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The Playbook | CMF x FTF U17 Boys All-Star

The U17 FTF x CMF Showcase in Vancouver, BC, held from February 17th to 19th on Family Day, showcased a high level of talent, making it a memorable event for soccer enthusiasts. Among the standout participants, the All-Star team selections have been made, recognizing the exceptional skills and performances demonstrated throughout the tournament. These selected players truly distinguished themselves, embodying the spirit of competition and sportsmanship on the field.

GK – William McCutcheon | WIA U17 | 2026 Grad 

William McCutcheon, the standout goalie who earned a well-deserved All-Star award at the FTF x CMF Family Day Showcase, showcased an exceptional skill set that sets him apart in the goalkeeping realm. As a 2008-born player, his shot-stopping ability is remarkable, providing a solid foundation for his team’s defensive efforts. What makes William truly stand out is his imposing size, standing at roughly 6ft2, which adds a commanding presence to his goalkeeping style, particularly in claiming crosses. As he continues to develop, focusing on honing his distribution skills, William McCutcheon’s potential in goalkeeping appears to be exceedingly high. His recognition as an All-Star is a testament to his current excellence and the promising future that lies ahead for this talented goalkeeper.

RCB – Daniel Monongo | Club Soccer Longueuil | 2025 Grad 

Daniel Monongo, the formidable center-back hailing from CS Longueil, emerged as a standout player during the U17 FTF x CMF Showcase in Vancouver. Born in 2007, his prowess as a high-level defender was unmistakable, especially in his exceptional aerial abilities and precise passing skills. Daniel’s consistent standout performances throughout the tournament undoubtedly earned him a well-deserved spot on the All-Star team. His impact wasn’t limited to solid defending; Daniel showcased his versatility by contributing offensively as well. Notably, he left an indelible mark in the All-Star game against Whitecaps U16, finding the net and proving that his skills transcend defensive duties. His inclusion in the All-Star lineup is a testament to his overall excellence on the field.

CM – ​​Mateo Pavez| BC Tigers | 2027 Grad

Mateo Pavez, the dynamic center midfielder representing BC Tigers in the U17 FTF x CMF Showcase, displayed remarkable talent that belied his 2009 birth year. Despite being one of the youngest players on the field, Mateo exhibited an extraordinary level of skill and maturity. His ability to compete effectively against opponents often two years his senior was nothing short of impressive. As a 2009-born player, Mateo showcased a level of play that caught the attention of spectators and experts alike. With continued development, it is clear that Mateo Pavez is destined to be a prospect worth watching for the future. His inclusion in the All-Star team was a well-deserved acknowledgment of his outstanding contributions and potential in the realm of soccer.

ST – Markus Blount | CMFSC U16 | 2026 Grad

Markus Blount, a standout forward from CMSC U16, left an indelible mark at the U17 FTF x CMF Showcase with his exceptional goal-scoring prowess. A natural striker, Markus distinguished himself with remarkable strengths in hold-up play and an impressive aerial ability that seemingly allowed him to dominate in the air. His knack for getting his head on every opportunity showcased a scoring instinct that set him apart on the field. Remarkably, CMSC U16, with Markus leading the attack, displayed a remarkable team dynamic by essentially fielding players a year younger than their counterparts throughout the tournament. 

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