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The Playbook | Boys Fall Showdown 2023

The FTF x VSC Fall Showdown is a premier football showcase tournament nestled in the vibrant city of Vaughan, Ontario. This annual spectacle has become a hotbed for showcasing the immense talent of footballers who converge from far and wide to compete on the hallowed grounds of Vaughan. The Fall Showdown has carved a niche for itself as a breeding ground for emerging stars, attracting some of the most gifted and promising footballers in the region. With its pulsating energy and fierce competition, the tournament has become a top-end showcase for players to display their talents in front of various types of scouts. 

U19 Boys Standouts: 

DEF- Ricardo Gonzalez (North Toronto L1R) 2024 Grad/ 2006 Born 

Ricardo Gonzalez, is a defensive stalwart known for his impeccable tackling skills, often overpowering opponents with his physical strength. His ability to read the game stands out, as he consistently makes well-timed interceptions and crucial tackles, showcasing his tactical acumen. Rarely caught out of position, Gonzalez defensive awareness and positioning make him a reliable presence at the heart of the defense. His disciplined approach to maintaining defensive shape and anticipating opponents’ movements has earned him a reputation as a tactically astute player. Opponents find it challenging to exploit gaps in the defense when Ricardo is on the field, making him a formidable force in thwarting opposition attacks.

MID- Ethan Kang (Toronto FC Academy) 2023/2024 Grad/ 2005 Born

Ethan Kang, the midfielder, possesses a remarkable passing range that distinguishes him on the field, effortlessly delivering precise and incisive passes across various distances. His ability to read the game at a high level sets him apart, as he anticipates plays before they unfold, showcasing exceptional soccer intelligence. Despite his youth, Ethan exhibits composure well beyond his years, maintaining control in high-pressure situations and making calm, calculated decisions on the ball. Whether orchestrating attacks or dictating the tempo, Ethan’s mature composure is a key asset that contributes to his team’s success. Opponents often struggle to disrupt his rhythm, as he covers a tremendous amount of ground and is just a complete midfielder.

FWD- Josiah Sowa (North Toronto L1R) 2024 Grad / 2006 Born

Josiah is the starting winger for the North Toronto 06 team who consistently flies under the radar despite being a standout player in his age group.  His prowess in 1v1 situations is game-changing, leaving defenders in his wake with dazzling dribbles and unpredictable moves that showcase his exceptional skill. Despite not receiving the recognition he deserves, Sowa plays a pivotal role in the team’s success, frequently contributing to goals and creating scoring opportunities with his dynamic style of play.

FWD- Ranell Perdigao (North York Academy) 2024 Grad/ 2006 Born

Ranell Perdigao stands out as a highly direct winger, bringing a dynamic and explosive style to the game. His ability to receive the ball in behind the opposition’s defense showcases his speed and strategic positioning, often creating goal-scoring opportunities with his penetrating runs. Equally adept at receiving the ball to feet, Perdigao’s technical prowess allows him to work his magic in tight spaces, showcasing skillful dribbles, precise passes, and clever link-up play. His versatility in both receiving styles makes him a multifaceted threat, keeping defenders on their toes and providing his team with various attacking options.

DEF –  Chris Yeboah (Woodbridge SC) 2024 Grad/ 2006 Born

Chris Yeboah, is a formidable force on the pitch, boasting remarkable athletic gifts that set him apart in defense. His imposing physical presence makes him a dominant figure in aerial duels and a commanding force in the box during set-pieces. Yeboah’s strength in the tackle is a defining aspect of his defensive prowess, often dispossessing opponents with authority and providing a solid foundation for his team. Opponents find it challenging to outmuscle or outmaneuver him, as he combines athleticism with a keen understanding of defensive positioning.

MID – Erik Xhaci (Dixie SC) 2024 Grad/ 2006 Born

Erik Xhaci, a standout player from the U19 Group A winners, possesses exceptional technical prowess that elevates his game on the field. His ability to control and manipulate the ball is nothing short of impressive, showcasing a level of technical skill that stands out among his peers. Xhaci’s true brilliance emerges in small pockets of space, where he navigates with ease, leaving defenders in a world of trouble with intricate dribbles and precise ball control. In tight situations, his creativity shines through as he finds innovative solutions to unlock defenses or create goal-scoring opportunities. Xhaci’s technical finesse and comfort in confined spaces make him a player capable of turning any match in his team’s favor, showcasing the impact of his unique skill set.

