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The Playbook | Edmonton Girls Combine 2023

Andi-Marie Schlosser | GK | 2025 Grad | Calgary Chinooks SC

Schlosser was aptly named GK MVP after making countless important and timely saves. She is a great shot stopper and is positionally sound as opponents bear down on her goal. Schlosser has good reflexes and makes sure that all rebounds are pushed well away from the goal.

Ava Tingstad | RB | 2025 Grad | Sherwood Park Phoenix

Tingstad is an all-around solid fullback that can impact the game in and out of possession. In possession, she looks to keep possession, but possesses the ability to break lines by dribbling as she’s got tight control and good pace. Defensively, she’s positionally sound and reads the game well to stop any threat down her side.

Raegan Toye | CB | 2026 Grad | Calgary West FC

Toye possesses all the tangible assets to be a top collegiate player, as well as a great work ethic. She has great size, athleticism, and is calm in the defensive third. She never panics on the ball and she’s comfortable finding outlet passes over different ranges. Toye is also incredibly hard to beat for opposing attackers as her positioning, size, and pace ensures she’s winning many duels.

Jenna McIntyre | CB | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills SC

McIntyre is poised and mature well beyond her years, whether she’s playing out of pressure or stopping an attack. She is so clever on the ball when finding outlet passes to break the defensive shape of the opponent. What separates her is her ability to use both feet comfortably on the ball. Out of possession, McIntyre’s IQ is fantastic as she reads the game so quickly, ensuring that she’s always able to win the ball back. This was exemplified by a goal clearing block during the event.

Samantha Reimer | CB | 2025 Grad | Calgary West FC

Reimer is an intelligent and athletic central defender that rarely comes out on the losing side of a duel. She’s got great size and speed to deal with different threats from the opponent. Reimer was also able to read the pass from the opponent, stepping up to make life difficult for the striker, or dropping off to deal with the threat in behind, consistently choosing the right alternative.

Rowan Cameron | FB | 2026 Grad | BTB Academy

Cameron is a rock-solid, defensively minded fullback who does not get beat in 1v1 situations. She possesses great size and athleticism, as well as tenacity to make life very uncomfortable for any winger that gets isolated trying to go past her. Cameron thinks as a defender first and foremost but will jump up in the play when the time is right and activates in good moments.

Kamble Paterson | CDM | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills SC

Paterson has all the assets to be a phenomenal defensive midfielder for years to come. She has phenomenal size and defensive ability, which allows her to win the ball back well for her team. What gives her a huge edge, is her vision and technical ability. She sees passes through different channels at an elite level, constantly splitting defensive lines. Her ball retention is also off the charts, as she can turn a defender inside out in the tightest of spaces.

Marlee Portas | CM | 2025 Grad | Sherwood Park Phoenix

Portas exemplifies the modern box-to-box midfielder that an elite team requires. She is so clever in and out of possession, as she always pops up in the right situation. On the ball, she has a good range of pass and is always looking to break lines by passing or dribbling. Out of possession, she reads the game well and constantly wins the ball back for her team through a tackle or an interception.

Clara Monck | CM/RB | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills SC

Monck possesses the rare ability to win a big tackle, and then connect a delicate pass that is weighted perfectly. She’s an all-action midfielder that covers every blade of grass during the match. Monck is always on the move and can break lines in multiple ways, as she can also strike a ball very well. Interestingly, she also shows huge promise as a right back with her pace, work ethic, and defensive responsibility.

Jorda James | ST | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills SC

James is a strong, fast, and direct goal threat who only has one thing on her mind: goals. She has the ability to hold off most central defenders already at her age, as her strength and speed pose great difficulty for her opponents. James was able to hold them off and roll beyond them if they were overzealous. When she gets sight of the goal, she expects to find the twine.

Julia Balchan | LW | 2025 Grad | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Balchan is a versatile attacking threat who can play across the front three. She has a knack for finishing. She is deceptively fast, which opponents found out the hard way and very quickly. In possession, she was able to get past defenders, constantly threatening in behind and winning races. Defensively, she was tuned in to make sure she made life very difficult for any fullback trying to get forward, usually turning them back, or winning the ball.

Honourable Mention

Maeve Slemko | GK | 2024 Grad | St. Albert Impact United

Kaiya Narcis | CDM | 2025 Grad | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Myah Craig | LW/LB | 2024 Grad | St. Albert Impact United

Ava Clermont | LB | 2025 Grad | Calgary West FC

Katherine Hendricks | RW | 2025 Grad | Sherwood Park Phoenix

Fabie Zumwalt | LB | 2025 Grad | Calgary Foothills SC

Sarah Harji | ST | 2025 Grad Coastal FC

Elise Halabi | LB | 2024 Grad | Sherwood Park Phoenix

Cailyn Cha-Yang | CAM | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills FC

Ava Moore | ST | 2025 Grad | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Emily Pecek | CDM | 2025 Grad | Calgary West FC

Dani Kao | RB | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills FC

Claire Catherwood | RB | 2025 Grad | Langley United SA

Abigail Bunch | ST | 2025 Grad | Fort McMurray Fury

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