanJay Ravinuthala l Toronto United l 2027 Grad 

Sanjay Ravinuthala exudes calmness and fearlessness as an attacking midfielder, often thriving under pressure situations. His composed demeanor allows him to navigate in tight spaces and make split-second decisions with remarkable poise. Sanjay’s fearless approach to taking on defenders and showing off  his professional habits such , being vocal, finding space and constant check of his shoulder makes him a complete player that can fit into any team. 

CM – Liam Patera l North Toronto Nitros l 2027 Grad 

Liam Patera showcases his prowess as a complete attacking midfielder with his dynamic playmaking abilities and eye for goal. His excellent vision and passing range, Patera orchestrates his team’s attacks with precision and flair. His ability for finding space in the final third and delivering decisive passes or scoring crucial goals makes him a key threat in any match.

ST- David Amot l WOSC l 2027 Grad 

David Amot is a prolific goal scorer, renowned for his clinical ability to find the back of the net. He is most effective in one-on-one situations which makes him a constant threat to opposing defenders. With his deadly combination of speed, skill, and attacking instinct, David Amot is a striker feared by any defenders that stand in his way. 

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