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The Playbook | Edmonton Boys Combine 2023

Neven Fewster | GK | 2025 Grad | Calgary Rangers FC

Fewster has good size, agility, and has the intangible asset of getting a touch on any strike at his goal. He is an excellent shot stopper that forces opponents to beat him as he gets close to every shot. He made countless big saves during the event with his fingertips, palms, feet, and even his face. His timing off his line is very good as well.

Tyson Blight | RB | 2024 Grad | Edmonton Scottish United SC

Blight is a slight and quick fullback that is jinky on the ball and resolute defensively. His build allows him to glide past opponents while he’s breaking lines by dribbling or activating beyond the opponent’s backline. Defensively, he is positioned well to make sure he’s not caught out of position.

Declan Lindeman | CB | 2024 Grad | BTB Academy

Lindeman is the definition of a modern defender: athletic, hard in a challenge, and calm in possession. His technical skill is very good, while he always makes the right decision in possession. He never forces anything, but finds the right moments to break the line with a splitting pass. Defensively Lindeman is strong in a challenge and has a gear that most attackers don’t see coming.

Jose David Castaneda | CB | 2024 Grad | BTB Academy

Castaneda didn’t put a foot wrong defensively throughout the entire Edmonton Combine. He was positionally sound, as he read the game so well that he was able to step up to hold the striker to play backwards, or chasing a ball that was being played in behind his backline. He’s also strong, which was exemplified by winning nearly every physical duel during the event.

Xavier Chahal | CB | 2026 Grad | BTB Academy

Chahal has all the tools to be an elite defender in the near future if he continues to develop. The 2008-born central defender has phenomenal size and composure for a player his age. He glides across the backline stepping in the win balls with ease, while also finding great outlets to break the press of the opponent. 

Duke Naylor | FB | 2024 Grad | BTB Academy

Naylor is a hard-as-nails, no nonsense defender who makes sure that any attacker playing against him will be worse for wear afterwards. Every tackle he makes leaves a mark on the opposing attacker making them question if they want to attack back down his side. On the ball, Naylor can break lines either by dribbling or finding a good outlet inside. He can also deliver a good cross when entering the final third.

Luis Arreaza Mora | CDM | 2024 Grad | Edmonton Scottish United SC

Arreaza Mora is an engine in the middle of the park who can affect the game in and out of possession. He won’t stop running until the final whistle is blown, and every blade of grass has been covered. In possession, Arreaza Mora has fantastic ball retention ability and can glide beyond opponents. Defensively, he finds his position well, and is strong in a challenge always looking to start the attack for his team.

Samuel House | CM | 2023 Grad | Victoria Highlanders

House is an intelligent and patient midfielder who finds tons of space in between the lines of the opponents. He doesn’t run all over the pitch trying to receive the ball, but finds the right moments to pop into space to not just provide an outlet for his teammate, but also put the opponents on the back foot as he’s ready to drive at the backline. He’s also very good on the ball in the tight spaces that he occupies.

Julian Ospina | CM | 2026 Grad | Northside United FC

Ospina  is a dynamic and shifty central midfielder who is always looking to break lines. His ball retention skills are fantastic and he’s always looking around corners to try and find the right pass to catch the opposing team out of position. He has poise and composure in possession that is not common for a 2008-born player.

Elshafi Ishaq| ST | 2023 Grad | St. Albert Impact United

Ishaq is your prototypical striker who is strong, fast, and looks to score the second he gets sight of goal. He can hold off any defender that tries to stop him and muscle him off the ball, either by bringing teammates into play, or rolling off them to break the line. He’s a major threat in behind as he likes to vary his movement. Ishaq wants to score and if he gets one, he wants to score again.

Dan Topczewski | ST | 2026 Grad | BTB Academy

Topczewski is a very bright prospect as the 2008-born striker has all the assets you want in a striker. He’s big, strong, but his technical skill is what sets him apart from his counterparts. Topczewski’s touch is fantastic as he’s always able to bring his teammates into the play while linking up. What sets him apart is the timing of his movement, as he always seems like he’s a step or two of the opposition.

Honourable Mention

Ethan Rowland | GK | 2024 Grad | BTB Academy

Jack Shand | GK | 2024 Grad | Astra SA

Xavier McIntyre | CM | 2025 Grad | Lethbridge FC

Jameson Kiezik | ST | 2023 Grad | Victoria Highlanders

Andrei Tanasoiu | CDM | 2025 Grad | St. Albert Impact United

Ross Van Rooyen | RB | 2024 Grad | Edmonton Juventus

Alexander Cameron | RB | 2025 Grad | Calgary Rangers FC

Joseph Oh | LW/RW | 2024 Grad | Edmonton Scottish United SC

Abdou Murad | CB | 2023 Grad | Edmonton AC Milan SC

Gabriel Vanoene | CM | 2024 Grad | Edmonton West Warriors

Ryder Rattee | CAM | 2024 Grad | Edmonton West Warriors

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