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The Playbook |  Edmonton Boys Summer Series 2024

The FTF Canada Edmonton Summer Combine brought together a remarkable array of talent, showcasing thrilling moments and exceptional skills. The participants left a lasting impression with their athleticism and competitive spirit, making the event memorable for players, coaches, scouts, and spectators alike. The high caliber of talent on display underscored the success of the event, highlighting the bright future of these young athletes.

Exceptional Standouts

Finn Raible | CB | 2026 Grad | BTB Soccer Academy

Finn Raible stood out with his high football IQ and exceptional tactical awareness, making him a linchpin in the defense. His pro-level passing range and ability to read the game liken him to a young Laporte. Raible’s calmness under pressure and precision in distributing the ball from the back were pivotal in maintaining his team’s structure and initiating attacks. 

Ryan Chirzynski | GK | 2025 Grad | Calgary Foothills Soccer Club

Ryan Chirzynski’s performance between the posts was nothing short of stellar. His shot-stopping abilities were complemented by his commanding presence and leadership from the back. Chirzynski’s confident handling and organizational skills ensured his defense stayed resolute, making him a reliable last line of defense.

Yusuf Ali | FB | 2026 Grad | Northside United

Yusuf Ali showcased his remarkable engine, constantly patrolling the touchline and contributing on both ends of the pitch. His technical proficiency and ability to read the game made him a dependable fullback. Ali’s tireless runs and defensive acumen were instrumental in his team’s performance, marking him as a standout player.

Axl de Vries | CDM | 2025 Grad | TOFC

Axl de Vries dominated the midfield with his robust presence and expansive coverage. His excellent passing range and ability to control the tempo of the game made him a key figure in both defensive and attacking transitions. De Vries’ knack for breaking up plays and driving the ball forward added a dynamic edge to his team’s midfield.

Sabur Hakizimana | LW | 2026 Grad | BTB Soccer Academy

Sabur Hakizimana was a constant menace for defenders, excelling in 1v1 situations and showcasing an impressive end product. His agility and goal-scoring prowess made him a standout winger. Hakizimana’s ability to isolate and beat defenders consistently created scoring opportunities, underlining his potential as a prolific attacker.

Kyrie Welch | FB | 2026 Grad | BTB Soccer Academy

Kyrie Welch’s potential shone brightly as he displayed composure in possession and tactical awareness. As one of the top prospects for 2026, Welch’s contributions were significant on both defensive and offensive fronts. His technical skills and understanding of the game marked him as a promising talent for the future.

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Arun Swamy | Calgary South West United / Callies United | 2025 Grad
  • Blake VanLohuizen | St. Albert Impact (PDP) | 2026 Grad
  • Nathan Lechelt | BTB Soccer Academy | 2025 Grad
  • Xavier Chahal | BTB Soccer Academy | 2026 Grad
  • Isaac Tewolde | BTB Soccer Academy | 2027 Grad
  • Abraham Khalil Kamara | Northside United | 2027 Grad
  • Joshua Drob | St. Albert Impact | 2026 Grad
  • David Batyzhin | Scottish United | 2026 Grad
  • Lucas Rheault | Northside United | 2027 Grad
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