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The Playbook | Girls Fall Showdown 2023

The FTF x VSC Fall Showdown is a premier football showcase tournament nestled in the vibrant city of Vaughan, Ontario. This annual spectacle has become a hotbed for showcasing the immense talent of footballers who converge from far and wide to compete on the hallowed grounds of Vaughan. The Fall Showdown has carved a niche for itself as a breeding ground for emerging stars, attracting some of the most gifted and promising footballers in the region. With its pulsating energy and fierce competition, the tournament has become a top-end showcase for players to display their talents in front of various types of scouts. 

U19 Girls Standouts: 

DEF – Kayla Gaynor (Markham SC) 2025 Grad/2007 Born 

Kayla Gaynor is a standout player known for her athleticism and aggression on the field. Her dynamic style of play makes her a force to be reckoned with, challenging opponents with both speed and tenacity. Additionally, Gaynor’s high-level game reading skills contribute to her consistently solid performances, allowing her to anticipate plays and make crucial decisions with precision. One of her remarkable qualities is her ability to maintain excellent positioning, rarely caught out of place during matches. This combination of athleticism, aggression, strategic awareness, and positional discipline makes Kayla Gaynor a formidable presence in any game she participates in.

DEF – Evana Eyubah – (Scrosoppi FC) 2024 Grad/ 2006 Born (University of New Brunswick Commit)

Evana stands out as a player with technical prowess, utilizing her tall frame to her advantage on the field. Her composed demeanor on the ball adds a layer of stability to her playstyle, allowing her to maintain control even in high-pressure situations. Evana’s intelligence shines through in her decision-making, demonstrating an ability to make smart choices that contribute positively to the team’s performance. With a combination of technical skills, height, composure, and strategic decision-making, Evana is a well-rounded and valuable asset on the field.

MID – Azaria Fagan (AIFC) 2024 Grad/ 2006 Born

Azaria Fagan serves as the engine in the heart of the midfield for her team, driving play and dictating the tempo. Her presence in the middle of the park is indispensable, providing both defensive stability and offensive impetus. Fagan’s versatility is notable, as she possesses the potential to seamlessly transition to a center-back role at a higher level, showcasing her adaptability and understanding of the game. As a central midfielder, she orchestrates plays with precision, demonstrating a keen sense of positional awareness and effective ball distribution. Fagan’s skill set not only solidifies the team’s midfield but also hints at her potential to thrive in different roles, making her a valuable asset for any squad.

FWD – Emma Nicholson (Calgary Foothills) 2024 Grad/ 2006 Born ( University of Maine Commit)

Emma Nicholson stands out as a direct winger, showcasing exceptional skills when taking on opponents one-on-one. Her ability to navigate tight defensive situations with ease makes her a constant threat on the wing. Beyond her impressive dribbling, Nicholson possesses a great shot that adds another layer of danger to her attacking prowess. Defenders find themselves in difficult situations when facing her, as she can either create opportunities through her dribbling or deliver precise services into the 18-yard box. Nicholson’s dual threat of individual brilliance and quality delivery makes her a valuable asset, consistently causing problems for opposing defenses.

U17 Girls Standouts: 

GK – Palmer Grys (North Mississauga SC) 2025 Grad / 2007 Born

Palmer is a goalkeeper known for her prowess as a shot-stopper, showcasing a remarkable ability to make crucial saves. Her tall frame provides a strong and imposing presence in the goal, making it difficult for opponents to find the back of the net. Palmer’s agility adds another layer to her goalkeeping skills, allowing her to move quickly and make acrobatic saves when needed. In addition to her shot-stopping abilities, she is adept at playing comfortably out of the back, showcasing skills in distribution and contributing to her team’s build-up play.

DEF – Lauren Bolger (North Toronto SC) 2025 Grad / 2007 Born

Lauren is a ball-playing center-back, known for her ability to contribute to her team’s build-up play from the defensive position. Her calm demeanor under pressure is a key asset, allowing her to maintain composure and make smart decisions even in challenging situations. Lauren’s exceptional reading of the game stands out, as she anticipates opponents’ moves and positions herself strategically to intercept or make timely challenges. One of her strengths lies in preventing the opposition from turning and running at her, showcasing both defensive intelligence and proactive defending.

MID – Kayla Vitteriti – (Scrosoppi FC) 2026 Grad / 2008 Born 

Despite being an ’08 player, Kayla Viteritti demonstrates exceptional leadership by captaining an ’07 squad. Her outstanding vision on the pitch allows her to orchestrate plays, emphasizing her ability to distribute precise through balls to the front line. Viteritti’s skill set is further highlighted by her proficiency in navigating tight spaces, showcasing a technical ability to play in and out of confined areas. Confident and composed, she remains comfortable on the ball even under pressure, solidifying her role as a key playmaker for her team.

