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The Playbook | Girls Ottawa Winter Combine 2024

The Ottawa Combine emerged as a thrilling and action-packed spectacle, serving as a dynamic platform for an array of exceptional talents. This event, teeming with energy and skill, brought together individuals from all across Canada to display if they have what it takes to play soccer at the university/ college level.

GK – Charlotte Murray-Martin | West Ottawa Soccer | 2026 Grad 

Charlotte Murray-Martin, the goalkeeper, stands out as an elite shot-stopper, consistently making crucial saves that serve as a foundation for her team’s defensive stability. Beyond her remarkable skills between the posts, Murray-Martin assumes a leadership role, guiding and organizing her defensive unit with authority. Her combination of shot-stopping prowess and leadership qualities makes her an invaluable presence, instilling confidence and resilience in her team.

CB – Fiona Cortes-Browne | Ottawa South United | 2027 Grad 

Fiona Cortes-Browne, the center back, distinguishes herself with an elite passing range, showcasing the ability to initiate and build plays from the heart of the defense. Her precision and vision in distributing the ball contribute significantly to her team’s possession-oriented style of play. Additionally, Cortes-Browne’s defensive prowess shines in one-on-one situations, where her skill and composure make her a formidable force, thwarting opponents and providing a solid foundation for her team’s backline.

LB – Dounia Elabdi | Futuro academy/ Louis-Riel Academy | 2024 Grad

Dounia Elabdi, the fullback, showcased remarkable versatility by tirelessly navigating up and down the touchline, providing a constant attacking threat while also being a defensive stalwart for her team. Her ability to contribute offensively by supporting attacks was complemented by her unwavering reliability as a rock in defense, demonstrating crucial defensive skills and preventing opposing advances. Elabdi’s dual role as an attacking force and defensive anchor highlighted her integral role in maintaining balance and solidity for her team throughout the matches. 

CAM – Molly Hale | St Anthony’s Futuro | 2026 Grad 

Molly Hale, the attacking midfielder, asserted her dominance on the field by seamlessly running the show, exhibiting prowess in both scoring goals and orchestrating plays for her teammates. Her versatility and offensive acumen allowed her to serve as a focal point, contributing not only with precise finishes but also delivering key assists to elevate the team’s overall performance. 

ST – Tahlia Aird | Ottawa TFC | 2027 Grad 

Tahlia Aird, a dynamic striker, stands out for her exceptional speed that puts defenders on the back foot and creates numerous goal-scoring opportunities. Her distinctive style revolves around a selfless approach, as Aird consistently looks to combine with teammates, emphasizing teamwork and involvement in the offensive build-up. Aird’s commitment to getting her teammates involved not only showcases her unselfish play but also enhances the overall cohesion and effectiveness of the team’s attacking strategies.

FWD – Mia Cleroux | Ottawa TFC | 2025 Grad 

Mia Cleroux, a prolific striker, is renowned for her innate knack for finding the back of the net, and consistently delivering goals for her team. Adding to her goal-scoring prowess, Cleroux utilizes her big, tall frame adeptly, employing physicality to her advantage and outmaneuvering defenders in crucial moments. Her ability to use her body effectively contributes not only to her scoring record but also to her overall impact as a dynamic force in the attacking third.

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