MID – Cameron Smyth (London TFC) 2024 Grad/ 2006 Born

Cameron Smyth is a midfielder distinguished by his exceptional passing range, capable of delivering accurate and precise passes across various distances on the field. His ability to distribute the ball effectively becomes evident in his well-weighted passes, displaying a keen understanding of the appropriate force required for each situation. Smyth’s vision on the pitch allows him to pick out teammates with pinpoint accuracy, contributing significantly to his team’s fluid and organized style of play. 

GK – Logan Rose (Dixie SC) 2024 Grad/ 2006 Born

Logan Rose is an exceptional goalkeeper, known for his commanding presence between the posts and remarkable shot-stopping abilities. His agility and quick reflexes make him a reliable last line of defense, often denying opponents with acrobatic saves that keep his team in the game. Rose’s excellent communication skills and leadership qualities contribute to organizing the defensive line, instilling confidence in his teammates. 

U17 Boys Standouts

DEF – Miles Greaves (Scarborough Academy) 2025 Grad/ 2007 Born

Miles Greaves, a promising player, is poised for a transition to fullback at the next level, showcasing versatility in his skill set. While currently excelling in his current CB position, Greaves possesses the attributes needed to make a seamless shift to the fullback role. His speed and agility make him well-suited for the demands of a fullback position, where he can contribute both defensively and offensively. Greaves’ ability to read the game and make intelligent decisions suggests that he will adapt well to the different responsibilities of a fullback, contributing to both defensive solidity and attacking build-ups. 

DEF – Bennett Lichti (North Toronto) 2025 Grad/ 2007 Born 

Bennett Lichti stands out as a true leader from the back, commanding the defense with authority and composure. His vocal presence on the field not only organizes the backline effectively but also motivates and guides his teammates throughout the match. Lichti’s ability to read the game allows him to anticipate and intercept opposition attacks, showcasing the qualities of a captain leading by example. In addition to his defensive prowess, he plays a crucial role in initiating attacks from deep positions, demonstrating a well-rounded skill set.

MID – Zayne Bruno (Sigma FC) 2025 Grad/ 2007 Born

Zayne Bruno is a do-it-all midfielder, showcasing versatility and effectiveness across various aspects of the game. Bruno’s ability to win tackles, intercept passes, and distribute the ball with precision highlights his defensive and playmaking capabilities. Furthermore, his work rate and endurance enable him to cover vast areas of the field, maintaining a consistent impact throughout the match. As a do-it-all midfielder, Zayne’s adaptability makes him an indispensable component of the team, contributing to both the defensive solidity and the creative spark in the attacking third.

FWD – Theo Ingram (North Toronto) 2025 Grad / 2007 Born

Theo Ingram is a dynamic striker, blessed with rapid pace that consistently troubles opposing defenders and provides a constant threat in the final third. His acceleration and agility make him a nightmare for defenders to track, allowing him to exploit spaces behind the defensive lines with ease. Ingram also possesses a natural instinct for goal, demonstrated by his ability to find scoring opportunities and convert them with clinical precision. Always lurking in dangerous positions, he keeps defenders on edge, showcasing a real nose for goal that turns half-chances into scoring opportunities. Ingram’s presence in the final third makes him a potent offensive force, adding an element of unpredictability and goal-scoring prowess to his team’s attack.

U16 Boys Standouts: 

DEF – Niko Hecimovic (CNSC) 2026 Grad/ 2008 Born

Niko Hecimovic, the linchpin of Croatia Norval’s defense, not only possesses impressive size and strength but also showcases an exceptional ability to read the game at a high level. His astute awareness allows him to anticipate opposition movements and position himself strategically, often intercepting passes and breaking down attacking plays before they materialize. Hecimovic’s combination of physical prowess and tactical intelligence makes him a formidable force in the heart of the defense, capable of neutralizing threats. His knack for reading the game complements his robust tackling ability, creating a well-rounded defensive presence that significantly elevates the level of CNSC.

MID – ​​Anthony Umanzor (Vaughan SC) 2026 Grad/ 2008 Born

Anthony Umanzor is a midfielder known for his ability to play out of pressure, showcasing composure and technical skill when under duress. His adept ball control and vision make him a go-to player in tight situations, as he consistently finds solutions to navigate through opposing defenses. Umanzor’s role as an engine for his team is evident in his tireless work rate, covering significant ground on the field and contributing both defensively and offensively. His dynamic style of play not only relieves pressure for his teammates but also instigates attacking opportunities, making him a valuable asset in the heart of the team’s midfield. Anthony Umanzor’s ability to perform under pressure and serve as an energetic force exemplifies his crucial role as a midfield engine.