FWD- Sofia Mastriacci (Vaughan SC) 2025 Grad / 2007 Born

Sofia Mastriacci, known as “Showtime,” is undoubtedly among the top strikers in her graduating class, showcasing a natural instinct for scoring goals. Her ability to find the back of the net consistently sets her apart as a potent offensive threat. Over the weekend, Mastriacci lived up to her reputation, causing significant problems for opposing teams with her goal-scoring prowess. Whether through skillful finishes or creating goal-scoring opportunities, she proves to be a formidable force, leaving a lasting impact on the field.

U16 Girls Standouts: 

DEF – Emma Donnelly (Markham FC) – 2026 Grad/ 2008 Born

Emma stands out as an extremely technical and intelligent center-back, showcasing a high level of skill and understanding of the game. Her composure on the ball is a notable attribute, allowing her to navigate through pressure situations with ease. Emma’s ability to consistently break lines is a testament to her sublime passing skills, creating opportunities and initiating attacks from the defensive position. As a center-back, her technical proficiency and intelligence contribute not only to the defensive solidity of the team but also to its ability to build play from the back.

MID – Brianna Gianino (Lakeshore AAA) – 2026 Grad/ 2008 Born

Brianna Gianino, excels in navigating tight spaces with finesse. Her ability to maneuver through congestion showcases her skill and composure on the ball. Gianino’s proficiency extends to her final passes, where she consistently delivers with precision, contributing significantly to the team’s attacking dynamics. A notable aspect of her play is her constant scanning of the field, allowing her to be dangerous on the half-turn and make quick, informed decisions that keep the opposition on their toes.

FWD – Victoria Pimenta (Glen Shields Juventus) – 2026 Grad/ 2008 Born

Victoria Pimenta is a true goal-scoring machine on the soccer field. With an impressive combination of size, strength, and speed, she poses a nightmare for defenders attempting to thwart her attacks. Her ability to spin off the last defender is unparalleled, showcasing a skill that sets her apart from others in the game. Pimenta’s proficiency in creating goal-scoring opportunities not only makes her a formidable opponent but also a valuable asset to any team lucky enough to have her. 

FWD – Annalisa Colangelo (Vaughan SC) – 2026 Grad/ 2008 Born Born

Annalisa Colangelo is a formidable striker, characterized by her impressive combination of size and speed. Her physical attributes, marked by both strength and pace, make her a challenging force for defenders to contend with. Colangelo’s ability to retain possession is a significant asset, as her size and strength make her difficult to dispossess, providing a reliable target in the attacking third. As a big and fast striker, she possesses the qualities needed to excel in both goal-scoring and creating opportunities for her team.

U15 Girls Standouts: 

DEF – Myah Russell (North Toronto) – 2027 Grad/ 2009 Born

Myah Russell, is renowned for her strength in the tackle, consistently winning challenges and providing a robust defensive foundation for her team. Defensively sound, Russell’s positioning and awareness make her a reliable presence in thwarting opposition attacks. Beyond her technical abilities, she stands out as a true leader on the field, guiding and organizing her teammates to ensure defensive cohesion. Russell’s combination of physical prowess, defensive acumen, and leadership qualities makes her an invaluable asset in the heart of the team’s backline.

DEF – Nicay Ishmael (UMSC) -2027 Grad/ 2009 Born

Nicay Ishmael, as a left fullback, is known for her impressive speed, allowing her to cover the flank effectively in both defensive and offensive situations. Her proficiency on the ball is a standout attribute, showcasing excellent ball control and dribbling skills that contribute to her team’s build-up play. Ishmael’s game is not only defined by her physical attributes but also by her tactical and technical acumen, making her a well-rounded player. Whether defending or joining the attack, Ishmael’s combination of speed, ball skills, and tactical awareness makes her a valuable asset in the left fullback position.

MID – Sydney Glean (North Toronto) -2027 Grad/ 2009 Born

Sydney Glean, excels in breaking lines, showcasing her ability to disrupt the opposition’s play and create openings for her team. Her skill in breaking up plays is a key aspect of her defensive contribution, providing a solid shield in front of the backline. Glean’s effectiveness extends beyond interceptions, as she also displays a tenacity for collecting second balls, ensuring her team maintains possession and control in critical areas of the pitch. In essence, Glean serves as a crucial link between defense and attack, making her an impactful presence in the central defensive midfield role.

FWD – Alyssa McLeod (UMSC) – 2027 Grad/ 2009 Born

Alyssa McLeod possesses a remarkably high football IQ, showcasing an advanced understanding of the game’s nuances. Her exceptional pace on the field makes her a formidable force, causing numerous challenges for opposing defenses. When McLeod accelerates and runs at the back four, she not only exhibits speed but also a strategic approach that creates significant problems for her adversaries. Her combination of intelligence and pace contributes to her effectiveness in breaking down defenses and making a meaningful impact during matches.

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