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The Playbook | CMF x FTF All-Star U17

The U17 FTF x CMF Showcase in Vancouver, BC, held from February 17th to 19th on Family Day, showcased a high level of talent, making it a memorable event for soccer enthusiasts. Among the standout participants, the All-Star team selections have been made, recognizing the exceptional skills and performances demonstrated throughout the tournament. These selected players truly distinguished themselves, embodying the spirit of competition and sportsmanship on the field.

Exceptional Standouts:

GK – Jesen Szilagyi  | Burnaby FC | 2026 Grad 

Jesen Szilagyi, the towering presence between the goalposts, dominates her area with authority, instilling confidence in her defenders with her commanding presence. Her exceptional shot-stopping prowess is a testament to her sharp reflexes and unwavering focus, consistently denying opponents with acrobatic saves. In 1v1 scenarios, Jesen excels, adeptly narrowing the angle of attack and frustrating opposing strikers. 

LCB – Mia Schepp | Calgary Rangers 2008 Girls | 2026 Grad 

Mia Schepp, the Calgary Rangers 2008 CB, seamlessly orchestrates play from the heart of defense with her adept ball control and distribution skills. Mia’s positioning is excellent as she reads the game so well, constantly locked in. However, what sets Mia apart is her exceptional communication on the pitch, directing her teammates with precision and ensuring a cohesive defensive unit.

CM – Julie Dirom| Burnaby FC | 2026 Grad

Julie Dirom, the midfield maestro for Burnaby FC, dictates the rhythm of the game with her vision and range of passing. She has the ability to orchestrate the attack and the engine to track back on defense and stick in a tackle. Her long range finish in the Final vs CMFSC was exceptional and shows what a dynamic threat she can be. Julie received the Overall MVP award of the FTF x CMF Showcase Tournament. 

LW – Lacey Kindel | CMFSC | 2027 Grad 

Lacey Kindel, the 2009 born prodigy winger from CMFSC, dazzled spectators with her creativity and dynamism on the flank. Her ability to effortlessly beat defenders in one-on-one situations is a rare talent. Playing against girls 1-2 years up, she showcased maturity in the way she played and decisions she made both on and off the ball. With growth and increased athleticism pending, Lacey will continue to be that potent threat we have seen in front of goal.

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