MID – Paolo Morra (Aurora FC) 2026 Grad/ 2008 Born

Paolo Morra emerged as a pivotal figure in the championship run, playing a significant role as a stay-at-home midfielder. His disciplined approach and commitment to his defensive responsibilities were instrumental in the team’s success. Morra’s ability to hold his position and execute his role with precision provided a stable foundation for the Aurora, allowing more attacking players to flourish on their way to the championship. His understanding of defensive duties showcased not only tactical awareness but also a selfless dedication to the team’s overall balance. In the midst of the championship campaign, Paolo Morra’s contributions as a reliable and responsible midfielder became a cornerstone of the team’s triumph.

FWD – ​​Kehinde Salau (Aurora FC) 2026 Grad / 2008 Born

Kehinde Salau, a forward with electrifying pace, has proven to be a goal-scoring sensation, consistently finding the back of the net at an impressive rate. His acceleration and speed make him a constant threat, often leaving defenders trailing in his wake as he bursts forward. Salau’s proficiency in one-on-one situations is a standout feature of his game, where he showcases exceptional skill and confidence while taking on defenders. Whether it’s a solo run or a sprint towards goal, his ability to exploit open spaces and capitalize on defensive vulnerabilities adds a dynamic dimension to his team’s attacking prowess. Kehinde Salau’s combination of speed, goal-scoring ability, and flair in one-on-one situations makes him a formidable force that keeps defenders on edge.

U15 Boys Standouts: 

DEF – Jaxon Royer (Vaughan SC) 2027 Grad / 2009 Born

Jaxon Royer, a physically dominant center back, brings a unique blend of strength and technical skill to the position. His imposing physical presence makes him a formidable force in defensive situations, excelling in one-on-one duels where he consistently emerges victorious. Royer’s ability to win 1v1 battles not only solidifies the backline but also provides a sense of defensive security for the team. In possession, Jaxon Royer stands out for his composure and vision, showcasing an adeptness at breaking lines with accurate passing. His ability to initiate attacks from the back adds a valuable dimension to the team’s build-up play, contributing to a seamless transition from defense to offense.

DEF –  Luca Lopez Pineda (AIFC) 2027 Grad/ 2009 Born

Luca Lopez Pineda, is great at showcasing an exceptional ability to win tackles with consistency, making him a reliable force at the back. His proficiency in defensive duels contributes significantly to the team’s defensive solidity, as he demonstrates a knack for timing and execution in challenges. Lopez Pineda’s reliability in winning tackles not only halts opposing attacks but also provides a sense of reassurance to his teammates. In possession, Pineda exhibits remarkable composure, a valuable trait for a defender. Whether under pressure or initiating build-up play from the back, his calmness and poise contribute to maintaining possession and starting attacks from deep positions. This composed style of play adds an extra layer to his defensive prowess, making him not just a stud in defense but also a key player in the team’s overall possession-oriented strategy.

MID – Michael Arangio (Vaughan SC) 2027 Grad/ 2009 Born

Michael Arangio, a versatile midfielder comfortable in the CAM/CM roles, is defined by his strong technical abilities, contributing significantly to goal-scoring and playmaking efforts from the heart of the midfield. His vision and precision allow him to orchestrate attacks effectively, creating scoring opportunities for teammates while showcasing an eye for goal himself. Arangio’s dual threat as a scorer and provider makes him a dynamic force in the midfield, offering a multifaceted offensive presence. Beyond his attacking prowess, Arangio is characterized by a high work-rate, both in attacking and defensive duties. His relentless effort not only adds an extra dimension to the team’s offensive endeavors but also contributes to defensive solidity, demonstrating a commitment to all aspects of the game.

FWD – Deacon Page (North Toronto) 2027 Grad/ 2009 Born

Deacon Page, the dynamic winger, showcased his exceptional ability to combine and a keen feel for the game in a stellar performance this weekend. His adeptness at linking up with teammates in intricate plays highlighted his vision and understanding of the game’s nuances. Page’s ability to navigate tight spaces and forge partnerships on the wing contributed significantly to the team’s attacking prowess. His standout showing emphasized not only individual skill but also the invaluable impact he can have in elevating the collective performance of the team.

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