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The Playbook | Halifax Girls Combine 2023

Olivia Harrison – GK MVP – Olivia (2007 Born / 2025 Grad from UDFC) is an excellent shot-stopper and brave in and around her box. Olivia won the Overall MVP award of our inaugural Halifax Girls Combine in 2022, and continued her fine form throughout this event. Her starlight moment at the combine was when she deflected a shot at full stretch off the post.

Kate Scholz (CB/FB) – Defensive MVP – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from Halifax Dunbrack) is a technical CB with grit, athleticism and short passing ability. Kate doesn’t back down from a challenge and went toe to toe with any opposing attacker. With limited offers, Kate might be one of the best undiscovered and uncommitted CBs in the 2024 grad class in Canada, as she would do well as an addition to any U SPORTS / most NCAA sides.

Braelyn Odell  (CB/FB) – (2007 Born / 2025 Grad from Halifax Dunbrack) is an athletic CB that reads the game well. Braelyn excels in her speed of play, keeping the ball ticking and breaking lines through her passing range. Braelyn’s quick scans to check her shoulder and determine pressure situations ultimately allowed her to make better decisions on the ball.

Addison Langley (CB/FB) – (2007 Born / 2025 Grad from PEI FC) standing at 5’10 Langley understands how to use her body well in defensive situations. She locked up forwards on numerous occasions throughout the combine, attributing to her excellent positioning. Addison’s passing ability was dynamic as she broke lines through short passing and long balls over top of the opposing back line.

Bridget Mutipula (CB/FB) – (2008 Born / 2026 Grad from Halifax Dunbrack) – is a tenacious and outstanding 1v1 defender that is not afraid to use her strength or to get stuck in on a challenge. Only participating in one day of the Combine, Bridget was still in contention to win Defensive MVP. Bridget is a talented young player with a high ceiling and very bright future. 

Emma Matheson (CM/CAM) – Midfielder MVP – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from PEI FC) is a tempo dictator. Intelligence goes without saying, but what differentiates Emma is her ability to slow down play when required or speed up the rate of attack with the ball at her feet. Her composure and clean footwork often deterred opposition defenders to press her. 

Isabelle Doiron (CDM/CM) – Overall MVP – (2007 Born / 2025 Grad from CS Dieppe) is a natural born leader. Her communication is off the charts. She possesses a lot of the qualities you’d want in a 6/8. A high work rate, technical player that can glide past defenders and slip passes through for her forwards. Isabelle is not afraid to shoot from distance as she has the strength, technique and ability to do so.

Josemichikoayo Olaco (CAM/CM) – Young Player MVP – (2009 Born / 2027 Grad from Suburban FC) was arguably the most intelligent player on the pitch throughout the two days. Her skill and composure on the ball in tight spaces is advanced far beyond her years. When players would normally take two touches to play, Josemichikoayo could execute in one. Her work rate on and off the ball is fantastic especially when closing down opposition midfielders. Josemichikoayo will be one to watch in the coming years. 

Reegan Wagg – (WGR) – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from Halifax County United) is a fast, dynamic forward that loves to take on defenders. Her exceptional speed and quickness allows her to breakaway from backlines and retrieve second balls. Reegan was in high contention for Attacking MVP of the combine, especially after her first game finishing one and lobbing the ball off the crossbar for a near brace. 

Lalou Dilhac – (ST) – Attacking MVP – (2007 Born / 2025 Grad from CS Dieppe) is a versatile threat going forward. Her versatility is shown in taking players on 1v1 in the attacking third to provide for her teammates and slotting in as a false 9 to assist with the build up. Lalou is a quick and tenacious attacker that is not afraid to hunt down balls and mix it up with defenders. 

Jamielynn Provo – (ST) – (2006 Born / 2024 Grad from Suburban FC) uses her strength, size and burst of speed to create chances for herself in and around the box. However, that’s not the most exciting aspect of this highly sought after prospect. Over the course of the one day / two combine games she played in, there were spectacular moments of exceptional movement and perfectly timed runs behind the backline. 

Honourable Mentions List

Audrey Roy (WGR/CAM – 2024 Grad)

Norah Quinn (CB/FB – 2024 Grad)

Aine O’Neil (WGR – 2024 Grad)

Olivia Gillis (FB – 2024 Grad)

Kiersten Samson (WGR) – 2024 Grad)

Julie Sampson (ST – 2025 Grad)

Madison Fortin (CDM/CM/CAM – 2024 Grad)

Leah Coakley (CAM/CM/CDM – 2025 Grad

Audrée LeBlanc – (FB/CB – 2025 Grad)

Abby Patten – (CAM/CDM – 2025 Grad)

Janelle Gallant (GK – 2024 Grad)

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