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The Playbook | Boys Ottawa Winter Combine 2024

The Ottawa Combine emerged as a thrilling and action-packed spectacle, serving as a dynamic platform for an array of exceptional talents. This event, teeming with energy and skill, brought together individuals from all across Canada to display if they have what it takes to play soccer at the university/ college level.  

GK – Arad Gharib | Lakeshore SC | 2025 Grad 

Arad Gharib stands out as a remarkable goalkeeper, recognized for his exceptional athleticism that sets him apart as a true standout in his position. His prowess extends beyond shot-stopping abilities, showcasing an impressive talent for distributing the ball with precision and accuracy. As a goalkeeper, Gharib combines his agility and remarkable reflexes to not only make crucial saves but also contribute significantly to the build-up play through his adept distribution skills.

RB – Zach Robitaille | Cs Longueuil | 2025 Grad 

Zach Robitaille, a fullback of notable distinction, is celebrated for his remarkable athleticism, enabling him to cover the field with agility and pace. His technical proficiency is a standout feature, as he navigates the game with finesse, displaying adept ball control and precise passing. Additionally, Robitaille’s high-level understanding of the game allows him to anticipate plays, making him a strategic asset in both defensive and offensive situations.

LB – Gabriel Carvalho | OSU | 2024 Grad 

Gabe Carvalho, a fullback of notable prowess, is distinguished by his tactical acumen, demonstrating a keen understanding of the game’s nuances. His clean technical skills set him apart, enabling precise ball control and effective defensive play. Carvalho further enhances his impact by consistently delivering pinpoint crosses and passes from wide areas, making him a valuable asset in both defensive and attacking phases of the game.

CM – Michael Peres | St. Anthony Futuro | 2026 Grad 

Michael Peres emerges as a versatile midfielder, showcasing an impressive ability to excel in various aspects of the game. With an elite passing range, he possesses the vision and precision to orchestrate plays from different positions on the field. Adding to his dynamic skill set, Peres leverages his big and tall frame, potentially providing a physical advantage in challenges and aerial duels, further contributing to his multifaceted role in the midfield.

CM – Noah Burke | FSA | 2027 Grad 

Noah Burke emerges as a promising young talent, garnering attention for his standout performances on the field. His technical prowess stands out, showcasing an advanced skill set that contributes to his effectiveness in various positions. Burke’s ability to deliver a precise final ball highlights his soccer intelligence, making him a noteworthy prospect for the future.

ST – Darcy Cain | St. Anthony Futuro | 2024 Grad 

Darcy Cain, a forward of exceptional caliber, is renowned as a freak athlete, bringing an unparalleled combination of strength, agility, and speed to the forefront. His rapid pace on the field not only sets him apart from defenders but also allows him to create goal-scoring opportunities with ease. With a remarkable ability to find the back of the net at a high rate, Cain stands as a formidable force in the attacking third, making him a thrilling prospect for any team.

CAM – Nael Kane | CF Montreal u23 | 2024 Grad 
Nael Kane, an attacking midfielder of notable prowess, possesses a very good change of pace that bewilders defenders and creates space in the attacking third. His dangerous ability to run at the back four makes him a constant threat, capable of unlocking defenses and creating goal-scoring opportunities. Remarkably, Kane’s impact is swift and significant, requiring only half an action to dynamically influence the course of a game.

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