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The Playbook | Halifax Boys Combine 2023

Cameron Greenlaw – GK MVP –  (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from UDFC) is a great shot-stopper. He was composed when building out of the back. Cameron showed great ability to command his area and stay connected with his back 4 by constantly barking commands at them.

Xavier Manning (CB/FB) – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from Suburban FC) is strong in the tackle and excellent in the air. He reads the game at a high level and is rarely ever caught out of position. A tactically sound defender.

Jack Turpin (CB/FB) – Defensive MVP – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from Paradise Soccer Club) is composed in possession. He showed great ability to break lines and made it look very easy to get his teammates into the game. Jack is comfortable with his back to goal and never looked vulnerable when isolated in 1v1 positions.

Quentin Currie (CB/CDM) – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from Ottawa Impact FC) uses his size well. He is strong in the air and also very good at managing the game in front of him. A technically clean player that shows great passing range. 

Tapi Chipudhla (LB/CB) – (2007 Born / 2025 Grad from Suburban FC) is athletically gifted and was up and down the touchline all Combine. He is very strong defensively and also showed great ability to stay connected to his back 4. 

Lachlan Sylvester (CDM/CM) – Midfielder MVP – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from Suburban FC) showed superb passing range. He is an engine in the middle of the park and never caught out of position. Lachlan made it look easy to play out when getting pressed by opponents. 

John Kandinda (CDM/RB) – Overall MVP – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from Codiac SC)

is technically savvy. John is very composed on the ball and showed elite passing range. His movement to drop in and receive the ball was timed perfectly. John dictated every match he played in this weekend and he showed the ability to make great 3rd man runs in behind to keep opposing defenders honest. 

Xander Devine (CAM/CDM)  – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from Farias Soccer Academy) is excellent in small pockets of space and has great ability of understanding when to play on 1 or 2 touch. A box to box midfielder with an engine and tenacity to close down opposition midfielders.

Bobby Burchell – (WGR) – (2007 Born / 2025 Grad from Halifax Dunbrack SC) is a very direct winger that shows real threat in behind. He excels in taking players on 1v1 with good size and pace.

Ayouba Kamara – (ST/LW/RW) – Attacking MVP – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from Codiac FC) is an athletic forward with a strong frame. He showed great moments of holding the ball up and allowing his team to progress up the pitch. His blistering pace poses him as a massive threat in behind. Ayouba showed that he has the potential to score goals at a high rate. 

Aws Alsarafandi – (CAM/LW) – (2007 Born / 2025 Grad from Halifax United County) is an engine. Aws’ heat map was all over the pitch in the 4 matches this weekend. Playing on both sides of the ball, we saw him slot in at numerous different positions. A utility man at its finest. Aws was also very composed in front of goal picking himself up a brace in his 3rd match. 

Honorable Mentions

Jose III Olaco  (CM/WGR) – (2007 Born / 2025 Grad from United DFC)

Brady Leach – (CM/CAM) – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from Codiac SC)

Chernet Armstrong-Douglas – (CB/RB) – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from London Whitecaps OPDL)

Isaiah Posner – (CB) – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from Alliance United L1R)

Drew Chisholm – (CAM/ST) – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from United DFC)

Logan Gervais – (CAM/LW) – (2005 Born / 2023 Grad from Suburban FC)

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