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The Playbook | BCSPL All-Stars – Girls U15

Jaime van Schagen | GK | Coastal FC

Van Schagen is exceptionally brave in her box. No fear when coming out for crosses or in 1v1 challenges. She is able to cut down angles of attack and make the goal feel super small for opposing attackers. A superb shot stopper that does well in pressure situations. 

Simona Mascitti | RB | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Mascitti is an athletic fullback who affects the game on both sides of the ball. While her team is in possession, she is always an outlet for a teammate, typically creating an overload with the winger in front of her. Mascitti’s timing is excellent as she arrives in space to meet passes on the run and delivers dangerous crosses. Off the ball, she is tenacious in a tackle, and recovers space in behind her so well.

Chloe Taylor | CB | Burnaby FC

Taylor has advanced technical ability on the ball as a CB. Her exceptional composure and innate ability to read the game is at a very high level. Taylor’s game is characterized by her remarkable athleticism for her age, allowing her to cover ground swiftly and assertively on the field. Chloe has a dynamic range of passing, precisely reaching her targets at all parts of the pitch which grants her the ability to unlock defenses and dictate the tempo of play.

Stella Rose | CB | Fusion FC

Rose embodies sheer power on the field, dominating with an impressive physical presence. Her natural leadership qualities shine through, setting the tone for her team. Strong in the tackle and composed on the ball, Rose is certainly one to watch.

Gabrielle Redekop | LB | Langley United SA

Redekop showed great speed, stamina and athleticism in the FB position for LUSA this season. She was able to cover ground effectively when faced with moments of recovery. Redekop was not afraid to get stuck into challenges and assert her physical presence. On the ball, she was tidy and possessed the ability to spring in her attackers with a long ball. 

Julie Dirom | CM | Burnaby FC

Dirom is a rare combination of finesse and physical dominance on the soccer pitch. Her ability to play box to box makes her a dynamic presence. Where she shines the brightest is when she drops back in to receive from one direction and play out the other, finding her wingers with a long ball. Her thought process is exceptionally quick allowing her to keep the ball ticking and combine with her teammates. 

Kaya Sather | CM | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Sather has all the tangible assets required of a great central midfielder. She has tremendous size, strength, and speed, while also possessing good technical skill. Sather drives her team forward by driving with the ball, or finding passes over various ranges to set her team forward. Out of possession, she constantly breaks up play by winning tackles or intercepting passes, as her positional awareness is brilliant.

Laiken van Rooyen | CM | Burnaby FC

van Rooyen is exceptionally talented on the turn. Creating pockets of space for herself through her slight movements off defenders. She excels in picking up the ball in the half spaces, turning and driving at the backline. Her ability to hit the ball from distance offers a dynamic threat to force defenders to make a decision of whether or not to put pressure and open up space in behind or leave her to have a hit. She is very effective in 1v1 situations, excellent in the air and is tenacious when winning the ball back for her team.

Alix Boogemans | LW | Fusion FC

Boogemans showcases exceptional skill on the soccer field, from the way she takes players on to the way she strikes the ball. A natural finisher from all angles makes her an imposing threat to any back line. Boogemans fearlessly takes on opponents, showcasing a bold and courageous style of play. 

Lacy Kindel | RW | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Kindel is a rapid winger who embraces 1v1 opportunities to create chances for her team. She works unselfishly for the team with her movement and decision making, as she knows the right moments to set teammates up for goals or go it alone. On top of that, Kindel is intelligent in her movement as she drags fullbacks and central defenders into uncomfortable areas.

Myla Ewasiuk | ST | Surrey United SC

Ewasiuk is a complete striker, who is lethal in and around goal. She’s always looking to sniff out a chance and drives directly to goal when given the opportunity. Ewasiuk is comfortable playing with her back to goal and linking up with teammates. However, she shines while threatening space in behind as all she needs is half-a-yard to get a shot off, typically resulting in a goal.

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