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The Playbook | Montreal Bundesliga Youth ID Camp

Over the weekend of October 7th and 8th, the vibrant city of Montreal, Quebec, played host to a groundbreaking event courtesy of First Touch Football. In collaboration with esteemed German scouts on the lookout for budding talent destined for the Bundesliga, our event provided a stage for aspiring players to showcase their skills. The pitches echoed with the sound of enthusiasm as numerous individuals demonstrated exceptional prowess. This article will delve into the standout performances that caught the discerning eyes of the scouting contingent, shedding light on the promising players who left an indelible mark on the field.

Older Group: 2005 & 2006 born players 

Nathan Chatenet/ 2006 Born/ AS Blainvile 

Nathan Chatenet, the dynamic winger hailing from AS Blainville, emerged as a standout player during the event with his electrifying ability to take on defenders one-on-one and showcase impeccable technical prowess. German scouts keenly observed his exceptional talent, noting that he should undoubtedly be on the radar of numerous Canadian Premier League (CPL) teams. Not only did he dazzle with his on-ball skills, but Nathan also left a mark in the speed department, clocking the fastest 30-meter sprint time among the older players, further solidifying his status as a player of immense promise.

Jamal Mensah/ 2006 Born/ St.Laurent 

Jamal Mensah, the formidable forward representing St. Laurent, left an indelible mark at the event with his impressive physical attributes and a knack for making astute decisions in the final third. German scouts took note of his talent, emphasizing that even if an opportunity in Germany doesn’t materialize, he should unquestionably be on the radar of several Canadian Premier League (CPL) teams. At First Touch Football, we’re no strangers to Jamal’s prowess, having witnessed his promising future unfold in the beautiful game through various events.

Jedn’ K. Saint-Phard/ 2005 born/ St.Hubert

Jedn’ K. Saint-Phard, the commanding center-back from St. Hubert and formerly CF Montreal, made a lasting impression with his physically assertive defending and the ability to execute line-breaking passes. German scouts took note of his exceptional talent, acknowledging the challenge of finding opportunities with just one more year in youth football. Despite an unfortunate injury preventing him from the 30-meter sprint, Jed’n’s athleticism remained evident, positioning him as a standout prospect for any NCAA program, given his imposing frame and versatile skill set.

Marvens Pacius/ 2005 born/ Saint-Leonard U18 

Despite participating only on Day 1, Marvens Pacius, brother of CPL standout goal-scorer Wooben Pacius, showcased a formidable prowess in front of goal, hinting that scoring excellence runs in the family’s bloodline. As the FTF Summer Series Combine MVP and an invitee to our 3rd Annual Top-60 Camp, Marvens is on a promising trajectory. With keen interest both in Europe and the United States, the next few months hold the exciting prospect of witnessing whether he secures an opportunity abroad or makes a move stateside.

Younger Group: 2009-2007 born players

Ryan Spaans/ 2007 born/ Ottawa South United & Atletico Ottawa PLSQ

Ryan Spaans, the towering 6ft6 goalkeeper from Ottawa, Ontario, exhibited exceptional skills across both days of our Bundesliga ID event. Boasting remarkable mobility for his size and an impressive shot-stopping ability, Spaans has already garnered experience playing in the PLSQ with Atlético Ottawa. Bundesliga scouts are now expressing keen interest in working with him in the future, and it seems we might witness him embarking on trials overseas with a few clubs very soon.

Josue Zafoe/  2007 born/ AS Laval 

Josue Zafoe, the younger brother of the standout 2006-born William Zafoe, who graced our Top-60 event this summer, displays promising potential. Josue played excellently in the event, showcasing fearlessness in receiving the ball and consistently giving 100 percent, traits that bode well for his future in the world of football.

Karim Hamdi/ 2007 born / CS Longueuil 

Karim Hamdi, though participating only on Day 2, left an indelible mark, showcasing his quality and validating Longueuil’s decision to call him up for PLSQ games this year. The discerning eyes of German scouts keenly noted Karim’s talent, sparking intrigue about the possibility of him earning trials in Europe in the near future.

Lukas Ferdinand/ 2007 born / Lakeshore SC 

Lukas Ferdinand, the 2007-born center-back, showcased exceptional defensive instincts that reverberated across both days of the event. His impeccable timing in tackles and unyielding defensive prowess left an enduring impression on Bundesliga scouts, who expressed excitement about the prospect of working with him for potential trial opportunities over the next few months. Ferdinand’s consistent ability to thwart opponents without being bested underscored his promising future. 

Zakarya Boukherroub/ 2007 born / FC Laval 

Zakarya Boukherroub, the dynamic midfielder from FC Laval, stood out with his proactive approach, constantly pressing and showcasing a fantastic passing range. His enthusiasm and skills make for an exciting prospect, and as he continues to develop, it becomes intriguing to speculate where Zakarya might find himself. His profile, embodying both aggression and finesse, aligns seamlessly with what professional clubs seek in their academies, adding an extra layer of anticipation to his footballing journey.

Noah Ag Ibrahim/ 2007 born/ CS MRO 

Noah Ag Ibrahim, a versatile force in the recent event, demonstrated his adaptability by seamlessly transitioning between positions—CM, CDM, full back, and even CB. Standing at 5ft11, his on-field decisions showcased a footballing intelligence beyond his years, consistently proving himself as a big-game player. However, what truly set Noah apart was his remarkable feat in the fastest 30-meter sprint time, clocking in at an impressive 3.9 seconds. This standout performance caught the attention of Bundesliga scouts, who are eager to collaborate with him, paving the way for potential trial opportunities abroad. Noah’s multifaceted skills and blistering pace position him as a player with immense promise on the professional stage.

Tedrick Neptune/ 2008 born/ Ottawa Impact 

Tedrick Neptune, one of the youngest players at the event, exhibited a fearless approach in attacking situations, showcasing maturity beyond his age. Hailing from Ottawa, this forward’s performances were a treat to watch, as he navigated the field with confidence and flair. Despite his youth, Tedrick displayed a natural instinct for goal-scoring opportunities, hinting at a promising future in professional football with continued development. As one of the youngest talents on display, his fearlessness and skill set indicate that we can expect to witness Tedrick’s progression in the world of football over the next few years.

Daryl Gangoue Zepang/ 2007 born/ AS Brossard 

Daryl Gangoue Zepang, the 2007-born center-back from AS Brossard, stood out as the most physically impressive prospect in the younger age group at the event. His defensive prowess was evident, showcasing an impressive ability to thwart opponents. With continued refinement in decision-making, Daryl promises a bright future in football. The AS Brossard player’s remarkable physicality and defensive skills have likely caught the eye of scouts, making him a strong candidate for numerous trial opportunities in Germany in the coming months. Daryl’s presence on the field hints at a prospect poised for exciting developments in his football journey.

Jessy Bichler/ 2007 born / Royal Select Beauport 

Jessy Bichler, showcasing his incredible technical ability while playing for Royal Select Beauport, exhibited versatility across various positions during the event—CDM, CB, and RB. The German scouts were quick to notice his quality on the field, expressing the hope that Jessy continues to develop as an athlete. With such recognition, there’s potential for exciting trial opportunities in his future, underscoring the importance of  technical prowess and the player he could become.  

Stay tuned to our social media channels to see some of these players and others make the trip overseas for trials in the coming months!

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