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The Playbook | Generation Adidas Cup 2024 (Group Stage Recap) 

Ty Williams | CB |  Toronto FC Academy  U15 | 2009 Born 

Ty Williams, the U15 center-back for Toronto FC, showcased exceptional skill and leadership during the group stage of the Generation Adidas Cup, playing a pivotal role in propelling his team to advance to the knockout rounds. While his CB partner, Stefan Kapor, garners significant attention as a top-tier 2009 prospect, Williams’ contributions cannot be overlooked. His strength for the position and natural defending instincts are top notch. Despite not receiving as much spotlight, Williams proved to be just as valuable, if not more, with his stellar defensive performances and strategic play, anchoring Toronto FC’s backline with confidence and composure. 

Devon Jr Allen | FB | Toronto FC Academy  U15 | 2009 Born

Devon Jr. Allen, the full-back for Toronto FC’s U15 squad, showcased remarkable performances at the Generation Adidas Cup, solidifying his reputation as the team’s top wing defender. His standout moment came against Columbus Crew, where he seamlessly transitioned from his usual left-back position to right-back, tasked with shutting down a formidable opponent who had been dominating the game. Allen rose to the occasion, displaying exceptional defensive prowess and utilizing his impressive athleticism to nullify the threat effectively. While his defensive abilities are already notable, Allen’s potential shines even brighter with further development in the technical aspects of his game, particularly in enhancing his range of passing and contributing more in the final third. With continued growth, Allen undoubtedly stands as an excellent prospect for Toronto FC, poised to make significant strides in his career.

Ashraf Savadogo | Wingback | CF Montreal Academy U15 | 2009 Born

Ashraf Savadogo, a versatile player for CF Montreal’s U15 team, demonstrated his prowess as a full-back throughout the GA Cup but most notably in their match against Valencia, where he stood out as one of the few players unphased by the formidable Spanish club. Despite facing a top-tier opponent, Savadogo’s confidence and composure on the field were evident, reflecting his experience playing with the U15s last year and his familiarity with the level of competition. In CF Montreal’s 3-4-3 system, Savadogo utilized his creative abilities and athleticism to great effect, seamlessly transitioning between defensive duties and providing support in attack by surging up and down the wings. 

Joseph Tchouta | CB | CF Montreal Academy U15 | 2009 born 

Joseph Tchouta, the central center-back for CF Montreal’s U15 team, emerged as one of the standout performers for the club during the Generation Adidas Cup. In their 3-4-3 formation, Tchouta shoulders significant responsibility as the anchor of the defense. His role often sees him tasked with solving problems and initiating build-up play from the back, while also serving as the last line of defense for the team, especially in transition moments. Tchouta excelled in both aspects, showcasing his exceptional abilities on the ball and his adeptness at maintaining defensive solidity. His outstanding footwork for a center-back position was particularly noteworthy, allowing him to navigate tight spaces with ease and contribute to his team’s overall defensive structure. Tchouta’s performances at the tournament undoubtedly highlight his potential as a promising talent in CF Montreal’s youth ranks, with his skill set and adaptability boding well for his future development.

Tyler Brown | Forward | Vancouver Whitecaps Academy U15 | 2009 born 

Tyler Brown, the striker for Vancouver Whitecaps Academy, delivered standout performances at the Generation Adidas Cup in Florida, showcasing his relentless work ethic and undeniable talent. Brown possesses a “never quit” mentality, tirelessly working both on and off the ball to create scoring opportunities for his team out of seemingly nothing. His tenacity and determination make him a formidable presence in the attacking third, where he excels in 1v1 situations with his crafty footwork and elusive movements, often proving to be a handful for opposing defenders to contain. As Brown continues to develop within the academy setup, his potential knows no bounds, with his combination of skill, work rate, and dedication positioning him as a promising prospect for Vancouver Whitecaps’ future endeavors.

Liam Campagna | Midfielder | Whitecaps U15 | 2009 Born 

Liam Campagna, the central midfielder for Vancouver Whitecaps U15 academy, demonstrated his leadership and standout abilities at the Generation Adidas Cup, evident in his role as captain for every match. Alongside Jamil, who orchestrates the team’s playmaking (see our MLS Flex Playbook article to learn more about Jamil: https://www.ftfcanada.ca/the-playbook/the-playbook-mls-flex-fest-december-2023-phoenix-az/)  Campagna plays a pivotal role in the midfield engine room, tasked with executing the vital aspects of the game that propel Vancouver towards favorable results. While Jamil pulls the strings creatively, Campagna focuses on the subtler nuances of the game, doing the little things that often go unnoticed but contribute significantly to the team’s success. His dedication to the team’s cause and his ability to lead by example make him an invaluable asset to Vancouver Whitecaps’ U15 setup, embodying the qualities of a true midfield general as he guides his side through the challenges of elite competition.

