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The Playbook | 2024 Spring Showdown U16 Boys All-Star Teams

GK: Matteo Galluzzo | Markham 2008 OPDL | 2026 Grad

Matteo is an impressive keeper who had some great performances at the showcase. His jumping ability and reflexes make it difficult to beat him both from range and in 1v1 situations. His handling is impressive, usually holding on to shots and crosses well and not giving the opposition any easy rebounds to tap into his goal. Matteo uses his voice well to command his back-line, constantly guiding his teammates both on and off the ball. 

DEF: Tomislav Vrankic | CNSC Norval 2008 | 2027 Grad

Tomislav is a physical centre-back who uses his aggression well to consistently win the ball and unsettle his opponents. Even while playing a year above his age group, he wins his duels often using his strength and aggressiveness. He reads opponents effectively and has good speed and acceleration, making it hard to get past him in 1v1 situations. On the ball, he is very composed and can play well under pressure. He is effective in build-up play and has a good passing range. Tomislav is a player with serious potential – if he continues to play at this level, he will have a bright career in football. 

MID: Lucas Negri | FC Aurora 2008 | 2026 Grad

Lucas is a composed #6 who likes to be the hub of his team’s play going forward. He is very composed under pressure, making him a key part of Aurora’s build-up from the back. He can progress the ball very well using his passing range – his technical ability is reflected in the wide variety of passes he attempts. He is a smart player on the ball, someone who is patient but also understands when it is time to inject some speed into the tempo of his team’s play. Off the ball, Lucas is capable of dropping from the midfield into his team’s back line and being a commanding presence there. He is strong in his duels and has good anticipation to step read a pass and get to it before his opponents. 

FWD: Darko Senc – Cambridge United OPDL | 2026 Grad

Darko is a strong forward who has the ability to play through the middle or on the wings. He is very physical, using his strength well to unsettle defenders and hold up the ball well for his teammates. He has a good technical floor including a good first touch which makes it difficult for centre-backs to take the ball off of him. His movement is good, he is constantly making smart runs ahead of the ball, whether he wants to receive in the wide channels or looking to get in behind. Darko’s positioning in the box is also of good quality, constantly moving around to lose his markers and be in the right spot when the ball is delivered.

Overall Best Player: Mateo Glavan | CNSC Norval 2008 | 2026 Grad

Mateo is a versatile forward who can play across the front three and behind the striker. He has great off-the-ball movement, always hungry for the ball in the final third, whether it be to feet or in behind. Mateo is very quick with the ball at his feet, making him a threat when driving at defenders – you will often see him beating his fullback. He creates chances for his teammates and is also clinical when asked to finish an opportunity, finishing in a variety of ways. Mateo is a real threat on and off the ball, making him a nightmare to deal with. 

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