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The Playbook | MLS Next Academy Rankings 2007 Born

(Post MLS Flex Maryland 2024) 

The MLS Flex 2024 event showcased the brightest young talents from across the Canadian MLS Next Academies, providing a platform for players to demonstrate their skills and potential against top-tier competition. After meticulously evaluating their performances, we have compiled our Top 10 Canadian MLS Next Academy Player Rankings. These rankings reflect not only individual excellence but also the players’ ability to influence the game, adapt to high-pressure situations, and exhibit tactical intelligence. Our selections highlight the emerging stars poised to make significant impacts in the future of Canadian soccer, representing a promising new generation of athletes ready to ascend to the professional ranks.


  1. Nathaniel Abraham – Toronto FC (GK) 
  2. Sebastian Joseph – CF Montreal (MID/ FWD) 
  3. Quentin Christey – Toronto FC (MID) 
  4. Liam Mackenzie – Whitecaps FC (MID) 
  5. Emrick Fosting – CF Montreal (MID) 
  6. Pablo Patrick Galves – Toronto FC (CB) 
  7. Rayanne Eloumi – Whitecaps FC (FWD) 
  8. Ange Gbe Henock – Toronto FC (MID) 
  9. Aleks Goboglo – CF Montreal (FB) 
  10. Joses Chukwu – Toronto FC (ST) 

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