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The Playbook | BCSPL All-Stars Boys U16

Owen Shum | GK | Fusion FC

Shum is a calming presence and an excellent shot-stopper. He controls his box very well and is calculating coming off his line to collect crosses or narrowing angles against opposing attacking players. His reactions are great and makes timely saves. Shum also has good technique with the ball at his feet and can distribute over short and long distances.

Kyle Chow | RB | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Chow is a player who relishes defensive actions and thrives. He’s exceptionally quick over short and long distances, so he’s able to cover space very well. He thrives in 1v1 situations with timely tackles, pressure, and blocking passes or crosses. Chow is a hard working player who prioritizes defensive stability, but also finds the right moments to activate and join the attack.

Cohen Campbell | CB | Coastal FC

Campbell is a dominant defensive force for Coastal FC. He was the defensive catalyst for the team with the least number of goals conceded during the BCSPL mini phase. His size, strength, and athleticism allow him to win different types of 1v1 duels. Campbell also is sound technically as he can pass and drive out of the back with ease.

Brayden Truong | LB | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Truong is a wiry fullback who loves to activate and join the attack. His speed and quickness make him a nightmare to play against on both sides of the ball for any opposing team. Defensively, he closes down space very well, recovers quickly, and is strong in a challenge. Offensively, he is technically sound and combines well with his teammates and can whip in dangerous crosses.

Mattias Vales | Winger/CAM | Vancouver Island Wave

Vales is a technician who thrives no matter the opponent, and who’s potential may have no limits. The 2008-born player moves around the pitch with and without the ball like a pro already. He shifts away from defenders with ease and might have the highest technical ceiling in the league. Vales is a major threat in transition as he loves to drive at defenders, to create a 1v1 situation or find a splitting pass.

Damian Jamal-Olander | CM | Vancouver Island Wave

Jamal-Olander is a two footed central midfielder with great size and composure. He affects both sides of the ball with his workrate and athleticism. Defensively, he presses the ball extremely well, and makes timely tackles. In possession, Jamal-Olander is technically gifted as he can beat players in 1v1 situations and pick out passes all over the park.

Derek Ebel | CM | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Ebel is a physically dominant and silky central midfielder. He gallops around the pitch and covers ground very efficiently. He’s got very good technique, as he’s able to dribble beyond players, link up well in tight spaces with teammates, or spray the ball around the pitch. Ebel’s composure on the ball sets him apart from others as he doesn’t get phased by opposing team’s pressure and consistently finds the right outlet pass, or breaks into space.

Shabod Jafary | CM | Burnaby FC

Jafary is a clever attacking midfielder who thrives in tight spaces. He’s constantly looking to occupy half-spaces to receive the ball between the lines of the opponents. After offsetting opposing defensive structures, Jafary excels in transition moments as he can find splitting passes or create a goal scoring chance for himself.

Andrew Kerr | RW/LW | Coastal FC

Kerr is a direct player who’s pace is a major threat to all opponents. He’s constantly looking to exploit the space in behind and create a goal scoring chance for himself, or pick out a teammate with a cross. He’s got the ability to use both feet and only needs half-a-yard to create chaos.

Joaquim Dharamsi | ST | Burnaby FC

Dharamsi is BCSPL’s most complete attacking threat in the age group. He’s got the ability to play anywhere in the front three and is so dangerous with the ball at his feet. He is comfortable attacking players with both feet and can create goal scoring chances for himself or his teammates with excellent end product.

Michael Ajagbe | ST | Surrey United SC

Ajagbe has all the intangible assets to be a top striker. He’s got great size, strength, and pace which makes him very difficult to defend. He’s able to hold up the ball against any opponent, but can also threaten space in behind. Ajagbe also has a good pedigree in front of goal and usually finds the back of the net if presented a chance.

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