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The Playbook | Boys Nationals All-Star Teams

In a thrilling recap of the 2023 Canada Soccer Toyota Nationals, our FTF Canada All-Star Team selections shine as beacons of excellence on the pitch. The article delves into the standout performances that defined this prestigious event, showcasing the skill, determination, and teamwork that earned our selected players their well-deserved spots among the nation’s soccer elite

U15 Canadian Youth Nationals All-Star Team

AB #1 | GK | Yamen Issa | BTB Academy 

Issa was a stalwart for BTB throughout the competition. Hardly making any errors and coming up with big time saves when needed. His composure in pressure situations is very evident and it will be interesting to see how he develops in the years to come. 

QC #47 | CB | Zach Robitaille | CS Longueuil

Zach marshaled the backline for CS Longueuil throughout the tournament. His unwavering composure in the face of pressure in and out of possession guided his side to a National final and demonstrated tremendous responsibility and leadership.

QC #30 | CB | Felix-Antoine Canning |  CS Longueuil

Felix- Antoine was an integral piece of their spine both offensively and defensively. In possession, he looked to orchestrate attacks from deep-lying positions, while succeeding. Out of possession, he protected the space in behind well, covering space for teammates.

AB #4 | CB | Xavier Chahal |  BTB Soccer Academy

BTB’s captain is physically gifted with unparalleled attributes with his size, strength, and speed. He serves as BTB’s lynchpin as he’s able to break lines offensively effectively with precise and timely passing.

BC #8 | CM | Tomas Gil Sierra | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Gil Sierra was CMFSC’s general in the middle of the park. He moves around efficiently, covering vast space. He’s so intelligent in and out of possession, constantly picking up the right spaces on and off the ball.

NS #10 | CAM | Ben Marsh | Suburban FC

Marsh is a maestro with the ball at his feet and is the creative driving force for his team. He creates space for himself and his teammates, while his passing and final product make him a huge threat in the final third.

QC #8 | CAM |  Yacine Terra | CS Longueuil

Terra was the creative force behind CS Longueuil’s attack. He possesses the ability to unlock defenses dribbling or passing which makes him a dangerous player. His vision and creativity create chances for himself and his teammates.

AB #17 | CAM | Emmanuel Gebeyehu | BTB Soccer Academy

Emmanuel is a constant offensive threat for BTB, deployed just behind the striker. His movement caused distress for opposing defenders as he frequently made runs in behind the defensive line or sat in between the lines. He also showed great goal scoring instinct.

ON #9 | RW | Shaolin Li | Alliance London FC

NAME showcased his remarkable ball retention skill, producing quality in any space. Notably, he thrived in tight spaces, luring defenders towards him to provide his teammates with more space. This created a dynamic edge to the team’s attack.

NS #11 | Winger |Nathan Mulholland| Suburban FC

Mulholland is an elite athlete with phenomenal pace. He’s a constant threat for any opposing team as he will look threaten and attack the space in behind. He also possesses quality dribbling skills and will look to create 1v1 situations with opponents.

BC #16| Markus Blount | ST | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Blount was CMFSC’s talisman throughout the tournament, leading the line for BCs provincial champions. His astute football intelligence and exceptional passing acumen set him apart, as he not only finds the net but also has great vision.

Honorable Mention

Tyler Magdalinski | ST | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Elijah Clarke | RB | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Kynan Schwingenschloegl | CM | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

