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The Playbook | CMF x FTF U18 Boys All-Star

The U18 FTF x CMF Showcase in Vancouver, BC, held from February 17th to 19th on Family Day, showcased a high level of talent, making it a memorable event for soccer enthusiasts. Among the standout participants, the All-Star team selections have been made, recognizing the exceptional skills and performances demonstrated throughout the tournament. These selected players truly distinguished themselves, embodying the spirit of competition and sportsmanship on the field.

Additional Team Standouts 

Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC: Spencer Mellet | Grad 2024

Mellett was the driving force behind Coquitlam Metro Ford SC’s triumph in the tournament. The central midfielder covered every blade of grass during the event as he worked just as hard out of possession, as he did while his team held possession. Mellett is clever on the ball and excels at receiving the ball in between the lines of the opponents and driving at the backline. He repeatedly scored important goals during the four games including a stunning free kick.

Calgary Blizzard: Chanan Chanda | Grad 2024

Chanda is a dominant striker who poses multiple threats for the defenders he comes up against. He’s a physically dominant player who has the strength and center of gravity to hold off any defender. Chanda can also threaten the space in behind very well with his speed and movement. Chanda’s also very efficient in tight spaces as his feet can move quickly and his touch is soft when controlling the ball.

Westcastle IA: Chase Lightheart | Grad 2024

Lightheart is a versatile attacking player who can play in any role supporting a central striker. He’s a player that looks to affect the game with the ball at his feet as he’ll often drift into half-spaces to receive passes. When in possession, he looks to drive at defenders, creating overloads in promising positions for his side. His technique is good, and all he needs is a half yard to get off a shot or a cross for a teammate.

Surrey United SC: Michael Ajagbe | Grad 2025

Ajagbe is one of the most dynamic prospects in the 2007 class. His movement leads him into places where defenders are uncomfortable and he can exploit the offset in their shape. Ajagbe’s speed and skill cause havoc for defenses as he’s able to create chances for himself or one of his teammates. He’s comfortable holding the ball up, to link up with his teammates, as well as driving with the ball at his feet.

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