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The Playbook | Girls Top-60 2023

Jo Mazier | GK | 2024 Grad | Erin Mills SCMazier demonstrated her fantastic positional sense and shot-stopping throughout Top 60. She reads the game very well and makes sure she’s always in a position for the right defensive action. Mazier made numerous fantastic saves, leading to being named Goalkeeper MVP of Top 60.

Jenna McIntyre | CB | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills SC

McIntyre is a highly cerebral centre half who excels in winning 1v1 defensive duels. She reads the game so well and always slows down the attack of the opposition. McIntyre reads the game impeccably well and times her tackles to perfection. In possession, she possesses a calmness well beyond her years.

Morgan Barry | CB | 2024 Grad | Saskatchewan REX

Barry is a physically dominant centre back that refuses to let an attacker get the best of her. She dominates her duels both aerially and terrestrially through her strength, timing, and desire. Barry is also positionally sound and is always in the right spot both in and out of possession. She was deservedly named Top 60’s Defensive MVP after her performance.

Samantha Reimer | CB | 2025 Grad | Calgary West FC

Reimer has all the tangible assets needed for a top centre back, as well as a high IQ. She has the physical capabilities to win any duel but doesn’t rely on it. Instead, Reimer uses her intelligence to step in and win possession back through interceptions or disrupting the attack of the opponent at the very least.

Victoria Perron | LW | 2023/2024 Grad | CS St-Hubert

Perron is a dynamic winger who times her movement to perfection to receive the ball. Her primary objective is to threaten the opposition in behind and create a chance for herself or find a cross to a teammate. Perron demonstrated her natural gaol threat abilities throughout the event scoring 4 goals and providing 2 assists. She was subsequently named Top 60’s Midfielder MVP.

Kamble Paterson | CDM | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills SC

Paterson is a midfield technician who controls the speed and pace of the match for her team. She plays with a maturity and responsibility well beyond her years as a defensive midfielder. Paterson’s ability in possession is phenomenal, choosing the right time to break lines, find outlets, or retain possession.

Maya Corbett | CAM | 2024 Grad | Rush Canada

Corbett is a silky, creative central midfielder who can take over a match on her own. The Overall MVP was dominate from jump, quarterbacking the attack for her team. Corbett glides past defenders in possession as she chooses the right time to beat someone 1v1 or pass around them to find space on the opposite side. She recorded a staggering 6 assists and 2 goals in 4 games, including the assist and game winning goal in the 2-1 final win.

Victoria Cronkhite | CAM | 2025 Grad | Vancouver Island Wave

Cronkhite is a left-footed, physical, and technical attacking midfielder that is constantly looking to threaten goal. She works tirelessly on both sides of the ball, constantly pressing to win the ball back for her team, regardless of who loses possession. Cronkhite’s technical ability allow her to constantly look to spray the ball in behind the opposition or strike from distance.

Cara Therrien | ST/LW | 2024 Grad | North Toronto Nitros

Therrien is a major threat in front of goal whom defenders should not allow a sight of goal. She is a versatile footballer as demonstrated by her having a positive impact for her side while playing up front, out wide and even at wingback. In the 18-yard box, Therrien is so dangerous as her movement is so sharp and she has a great eye for goal, demonstrated by her 4 goals at Top 60.

Jahkaya Davis | ST | 2024 Grad | Scrosoppi FC

Davis is the complete package for a striker as she’s strong, rapid, technical, and a very efficient finisher. Her movement is clever, and she always keeps defenders guessing as to what she’ll do next. Davis has everything needed to play at the next level as she dominated defenders during Top 60, scoring 6 goals and supplying 2 assists. Subsequently, she was named Attacking MVP after her sensational performance at Top 60.

Sofia Mastracci | ST | 2025 Grad | Vaughan SC

Mastracci possesses the most sought-after trait for a striker, natural goal scoring ability. She can create a chance for herself out of nothing, whether that’s finding space in a crowded 18-yard box, or if it’s twisting and turning defenders about to get a shot off. Mastracci is incredibly agile and can stroke the ball with both feet. She excelled at Top 60 scoring 2 goals and providing 2 assists.

Honourable Mention

Carys Fraser | CM | 2025 Grad | Burnaby FC

Kayla Gaynor | RB | 2025 Grad | Markham City FC

Clara Monck | CM | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills SC

Isabelle Dorion | CDM | 2025 Grad | CS Dieppe

Jaida Manderson | FB | 2025 Grad | Markham City FC

Andrea Lazar | CAM | 2025 Grad | Cambridge United

Reagan Toye | CB | 2026 Grad | BTB Academy

Alyssa Stephenson | RW | 2024 Grad | Rush Canada

Anna Swyers | FB | 2024 Grad | Ottawa South Sound

Marlee Portas | CDM | 2025 Grad | Sherwood Park Phoenix

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