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The Playbook | Calgary Winter Series 2023 – Boys

The Calgary Combine proved to be a dynamic and thrilling event, showcasing an abundance of talent and athleticism. With action-packed moments unfolding throughout, participants demonstrated their skills and competitiveness, making it a memorable experience for both players and spectators alike. The high level of talent on display undoubtedly contributed to the event’s success and left a lasting impression on all involved.

Brandon Leronowich | GK | 2026 Grad | RASC 

Brandon Leronowich emerged as a standout player, showcasing exceptional shot-stopping ability that set him apart on the field. His composure under pressure and adeptness at playing out from the back demonstrated a rare combination of skill and poise. Beyond his goalkeeping prowess, Leronowich’s leadership qualities further solidified his impact, making him not just a reliable guardian of the net but also a vital leader for his team.

Cole Krushelniski | CB | 2025 Grad | Saskatoon Alliance 

Cole Krushelniski, a commanding center back with an imposing frame, proved to be an indispensable rock in defense. His physical presence on the field, coupled with an innate ability to read the game at a high level, made him a formidable force against opposing attackers. Krushelniski’s tactical acumen stood out, as he consistently demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the game, contributing not only to his defensive solidity but also to his team’s overall strategic approach.

Xander McIntyre | CM | 2025 Grad | Lethbridge FC 

Xander McIntyre, a standout center midfielder, brings a silky smooth style to possession play, making him a crucial asset for his team. His ability to maintain control of the ball and navigate through tight spaces showcases a level of finesse that is a rarity in the midfield. McIntyre not only values possession but also takes meticulous care of the football, ensuring intelligent distribution and minimizing turnovers. His adept on the ball skills and conscientious approach make him a key playmaker in orchestrating his teams attacks.

Samuel Herdman | ST | 2025 Grad | South West United Calgary

Samuel Herdman, a dynamic striker, possesses blistering pace that sets him apart on the field, making him a constant threat to opposing defenses. His ability to accelerate quickly combined with a powerful and accurate strike make him a formidable goal-scoring force. Herdman’s innate goal-scoring instincts, often referred to as a “real nose for goal,” highlight his knack for positioning and seizing scoring opportunities, making him a valuable asset in the attacking front for his team.

Jayden Egharevba | CAM/RW | 2026 Grad | Lethbridge Football Club

Jayden Egharevba, a versatile midfielder often deployed as a utility player, truly shone in his natural role as a #8. His performance over the two days showcased not only his adaptability but also a wide and accurate passing range that played a pivotal role in orchestrating his team’s play. Egharevba’s dynamic presence in the midfield position marked him as an engine for his team, contributing both defensively and offensively, 

Austin Vincenzino | LW | 2024 Grad | Calgary Blizzards 

Austin Vincenzino, a standout winger, took center stage by not only scoring prolifically but also creating numerous goal-scoring opportunities for his team. His dynamic performances left an undeniable mark, making the decision to award him the overall MVP an easy and well-deserved choice. Vincenzino’s ability to run the show with his goal-scoring prowess and playmaking skills showcased his impact as a game-changer, elevating both his individual performance and the overall success of his team.

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