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The Playbook | Edmonton Girls Summer Series 2024

The FTF Edmonton Summer Series Combine, held on July 2nd and 3rd, showcased a combination of players from across different provinces and leagues in Canada. A lot of standout performances were accoladed throughout the event, including an all-star team, honorable mentions list.

Exceptional Standouts

Clara Monck | CM | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills UWS Academy

Clara Monck’s relentless engine and versatility were evident as she sought to dictate play from the midfield. Her ability to adapt and excel in multiple positions, including right back, showcased her all-around capabilities. Monck’s desire to constantly get on the ball and control the tempo made her a vital player in the heart of the midfield.

Morgan Lea | GK | 2026 Grad | FC Viktoria

Morgan Lea impressed with her shot-stopping prowess and composure when building out from the back. Her command of the penalty area and confident distribution under pressure highlighted her as a standout goalkeeper. Lea’s performances ensured her team remained solid defensively, providing a strong foundation from the back.

Lyric Gorgichuk | FB | 2026 Grad | BTB Soccer Academy

Lyric Gorgichuk’s athleticism and comfort under pressure made her a phenomenal fullback. Her defensive solidity in 1v1 situations and ability to play out from the back contributed significantly to her team’s success. Gorgichuk’s physical attributes and technical skills combined to make her a formidable presence on the flank.

Brooklyn Schott | CDM | 2025 Grad | BTB Soccer Academy

Brooklyn Schott excelled in the defensive midfield role, showcasing an impressive passing range and game-reading ability. Her desire to pick up the ball and drive into space provided a dynamic element to her team’s play. Schott’s understanding of the game and ability to break up opposition attacks were key to her team’s midfield dominance.

Abi Hopwood | CAM | 2027 Grad | Calgary Rangers

Abi Hopwood’s technical prowess and game-changing ability were evident throughout the combine. Her knack for making impactful plays with minimal touches and delivering precise final passes marked her as a creative force in the midfield. Hopwood’s vision and execution in the attacking third made her a crucial playmaker.

Leann Soppo Mbem | LW | 2028 Grad | Warriors Soccer Club

Leann Soppo Mbem’s attacking threat was unmistakable as she consistently looked to combine and exploit spaces behind the defense. Her 1v1 skills and ability to run in behind defenders made her a constant danger. Soppo Mbem’s potential as a young attacker was highlighted by her relentless pursuit of goal-scoring opportunities.

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Maya Tait | BTB Soccer Academy | 2025 Grad
  • Abigail Bunch | Fort McMurray Fury | 2025 Grad
  • Adalyn Fairweather | St. Albert Impact | 2028 Grad
  • Raegan Toye | Calgary Blizzard | 2026 Grad
  • Genevieve Murdocco | Coquitlam Metro Ford | 2026 Grad
  • Alison Bolivar | Calgary Chinooks FC | 2025 Grad
  • Taliah Wright | BTB Soccer Academy | 2027 Grad
  • Rebecca Ulmer | Calgary Southwest United | 2026 Grad
  • Vicky Xing | Viktoria FC | 2028 Grad
  • Brook McCarron | Edmonton Warriors | 2028 Grad
  • Guneet Brar | OnevOne Futbol Dreams | 2026 Grad
  • Bree Douglas | Chestermere United | 2027 Grad
  • April Zheng | Sherwood Park Phoenix | 2028 Grad
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