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The Playbook | 2024 Spring Showdown U19 Boys

GK- Simo Kekic | 2025 Grad | Vaughan OPDL

Simo Kekic, is known for his exceptional shot-stopping abilities, he stands out as a formidable presence between the posts. As the commanding force of his 18-yard box, he orchestrates the defense with authority and precision. His stellar performance in the final, marked by two crucial penalty saves, cemented his status as the star of the show, showcasing his resilience and skill under pressure.

CB/RB- Daunte Tulloch | Vaughan HP | 2024 Grad

Daunte Tulloch epitomizes the modern centerback with his exceptional technical prowess and elite passing range. His ability to distribute the ball with precision adds a dynamic dimension to his team’s buildup play from the back. Not confined to a single position, Tulloch’s versatility allows him to seamlessly transition across the entire backline, offering tactical flexibility to his manager. With his combination of defensive solidity and offensive contributions, Tulloch emerges as a vital asset capable of influencing the game from various defensive positions.

CAM/CM- Oliver Barta | Rush Canada | 2024 Grad

Oliver Barta’s proficiency in exploiting small pockets of space distinguishes him as a standout player on the field. His astute tactical awareness and technical finesse make him a formidable presence in any match scenario. Throughout the weekend, Barta’s contributions were instrumental in Rush Canada’s success, serving as a linchpin in attacking creativity. With his ability to read the game and execute with precision, Barta consistently proved himself as a vital component of his team’s achievements.

ST- David Ivascu | Vaughan OPDL | 2025 Grad

David Ivascu, a 2025 graduate, commands attention as an absolute beast upfront with his remarkable striking abilities. His decisive goal in the final showcased his composure under pressure, highlighting his importance to the team’s success. Throughout the weekend, Ivascu’s impact reverberated across the pitch, earning praise from all coaches present for his instrumental role in guiding his team to victory. With his combination of strength, skill, and clutch performances, Ivascu emerges as a standout talent destined for greater achievements in the sport.

RW- Harkaran Sahota | Rush Canada | 2024 Grad 

Harkaran Sahota, a winger blessed with silky skills, mesmerizes opponents with his flair and finesse on the ball. His ability to take on defenders in one-on-one situations makes him a constant threat in the attacking third. With a left foot akin to a wand, Sahota possesses the precision and power to deliver pinpoint crosses and deadly shots from any angle. His dynamic style of play electrifies the pitch, leaving defenders in his wake and earning him a reputation as a formidable force on the wing.

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