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The Playbook | November Edition – Girls Top 10 Teams

Who’s the best team in the entire country? This question is quite frequently asked in Canada and truthfully no one will ever have the exact answer as there is no Canadian National competition that involves all teams. 

Here at The Playbook however we will try to ‘put the pieces together’ and provide a “monthly insight” into who we think are the best U17 (2006 Teams) across the country.

Enjoy the read below as this is our 8th Edition (November Recap) of who we think are the best teams despite province, competition, or league. 

  1. NDC – Whitecaps

NDC-Whitecaps continue to dominate our Top-10 Team rankings, firmly securing the #1 spot with their September triumph in the League 1 Canada Inter-Provincial Championship. Their stellar performance on the field and cohesive teamwork have propelled them to the pinnacle of our list. The anticipation builds as we look ahead to the upcoming clash against their National Development Centre counterparts at the NDC Cup in Mississauga,Ontario; promising an exciting face-off that could further solidify their standing as the top team in the country or see them drop. 

  1. NDC – Quebec (CF Montreal Girls Academy)

Maintaining their position at #2 in our latest update is CF Montreal Girls Academy. Despite not participating in any games this month, their noteworthy achievement was reaching the final of the Inter-Provincials in September , where they faced a formidable challenge against Whitecaps-NDC. Although the final result didn’t swing in their favour, CF Montreal showcases resilience and determination. Looking ahead, excitement brews as we are excited to see how they look  in the upcoming NDC Cup in December. As we navigate the evolving landscape of NDC groups, all eyes will be on CF Montreal as they aim to make a significant impact on the competition.

  1. NDC – Ontario (Next-Gen) 

Securing the 3rd position in our current update is NDC-Ontario. A consistent contender, NDC Ontario has previously held the 1st or 2nd spot in the last (4) Top-10 recaps. However, due to their absence in the League One Canada Inter-Provincials, they’ve temporarily slipped to #3. While this ranking is likely to stand for the next month, anticipation builds as we look forward to their performance in December. NDC-Ontario is set to host the National Development Centre Competition in Mississauga, Ontario, presenting a golden opportunity for them to reclaim a higher rank and showcase their prowess on the field. 

4. Burnaby FC

Maintaining their status as the top non-‘National Development Centre’ team is Burnaby FC, showcasing their prowess after clinching the Canada Soccer Toyota Nationals U17 Gold Medal in October. Their undefeated run in the competition, triumphing over formidable opponents like Calgary West FC and St. Hubert, solidifies their position as a powerhouse in the 2006 category. Adding to their impressive achievements, Burnaby FC secured a notable 2nd place in the BCSPL 2023 Phase 2 Standings, concluding with a commendable 21 points in 10 games played. As the BCSPL mini-season unfolds, we eagerly await to see if Burnaby FC can maintain their stellar ranking and continue their remarkable journey on the field. 

5. FC Laval U17 AAA

Holding the 5th position in this November recap is FC Laval U17. The team remains untested in league games until 2024, posing a challenge in assessing their current standing. Despite the lack of recent match updates, anticipation grows for FC Laval U17’s potential participation in showcase tournaments against formidable competition. As we await their return to action, the team’s performance in upcoming tournaments will undoubtedly shed light on their continued prowess on the soccer field.

6. Calgary West FC

Maintaining their #6 position in November is Calgary West FC, a team that played no games this month, making it challenging to assess their current standing. Despite the lack of recent match updates, their noteworthy performance in finishing 2nd at Canada Soccer Toyota Nationals remains a highlight. Notably, they secured a significant victory against previously ranked #6 FC Berlin with a 2-0 win and narrowly missed the national title against the currently #4 ranked Burnaby FC in PK shoot-outs. As the season concludes in Alberta, the absence of known games for 2024 makes it difficult to gauge their future performance. Nevertheless, Calgary West FC wraps up the season with remarkable achievements. 

7. St. Hubert U17 AAA

Maintaining their #7 position in this month’s recap is St. Hubert, as the team didn’t play any games, making it challenging to assess their current standing. Fresh off a commendable bronze medal finish at Canada Soccer Toyota Nationals in October, St. Hubert continues to showcase their resilience on the national stage. Although the season in Quebec has concluded, the team’s future performance remains uncertain. We eagerly await to see if St. Hubert will emerge in potential showcase tournaments to wrap up 2023 or kickstart the new year. 

8. Rush Canada L1R 

Securing the #8 spot in our latest November update is Rush Canada L1R, and their rise is marked by a decisive victory in the final against North Toronto L1R, previously ranked #8 in October. A dominant 4-2 triumph showcased the team’s strength and prowess on the field. The addition of Della Weir, a well-known forward in the GTA who is committed to NCAA Division 1 school Vermont University , has undoubtedly bolstered Rush Canada’s lineup, adding depth and firepower to their attack. With this formidable combination of talent and a convincing performance in recent competitions, Rush Canada L1R positions themselves as a top team in the country.

#9 Langley United

Making a noteworthy climb from #10 to #9 in our latest update is Langley United, propelled by their outstanding performance in the BCPL Phase 2 season. The team not only maintained their undefeated streak but also clinched the season title with an impressive 7-point margin, accumulating a remarkable 28 points in 10 games played. Their goal difference of +20 underscores their dominance on the field. Langley United’s journey reflects their sustained excellence, transitioning from a strong start in the BCSPL mini-season to a commanding position in the overall rankings. As they continue to display prowess, Langley United’s ascent in the Top-10 charts is a testament to their consistency and skill. .  

10. Scrossopi FC 

Entering our rankings as the new #10 team is Scrosoppi FC, making a resounding statement by clinching the championship at our FTF x VSC Fall Showcase. The team’s remarkable ascent is complemented by a significant overhaul, with a majority of their roster now comprised of players from Erin Mills SC, a squad that had previously held a high rank of #5 in our updates. This strategic merger brings together a wealth of talent, creating a formidable force on the field. Scrosoppi FC’s success in the Fall Showcase not only reflects their cohesive gameplay but also sets the stage for an exciting journey in the rankings. As they continue to showcase their prowess, we anticipate dynamic performances and noteworthy achievements from this revitalised team. 

Honourable Mention: North Toronto SC, FC Berlin, Calgary SWU , United DFC, Fusion FC , Codiacs FC , AK Academy, St.Johns Soccer Club , Sherwood Park Phoenix, Queen City SC, Soccer Dieppe,  Langley United, Foothills 2006 Girls, Alliance FC London

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