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The Playbook | BCSPL All-Stars – Girls U16

Sofia Piperni | GK | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Piperni is a fantastic shot stopping goalkeeper with a ton of tangible assets and potential. Her reflexes, positioning, and size make her extremely difficult to beat as she’s always cutting down angles and making big saves. Piperni also commands her box well in coming out for crosses and communicating to her teammates to cut out danger. She is poised and comfortable playing out of the back when the ball is at her feet.

Riyah Pandher | RB | Fusion FC

Pander is technically sound on the ball in her position. She can read the game well, foreseeing movements before they unfold. She embodies a calculated approach to defending. Riyah’s proficiency in short-range passing, adeptness in one or two-touch football, and precise tackling make her a complete package in both defensive stability and building attacks from the back.

Willow Bourbonnais | CB | Fusion FC

Bourbonnais has exceptional tackling ability which adds a layer of defensive solidity, making her a reliable and valuable asset in the heart of the Fusion FC defense. She is definitely not afraid to get stuck in. Willow also showcases comfortability when in possession of the ball and awareness of when to play quick and when to hold on to the ball which contributes significantly to her team’s build-up play from the back.

Laila Gul | CB | Burnaby FC

Gul is a standout central defender in BCSPL due to her size and mobility. She constantly wins duels against opposing players with her strength, and makes life difficult for opposing strikers as she rarely gets turned and forces them to play backwards. Technically, Gul is good on the ball as she drives space and finds good outlet passes.

Victoria Cronkhite | CAM | Vancouver Island Wave

Cronkhite is a physically dominant central attacking midfielder who has the ability to take over a game single handedly. She is constantly finding pockets of space to support her teammates, while always looking to make the right pass. Cronkhite is physically strong and can burst past players while also posing as a major goal threat from distance.

Sasha Doleman | CM | Fusion FC

Doleman is a clever midfielder who keeps her side ticking. She constantly looks to get on the ball and find outlets to set her team off on the attack, or to recycle the ball and keep possession. Doleman has fantastic habits, always scanning to know what’s around her to not just find pockets of space, but play the right pass.

Ainsley Ewasiuk | CAM | Surrey United SC

Ewasiuk is a shifty and quick attacking midfielder. Her workrate is unparalleled as she moves about the pitch efficiently and covers every blade of grass. On the ball, she glides past defenders with ease looking to create goal scoring opportunities for herself or a teammate. Ewasiuk also looks to find splitting passes in behind the opponents backline.

Jade Mitchell | ST/WGR | Langley United SA

Mitchell is a dangerous attacking threat who constantly looks to create chances. She is very clever on the ball as her skill level is high, uses both feet, and doesn’t need much space to create chances for her team. Mitchell also possesses great strength to hold off opponents. She is always looking to score goals when around the box and doesn’t need a second invitation to shoot.

Quinn Johnson | CAM | Langley United SA

Johnson is the technician at the heart of LUSA’s attack. Constantly looking to get on the ball, she controls the play and keeps tempo so well. Johnson’s decision making is fantastic as she picks the right moments to beat players and when to find passes. She’s also comfortable using both feet in any situation, as she just looks to make the best decision for the team.

Abby Anderson | ST | Surrey United SC

Anderson is a smart and dynamic striker whose tireless work leads the line for SUSC. Her intelligence and movement are fantastic, constantly finding space between central defenders and the lines of the opponents. She likes to make clever, darting runs in behind defenders around the box to create a chance for herself. Anderson is great in tight spaces, keeping the ball for her team and linking up the attack.

Donia Hashemi | WGR | Burnaby FC

Donia showcases a blend of fantastic dribbling ability and awareness on the ball. Her forte lies in taking on players in one-on-one situations, consistently creating openings and chances for her teammates through her skillful play. Donia’s ability to read the game and create opportunities makes her a catalyst in the team’s attacking prowess.

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