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The Playbook | NDC Competition 2023 – SR Division

The 2nd Annual NDC competition in Mississauga was an electrifying and dynamic event that brought together participants from across the nation, creating a thrilling atmosphere for both competitors and spectators. The event brought almost all of the top female talent in Canada for a week-long event highlighting the diversity and skill present in the competition. 

Senior Division:

GK – Khadijah Cisse / 2008 Born / CF Montreal

Khadijah Cisse, born in 2008, is a goalkeeper for CF Montreal known for her imposing physical presence with a big frame. Renowned for her elite shot-stopping ability, Cisse excels in commanding her 18-yard box, showcasing a strong and authoritative presence on the field. Cisse was lights out all week, keeping her side in every match they played in. 

DEF – Reese Kay / 2026 Grad / NDC Ontario

Reese Kay, set to graduate in 2026 from NDC Ontario, is a skilled defender known for being comfortable in possession. With a keen understanding of the game, Kay demonstrates a high-level ability to read plays effectively. Additionally, her repertoire includes a commendable passing range, contributing to her overall proficiency in the defensive role.

FWD – Kaylee Hunter / 2026 Grad / Whitecaps FC

Kaylee Hunter, a 2026 Grad from Whitecaps FC, is a dynamic winger known for causing significant problems for opposing defenses when running at the back four. Her ability to impact the match with a single action highlights her prowess and game-changing potential. Additionally, Hunter demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of when to play with one or two touches, showcasing her tactical intelligence on the field.

CAM – Ava Batiuk / 2025 Grad / Canada Select 

Ava Batiuk, from Canada Select operates as a creative attacking midfielder with a penchant for breaking lines. Displaying a distinctive style, she excels at driving at the back line, showcasing her ability to penetrate defenses with direct and incisive play. Batiuk’s comfort in picking up the ball in the half-space adds an extra dimension to her attacking prowess, making her a versatile and impactful presence on the field.

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