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The Playbook | Girls U15 Nationals All-Star Team


In a thrilling recap of the 2023 Canada Soccer Toyota Nationals, our FTF Canada All-Star Team selections shine as beacons of excellence on the pitch. The article delves into the standout performances that defined this prestigious event, showcasing the skill, determination, and teamwork that earned our selected players their well-deserved spots among the nation’s soccer elite.

#1 | GK | Zoe Dinel | CS Longueil

Zoe Dinel demonstrates exceptional leadership on the field, orchestrating the defense with precision and confidence. As the commander of her 18-yard box, she organizes the defensive line, instilling a sense of cohesion that fortifies the team’s resilience. Her remarkable shot-stopping abilities serve as a testament to both her skill and unwavering commitment to securing the goal

#7 | CB |  Sara-Eve Gaucher |  CS Longueil – Gaucher is an imposing presence on the field, characterized by their size, strength, and athleticism. As a center-back, they not only excel in traditional defensive duties but also stand out as a very capable ball-playing center-back. Their ability to distribute the ball effectively and contribute to the team’s build-up play sets them apart as a versatile and valuable asset in both defensive and offensive aspects of the game.

#18 | CB | Ciana Robillard | Supernova FC

Ciana is a formidable presence on the field, often described as “big” and challenging to bypass. Her physicality and defensive prowess make her a tough opponent for any attacker. While she may not be considered highly technical, her ability to disrupt opposing players and maintain a strong defensive line is a key asset to her team.

#3 | CDM | Betina Cavalheiro Ishii | BTB Academy

Betina is a crafty central midfielder who looks to pick up the ball in deep areas for BTB and drives their tempo. She constantly looks to occupy space in between the lines of the opponents to break lines and the press of the other team. On the ball, Cavalheiro plays simple and keeps the rhythm for her team. She knows when to slow play down and when to speed it up, trying to unlock the defense and allow her attacking teammates to thrive. Out of possession, she is positionally sound and looks to screen passes and stop the tempo of her opponents.

BC | #7  | Kaya Sather | CM | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Sather is a tall and dominant central midfielder who is strong both in and out of possession. In possession she drives her side forward by breaking lines through dribbling on finding positive outlet passes. Out of possession her positional awareness is phenomenal and constantly breaks up the play of the opponent through screening and/or intercepting passes, or winning tackles. Sather is also a massive threat around the box while being able to shoot from distance and get her head on the end of crosses from corners or open play.

QC | #6 | CM |  Malorie Tremblay | CS Longueil

Tremblay is a true rock in the midfield, known for their relentless work rate. They exhibit an unwavering commitment to winning the ball back and maintaining control of the game. Their exceptional skill at breaking through opponent lines, whether through precise passes or determined dribbling, adds a dynamic dimension to their team’s midfield play.

ON | #7 | CM | Keira Tichbon |  Supernova FC

Tichbon’s composure on the ball is commendable, as they exhibit a tidy style of play. Keira prefers to play forward, actively looking for opportunities to advance the team’s attacks. Her ability to combine effectively with teammates showcases their football intelligence. Moreover, they are not afraid to get stuck into challenges, displaying a well-rounded skill set that includes both offensive and defensive contributions.

QC | #10 | LW | Olivia Surprenant | CS Longueil

Surprenant possesses a rapid pace, enabling them to excel when running at opponents in one-on-one situations. Their ability to navigate tight spaces and exploit small pockets of space is truly impressive. This combination of speed and close control makes them a formidable attacking threat, as they can bypass defenders and create scoring opportunities with ease.

BC | #8 | Lacey Kindel | RW | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Kindel is an extremely bright 2009-born attacking prospect who uses both her athleticism and intelligence to create offensive output for her team. She can beat players with her skill and speed in 1v1 situations using either feet to create a shot or cross. Conversely, Kindel also looks to find space inside to drag fullbacks and defenders into uncomfortable areas. This helps create numerous overload situations on her side which she looks to take full advantage of. Consequently, her creativity in the final third is a massive threat to any opposing goalkeeper as a shot will typically be coming their way.

BC | #11 | Camryn Strain | ST | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Strain, the dynamic striker for Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC, is a unique attacking prospect who will be one to watch in the 2008-born class. Although she’s not the biggest striker, her hold-up play is excellent as she consistently links play with her midfield, while also picking the right times to roll central defenders if they choose to get too tight. Strain is dynamic in 1v1 situations, using her speed and her ability to use both feet in chance creation. All she needs is half a yard to get a shot off, while her movement in and around the box creates space when looking to score.

BTB | #7 | ST | Neila Burgess-Murray | BTB Academy

Burgess-Murray is a big, athletic striker who is dangerous with the ball at her feet and running into space behind the defensive line. She is strong enough to hold off defenders during build-up play and link up with her teammates. Neila also looks to exploit the space in behind, keeping defenders honest with her speed as she’ll drive the line back, receiving the ball or creating more space for her teammates. Finally, she’s instinctive around the 18-yard box and doesn’t need a second invitation to shoot. Neila is always looking for half a yard to get her shot off and constantly hits the target.

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