ON #55 | CM | Alex Schofield | Alliance London FC

MB 2 | RW | Xavier Espinosa | WSA Winnipeg 

QC #15 | LB | Eliott Fortin | CS Longueuil

QC #6 | CDM |Eduardo Echeverria |  CS Longueuil

AB #15 | LM | Sabur Hakizimana | BTB Soccer Academy

AB #10 | LW | Ethan Darpoh|  BTB Soccer Academy

PE 17 | ST | Jonathan Kent| PEI Soccer

SK 19 | CM | Maximo Alvarado| Astra Soccer Academy

SK 10 | CM | Ifeoluwa Adelakun| Astra Soccer Academy

QC #71 | ST | Massil Rehrah | CS Longueuil

QC #14 | LW | Yann- Oliver Tollah | CS Longueuil

U17 Canadian Youth Nationals All-Star Team

BC #1 | Adriel Agcaoili | GK | Burnaby FC

Agcaoili defines the modern goalkeeper who excels with the ball at his feet. He demonstrates remarkable skill in distributing and building from the back picking outlets of various lengths. He also made numerous saves at critical moments, leading to a National Championship.

NS #3 | CB | Jima Majok | Halifax City

NAME precisely and effectively finds outlet passes for his team while in possession. Unfazed by opposing pressure, his comfort on the ball is unparalleled. He reads the game efficiently and looks to break up play of the opponents quickly and efficiently.

QC #5 | Mathis Morin | CB | CS MRO

Mathis has the natural ability to create calm resolutions out of chaos. He snuffs out opposing attacking threats through his anticipation, positioning, and technical acumen. He possesses composure beyond his years.

AB #4 | Declan Lindeman | CB | BTB Soccer Academy

Lindeman is a modern central defender. Strong in a challenge, solid positionally, good size and athleticism, but he’s also technical and comfortable on the ball. He’s got great passing range which allows him to start

QC #17 | Enzo Vargas | CM | CS MRO

Vargas is a box-to-box midfielder who works tirelessly in and out of possession. In possession, his timing and decision-making render most attempts to press him ineffective. Off the ball he screens passes and slows down the attack of the opponents.

Marcus D’Andrea | RW | Burnaby FC

D’Andrea demonstrated that he has the “clutch gene” throughout the tournament. He was a game changer for Burnaby FC in the final third, and their most lethal and dangerous threat in the most crucial moments.

BC #8| Elias Bejaoui | CDM | Burnaby FC

Bejaoui is a deep-lying midfielder who looks to control the pace of play for the U17 National Champions. He looks to find outlet passes and breaking lines over distance with his great range of passing, a true Regista.

AB #10 | Reno Nero | CM | BTB Soccer Academy

Nero may have been the scariest opponent for any opponent in the entire tournament. On the ball he can beat defenders in 1v1 situations or find splitting passes to create chances. Additionally, he creates something out of nothing which makes him such a big prospect.

AB #6 | CM | Zidane Mwinyi |  BTB Soccer Academy

Zidane glides effortlessly across the pitch, as well as beyond any defender trying to tackle him. He looks to create goal scoring opportunities for not only his teammates, but also himself as he’s clever in and around the 18-yard box.

NS 80 | Winger |Mo Tolba| Halifax City

Tolba is very talented with the ball at his feet. He looks to create 1v1 situations to isolate himself to dribble past defenders, as well as delivering pinpoint passes to create scoring opportunities.

NS 7 | ST | Adam Sneedon |Halifax City

NAME is a prolific goal scorer who is willing to go into the gritty areas to find the back of the net. He frequently makes precise, darting runs in behind to find space or create half a yard to score goals.

Honorable Mention

MB #6 | ST | Yann Doumbia | Bonivital SC

SK #50 | CM | Rowan Gresty| Saskatoon Alliance

NS #13 | RW |Will Brown| Halifax City

ON #9 | CAM | George Kirko | Vaughan SC

NL #16 | ST | Feildians AA

SK #1| GK | Fayt Ng-Hillis | Saskatoon Alliance

SK #37 | CM |Simon Weber | Saskatoon Alliance

NS #11 | CB | Xavier Hill| Halifax City

QC #10 | CM | Sash Zelisko | CS MRO

QC #15 | CB | Sasha Deslandes |  CS MRO

AB #8 |CM|  Trent Neumann| BTB Soccer Academy

BC #6 | ST|  Aryan Prasad | Burnaby FC

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