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The Playbook | FTF x 3v3 Canada – Girl Warriors

The Team

They call themselves GIRL WARRIORS and have been making noise at different small-sided tournaments. A team compromised of players from different clubs, they were able to defend their championship at the 3v3 Canada Day tournament. This was the first time we were introduced to this group and we’re sure it won’t be the last we hear of them as a team and individually in the Canada Soccer world. 

Aubrey Bright | CB | Burlington Bayhawks 2011 (pictured far left)

Aubrey is a very good and steady CB. Very confident on the ball like the rest of her team. She reads the game at a very high level. Aubrey always finds herself in the right positions, either to intercept or make the challenge right on the player’s touch. Not much got by Aubrey during the tournament, she was a steady rock for her team and a massive reason they made the final. 

Angelina Rose Di Carlo | LW/LB | Vaughan SC 2011 (pictured middle left)

 Angelina was everywhere on the pitch, popping up in various positions on the left-hand side. Not scared of the ball, Angelina was able to help her team get out of tricky situations with her composure and willingness to be brave with the ball. She plays with a rare aggressiveness that puts fear in her opponents.

Elli Koromilos | CM | North Toronto 2011 (pictured middle right)

Elli is somewhat of a young phenom. She plays with such passion, toughness and has the skill set to match. Elli is very composed on the ball and can use her left foot and right foot equally which allows her to keep defenders on their toes. 1v1 there are not many that were able to stop her during the course of the tournament, very shifty and deceptive. As we see it here at FTF, Elli is destined for great things!  

Blake Shepherd | CM | Toca 2012 (pictured far right)

Blake is your classic midfield general, very steady, and is the heartbeat of the team. Blake knows when it’s time to calm down the play and when it’s time for her team to take it to their opponents. She is somewhat of a “ quarterback “ and reads the game very well to be able to cover the spaces left by her teammates. She can cover various positions on the pitch with ease. 

Honorable mention to teammates Rachel Cortese and Mariyah Opoku who were a part of last year’s championship team but couldn’t make it out this year.

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