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The Playbook | Calgary Winter Series 2023 – Girls

The Calgary Combine proved to be a dynamic and thrilling event, showcasing an abundance of talent and athleticism. With action-packed moments unfolding throughout, participants demonstrated their skills and competitiveness, making it a memorable experience for both players and spectators alike. The high level of talent on display undoubtedly contributed to the event’s success and left a lasting impression on all involved.

Brianne Rioch | GK | 2025 Grad | Calgary Blizzards + Cavalry ID 

Goalkeeper Brianne Rioch is renowned for her exceptional shot-stopping abilities, consistently making crucial saves to protect her team’s goal. Known for her bravery in and around the box, she fearlessly confronts opposition attackers and executes timely interventions. Additionally, Rioch demonstrates remarkable composure on the ball, displaying the ability to play out from the back and contribute to her team’s build-up play with confidence and precision.

Jenna McIntyre | CB | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills SC

Jenna McIntyre is distinguished by her elite recovery speed, enabling her to swiftly close down opponents and cover defensive gaps. She shows great strength in the tackle, consistently winning challenges and disrupting opposition attacks. McIntyre’s ability to read the game stands out as a key asset, allowing her to anticipate plays, intercept passes, and make strategic decisions that contribute to her team’s defensive solidity.

Torah Betteridge | CM | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills AYSL 

Torah Betteridge, a versatile midfielder, showcases adaptability by seamlessly slotting into various positions, excelling as an 8, 6, or 2 on the field. Her movements are characterized by fluidity, transitioning between offensive and defensive roles. Beyond her physical agility, Betteridge’s technical ability and astute understanding of the game are evident as she consistently seeks out pockets of space, dictating the tempo of play with precision.

Addi White | CAM | 2025 Grad | Calgary Blizzard 

Addi White, a midfielder, stands out for her exceptional dribbling pace, effortlessly gliding past defenders while in possession of the ball. Her creativity comes to the forefront in the final third, where she contributes with innovative plays and unpredictable movements that challenge opposing defenses. White’s fearless approach is evident as she willingly receives the ball in the half space, demonstrating the ability to swiftly turn and initiate direct runs at the opposing back line, adding an element of unpredictability to her team’s attacking strategies. Her skill set makes her a formidable force in breaking down defenses and creating goal-scoring opportunities.

Jorda James | ST | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills AYSL 08

Jorda James, a potent striker, poses a constant attacking threat with her ability to exploit defensive vulnerabilities. Renowned for her clinical finishing skills, she consistently capitalizes on goal-scoring opportunities, providing a reliable option for her team in crucial moments. James’s hold-up play is commendable, as she adeptly controls and distributes the ball to involve teammates in the attacking buildup. Particularly dangerous in and around the box, she exhibits a goal-scoring instinct that keeps opposing defenders on their toes when Jorda is in and around the area. 

Abi Hopwood | CAM | 2027 Grad | Calgary Rangers 

Abi Hopwood, despite her age, stands out as a smart and technically gifted player on the field. Demonstrating a mature understanding of the game, she plays with a quick tempo to evade opponent pressure, showcasing a level of composure beyond her years. Hopwood’s exceptional ball control sets her apart, allowing her to navigate tight spaces effortlessly. Furthermore, her soccer intelligence shines through as she not only executes precise combination passing but also anticipates her next movement with a keen understanding of positional play, contributing significantly to her team’s overall strategy.

Reagan Toye | CB | 2026 Grad | Calgary Blizzards 

Reagan Toye embodies the archetype of a modern-day center back, often making darting runs into the midfield to actively participate in the team’s build-up play and create numerical advantages. Her size and imposing presence make it challenging for opposing attackers to navigate past her. Toye’s standout feature is her ability to break lines with precision through short passing, showcasing her technical proficiency as a center-back. Additionally, her two-footed capabilities add an extra layer of unpredictability to her game, making her a well-rounded and versatile asset in both defensive and offensive situations.

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