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The Playbook | Vancouver Boys March Break Combine 2024

The FTF Vancouver March Break Combine, held on March 19th-21st, showcased a combination of players from across different provinces and leagues in Canada. A lot of standout performances were accoladed throughout the event, including an all-star team, honorable mentions list, positional MVPs, and an overall MVP. Among the standout participants, these selected players truly distinguished themselves, showing exceptional talent on the field. 

Exceptional Standouts:

GK MVP – Graydon Sherle | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC | 2024 Grad 

The Goalkeeper MVP for the FTF Vancouver March Break Combine was awarded to Graydon Sherle from Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC. Sherle consistently demonstrated phenomenal positional awareness as he commanded his box well to collect crosses and thwart attacks. He also has very good technique and can break pressure from the opponent with his distribution. Additionally, Sherle has fantastic shot stopping ability, allowing him to make reactionary saves in tight to deny opponents.

YNG MVP – Koben Armer-Petrie | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC | 2026 Grad

The Young Player MVP for the FTF Vancouver March Break Combine was awarded to Koben Armer-Petrie from Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC. Armer Petrie is a massive threat to any backline he faces, as he can seamlessly slot into any of the attacking front three positions, while producing quality and end product. He’s strong on the ball and looks to turn and take defenders on in 1v1 situations. Armer-Petrie also finds the right moments to link up play with his teammates to get them involved, looking to create opportunities for himself or his teammates.

DEF MVP – Taylor Peace | Thompson Okanagan FC | 2027 Grad 

The Defender MVP for the FTF Vancouver March Break Combine was awarded to Taylor Peace from Thompson Okanagan FC. The 2009-born player has the uncanny ability to create calm out of chaos as demonstrates composure and intelligence well-beyond his years. The central defender has great size and athleticism, so he’s able to hold players off and protect the spaces in behind his defensive line. Peace also possesses great technique and is able to break lines by dribbling, or by finding penetrating passes to set his team off on the attack. His qualities also translate to a fullback position, in which he may be able to grow into an elite wingback flying up and down the line.

MID MVP – Velan Arul | Ottawa Futsal Club | 2025 Grad

The Midfielder MVP for the FTF Vancouver March Break Combine was awarded to Velan Arul from Ottawa Futsal Club. Unsurprisingly, Arul is devastatingly effective in tight spaces as he can weave in and out of danger at ease. He’s explosive on the dribble and looks to break lines by linking up with teammates and making bursting runs through the defense. Arul is always looking to exploit space in and around the box to create a chance for himself or his teammates.

FWD MVP – Mikhail Ellis | Gorge FC  | 2026 Grad

The Attacking MVP for the FTF Vancouver March Break Combine was awarded to Mikhail Ellis from Gorge FC. Ellis is a smaller striker in stature, who looks to lead the line through his movement and intelligence, rather than brute strength and size. He links up with teammates very well and is quick to gamble and attack space in behind the defensive line. Ellis’ greatest attribute may be his movement as he’s always looking to drag defenders into unconformable areas to collect the ball, or exploit the space he’s created in behind. He scored a bag load of goals throughout the event because of his clever play.

OVR MVP – Axel de Vries | Thompson Okanagan FC | 2025 Grad 

The Overall MVP for the FTF Vancouver March Break Combine was awarded to Axel de Vries from Thompson Okanagan FC. The all-action, defensive midfielder covered every blade of grass during the event, and was equally effective in possession, as well as out of possession. His habits are first class, always scanning to get a better picture around him to either collect the ball, or screen passes from the opponents. de Vries takes charge in midfield and can single handedly change the outcome of a match for his team.

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