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The Playbook | NDC Competition 2023 – JR Division

The 2nd Annual NDC competition in Mississauga was an electrifying and dynamic event that brought together participants from across the nation, creating a thrilling atmosphere for both competitors and spectators. The event brought almost all of the top female talent in Canada for a week-long event highlighting the diversity and skill present in the competition.

Junior Division: 

DEF – Rose Proteau / 2007 Born / CF MTL

Rose Proteau of CF Montreal stands out as a highly intelligent defender with a remarkable understanding of tempo. Her skill set includes the ability to draw strikers in and break lines through exceptional dribbling capabilities, showcasing a dynamic and confident style of play. As a high IQ player, Proteau not only excels technically but also possesses exceptional passing abilities, contributing to her effectiveness in building plays from the defensive position.

MID – Isabella Lanzillotta / 2028 Grad / NDC Ontario 

Isabella Lanzillotta, is a commanding presence as a midfielder, acting as a boss in the middle of the park. Despite being undersized, she embodies a warrior spirit, consistently demonstrating tenacity and resilience on the field. Lanzillotta’s remarkable composure, well beyond her years, sets her apart as she navigates the challenges of the game with a calm and collected demeanor. With an engine that drives the team forward, she plays a pivotal role as a dynamic force in the middle of the park.

MID – ​​Zhara Bains / 2026 Grad / Whitecaps FC

Zhara Bains, graduating in 2026 from Whitecaps FC, possesses a notable physical presence despite her age, making her a formidable force in the midfield. Recognized for her ability to keep the ball ticking, Bains contributes to the team’s rhythm and control in the middle of the park. Impressively, she showcases skill in turning and playing out of tight spaces, highlighting her technical finesse and composure on the ball.

FWD-  Madden Asante / 2027 Grad / Canada SelectMadden Asante, a 2027 graduate from Canada Select, poses a constant nuisance to opposing defenses with her exceptional athleticism. Her ability to hold up the ball effectively adds a valuable dimension to the team’s attacking play, allowing for strategic buildup. Asante’s proficiency is further evident in her well-timed and strategic runs in behind the opposition, exploiting good angles to create goal-scoring opportunities. Overall, she stands out as a dynamic threat, combining physical prowess with tactical acumen to make a significant impact in the forward position.

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