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The Playbook | Saskatchewan Girls Combine 2023

Emma Lynch | GK | 2026 Grad | Calgary Foothills SC

Lynch is an agile and effective shot-stopper who will get a piece of most shots. Despite her age, she stood out massively due to some incredible saves. Lynch forces the attacker to truly beat her because her positioning is excellent.

Kaylee Sookochoff | CB | 2025 Grad | Astra Academy

Sookochoff is a central defender who uses her intelligence to win the ball back. She reads the game incredibly well and intercepts passes for fun due to her positioning. When she needs to, she’s also strong in a tackle to stop the opposition.

Morgan Barry | CB | 2024 Grad | Saskatchewan REX

Barry is the complete package as a defender, size, physicality, athleticism, and technical skill. She doesn’t like to get beat in any situation and makes sure to make a physical battle that an attacker will remember, while thinking twice about taking her on.

Hadiza Kasim | CB | 2025 Grad | Yorkton United FC

Kasim demonstrated her excellent defensive capabilities throughout the event. She was positionally sound, strong in a challenge and calm on the ball. When in trouble, she was able to use her pace and strength to keep opposing attackers at bay.

Bronwyn Pittman | RW/RB | 2024 Grad | Saskatchewan REX

Pittman is an extremely hard-working, quick, and direct threat. She can affect the game both on the ball and off it, as she’s very responsible defensively. She likes to threaten space in behind to use her pace and triers to go right at the goal. Pittman also has good end product.

Zoya Kim | CDM | 2024 Grad | Saskatchewan REX

Kim is a simple, tidy midfielder who prioritizes keeping the ball for her side. She wins the ball back effectively by popping up at the right time to intercept many attacks from the other team. Kim also can find passes that continually keep her team in possession and that break the lines of the opposition.

Skylar Westenenk | CM | 2025 Grad | Langley United SC

Westenenk is an effective midfielder who always finds space to get on the ball. She’s always around the ball whether her team is in possession, and she becomes an outlet, or popping up to win the ball back or slow the opponent’s attack. She is good on the ball and chooses the right pass most of the time.

Jade Underschute | CAM | 2024 Grad | Saskatchewan REX

Underschute is a crafty central midfielder who likes to find space in between the lines. She is very patient in her movement, and pops into spaces well to receive passes and turn to run at the opponent’s defensive line.

Shabona Niazi | ST/CAM | 2024 Grad | Saskatchewan REX

Niazi possesses great technical skill and uses her size to get the best of most defenders she faces. In possession, she is so difficult to stop as she’s able to go to her right or left and produce something of quality for her team. Niazi’s work ethic is fantastic, and she makes sure to press with the rest of her team as well.

Folawe Balogun | ST | 2025 Grad | Saskatchewan REX

Balogun is a strong direct threat who looks to run over her opponents. She welcomes any physical battle, willingly using her strength to hold off and bully defenders. When on the ball, she looks to turn as quickly as possible and get towards goal to get a strike off and score.

Hannah Wol-Harden | ST/LW | 2025 Grad | Queen City United SC

Wol-Harden has the attacking traits strikers dream of as her movement and speed constantly pose threats. She has great size but uses her movement to bait defenders into awkward areas where she can get the best of them. Wol-Harden’s movement in the box is fantastic as she always finds space to get a shot at goal

Honourable Mention

Elizabeth McLeod | GK | 2023 Grad | Junior Huskies

Emily Pecek | CDM | 2025 Grad | Calgary West FC

Macy Strawson | CM/RB | 2025 Grad | Astra Academy

Kate Grignon | CDM | 2025 Grad | AK Academy

Emerson Short | CB/CDM | 2025 Grad | Astra Academy

Avery Kuzyk | CB/CDM | 2025 Grad | Queen City United SC

Addisyn Jakubiec | CM | 2025 Grad | Forge FC

Caedence Smith | CM | 2024 Grad | Saskatoon Alliance/Junior Huskies

Sienna Nimubona | CDM | 2025 Grad | Forge FC

Piper Stojkovich | CM | 2024 Grad | Saskatchewan REX

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