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The Playbook | December Edition – Girls Top 10 Teams

Who’s the best team in the entire country? This question is quite frequently asked in Canada and truthfully no one will ever have the exact answer as there is no Canadian National competition that involves all teams. 

Here at The Playbook however we will try to ‘put the pieces together’ and provide a “monthly insight” into who we think are the best U17 (2006 Teams) across the country.

Enjoy the read below as this is our 9th Edition (December Recap) of who we think are the best teams despite province, competition, or league. 

  1. NDC – Ontario (Next-Gen) 

NDC-Ontario hosted the National Development Centre Competition in Mississauga, Ontario, aiming to reclaim their top position in the rankings and impress collegiate coaches with their talent. Some may attribute their performance to home advantage, while others might credit it to resilience and unity. The first challenge arose against a newly formed Canada-Selects group, forcing NDC-ON to mount a comeback from a late deficit to secure a draw. Facing the formidable Whitecaps on Wednesday, NDC ON found themselves trailing 3-0 at halftime, seemingly an insurmountable obstacle. However, with strategic substitutions and an abundance of energy, they fought back to a 3-3 draw. The final match on Friday against CF Montreal resulted in a 2-0 victory for the home side, culminating in an undefeated run throughout the competition and solidifying their status as #1 in the final update of the Top 10 teams in the nation.

  1. NDC – Quebec (CF Montreal Girls Academy)

The CF Montreal Girls proved to be an exhilarating team throughout the competition. They effortlessly overcame both WFC and Canada Selects with two dominant attacking displays, positioning themselves as a leading NDC team in Canada. However, it was the ability of NDC ON to capitalize on a defensive error and showcase individual brilliance that made the pivotal difference in this matchup, resulting in the only loss for this talented CF Montreal group throughout the competition. Despite the outcome not swinging in their favour, CF Montreal exhibited exceptional prowess.

  1. NDC – Whitecaps

Coming off a hot Inter-Provincial Championship, we believed everyone in the building anticipated greater performance from the formidable Whitecaps FC side. They lost their first game against CF Montreal, tied their second against NDC Ontario, and won their third against Canada Selects. The challenge of traveling from the West Coast to the East and adjusting to the time difference in such a short time frame should not be overlooked. However, despite these factors, this group displayed glimpses of brilliance throughout the week, and slight margins could have altered the results.


4. Burnaby FC

In our final recap Burnaby FC will come in at #4 and take the crown as ‘the best’ non-‘National Development Centre’ team. To recap this year Burnaby FC won gold at Canada Soccer Toyota Nationals U17 in October where they went undefeated. In order to qualify for nationals they had to win the 2023 BCSPL U17 Girls Division (which they did). Plus they also finished 2nd in the BCSPL “mini-season” which is a fantastic accomplishment considering part of the season took place while they were preparing for Nationals. Overall a great season for the group and we are excited to see the players progress in the future. 

5. FC Laval U17 AAA

Finishing the rankings in the 5th position in this December recap is FC Laval U17. It was very challenging to evaluate FC Laval after the month of September as they had no competitive games but this ranking come from their performances leading up to that point. With many players who will now progress in the the Quebec U21 AAA Division we can’t wait to watch this team next year. 

6. Calgary West FC

Staying at #6 is Calgary West FC with the same pattern that follows stating there weren’t any competitive games to judge this group over the last few months. The team earned silver at Canada Soccer Toyota nationals which justify this ranking and we hope to see the team in 11v11 action soon. 

7. St. Hubert U17 AAA

Maintaining their #7 position in this month’s recap is St. Hubert, as the team didn’t play any games, making it challenging to assess their current standing. Fresh off a commendable bronze medal finish at Canada Soccer Toyota Nationals in October, St. Hubert continues to showcase their resilience on the national stage.

8. Rush Canada L1R 

Holding tight at the #8 spot in our last update  is Rush Canada L1R. Rush is fresh off a League 1 Ontario Reserve “ Fall-Season”  trophy. The group is talented and with many players headed to NCAA & U SPORTS programs across the country we wish them the best of luck!

#9 Langley United

Langley United come in at #9 in our last ranking update covering this 2006 age group. This ranking is propelled by their outstanding performance in the BCSPL Phase 2 season. The team not only maintained their undefeated streak but also clinched the season title with an impressive 7-point margin. What a second half of the year it was for Langley and we look forward to seeing many of their players move on to post- secondary soccer. 

10. Scrossopi FC 

Last but certainly not least is Scrosoppi FC, the team’s remarkable ascent is complemented by a significant overhaul, with a majority of their roster now comprised of players from Erin Mills SC, a squad that had previously held a high rank of #5 in our updates. It will be great to see this group in League 1 Reserve next season as the competition will only get harder from hear on out but we think this group is up for the challenge.  

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