Aleks Guboglo | Wingback | CF Montreal Academy U17 | 2007 Born

Aleks Guboglo, the fullback for CF Montreal U17, showcased his exceptional talents at the Generation Adidas Cup, leaving a trail of havoc down the right wing, his preferred position. As a member of the Haitian youth national team, Guboglo brings a wealth of experience and skill to CF Montreal’s lineup. His raw ability to beat defenders one-on-one is nothing short of impressive, consistently posing a threat to opposing defenses with his pace, dribbling, and creativity. In Montreal’s 3-4-3 formation, Guboglo seamlessly transitions into a wide midfielder role, where his contributions are invaluable both defensively and offensively. Notably, his technical ability has improved incredibly since we  last evaluated him  in December, demonstrating significant growth and development in his game. His performances at the tournament underscored his status as a top-notch talent with a bright future ahead, as he continues to excel on the field for CF Montreal U17.

Emrick Durand Fotsing  | CM | CF Montreal Academy U17 | 2007 born 

Emrick Durand Fosting, the captain of CF Montreal U17, displayed outstanding leadership and remarkable performances at the Generation Adidas Cup. Positioned in central midfield, Fosting stood out as a dominant force, often appearing as a “man amongst boys” with his commanding presence on the field. His exceptional technical ability further enhanced his impact, allowing him to dictate play and pull the strings for his team with precision. Fosting’s leadership qualities were palpable throughout the tournament, as he led by example and inspired his teammates to elevate their performances. Already garnering attention from CF Montreal’s first team, Fosting’s impressive displays suggest a promising future ahead. With continuous development, he has the potential to become the next academy signing for the organization, further solidifying his status as a rising star within the club’s ranks.

Elijah Roche | CB | Toronto FC Academy U17 | 2008 Born 

Elijah Roche, the central defender for Toronto FC, showcased his immense talent and adaptability at the Generation Adidas Cup, despite being relatively new to the Toronto FC Academy setup. Having joined the U16 team from Ottawa just this year, Roche’s rapid rise through the ranks is a testament to his exceptional abilities. Despite facing older and more experienced opponents, Roche’s performances on the field were nothing short of stellar, demonstrating composure and skill beyond his years. His ability to seamlessly integrate into the U17 team and make an impact in such a short time frame speaks volumes about his potential. As Toronto FC has a rich history of producing quality center-backs through their academy system, Roche’s emergence as a standout talent suggests that the club may have unearthed another gem in the defensive department. With his promising start, Roche looks poised to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors and make significant contributions to Toronto FC’s future success.

Ange Henock Gbe | CDM | Toronto FC Academy U17 | 2007 born 

Ange Henock Gbe, the central midfielder for Toronto FC U17, impressed spectators with his exceptional talent during the Generation Adidas Cup in Florida. Gbe’s standout performances were characterized by his remarkable ball retention skills and impressive passing range, which played a significant role in dictating the tempo of Toronto FC’s games. Despite facing tough competition, Gbe consistently showcased his ability to control the midfield and distribute the ball effectively to his teammates. As he continues to develop physically, Gbe’s potential as a prospect only grows stronger, as he already possesses a multitude of tools that make him a standout midfielder. With his exceptional talent and promising skill set, Gbe is poised to make significant strides in his career and become an integral part of Toronto FC’s future success.

Johnny Selemani | Forward | Vancouver Whitecaps U17 | 2008 Born 

Johnny Selemani, the standout forward for Whitecaps FC U17, continues to impress with his electrifying performances on the field. Despite being born in 2008, Selemani displays a maturity and creativity beyond his years, constantly seeking to create opportunities for Whitecaps going forward. While his athleticism was a key asset last year at the U15 level, Selemani has made significant strides in his technical abilities this year, evident in his improved ball control, passing, and decision-making. His development on the technical side of the game has elevated his overall performance, making him an even more formidable force in the attack. With his exceptional talent and continued growth, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Selemani make his professional debut for Whitecaps 2 in the near future, as he continues to make waves in the youth ranks with his impressive skill set and potential.

Luka Banovic | CB | Vancouver  Whitecaps U17 | 2007 Born 

Luka Banovic, the central defender for Whitecaps FC U17, showcased his defensive prowess and tactical intelligence at the recent Generation Adidas Cup. Known for his hard-nosed style of play, Bankvic impressed with his excellent positioning and ability to read the game. His knack for making crucial interceptions and thwarting opposing attacks earned him praise as a tough, no-nonsense center-back. What sets Bankvic apart is his potential for versatility, as he has shown glimpses of his ability to contribute to the attack with accurate long-range passes and intelligent distribution from the back. With continued improvement in his passing range, Bankvic has the qualities to not only excel as a high-level center-back but also potentially make the transition to a defensive midfield role at the next level. With his blend of defensive solidity, tactical acumen, and potential for growth, Luka Bankvic is poised to make a significant impact for Whitecaps FC U17 and beyond.

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