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The Playbook | Sigma Showcase 2023 – 2025 Grads

The 13th Annual Sigma Showcase 2023 is known throughout the country as the premier recruiting event, drawing an array of coaches from both U Sports and the NCAA across two days. The high-level competition and talent on display made it a significant platform for aspiring athletes to showcase their skills in Mississauga, Ontario December 14th & 15th 2023. Below are our FTF Team of the Tournament (TOTT) selections from the groups who participated. 

Standout Performers: 

Evan Brown / 2025 Grad / North Mississauga 

Evan Brown is a dynamic player with the ability to excel in various positions across the front three, and he is even capable of performing as a number 10. His proficiency in exploiting small pockets of space sets him apart, showcasing his technical skill and awareness on the field. Known for his impact in matches, Brown has the capability to influence the outcome with just one decisive action. As one of the standout talents in the 2025 graduating class, his skill set positions him among the top players, making him a player to watch in the coming years.

Jelani Brathwaite / 2025 Grad / Vaughan OPDL

Jelani Brathwaite is a technically proficient fullback known for his sound defensive skills. He consistently traverses the touchline, contributing both offensively and defensively. Brathwaite is recognized for his exceptional one-on-one defending ability, making him a formidable presence in the backline. Adding to his defensive abilities, he boasts rapid pace, allowing him to cover ground swiftly and contribute to both ends of the field.

Kailas Cooper / 2025 Grad / Sigma FC

Kailas Cooper is a formidable attacking force, particularly dangerous when taking on defenders in one-on-one situations. His ability to navigate through opposition defenses makes him a potent goal-scoring threat. Cooper consistently demonstrates a high rate of goal-scoring, showcasing his proficiency in finding the back of the net. With his exceptional pace, he poses a real threat to opposing teams and has the potential to be the standout face of any college soccer program across the country.

Jordan Grey / 2025 Grad / FC Durham 

Jordan is a robust and powerful striker with a big frame, fitting the mold of a traditional and strong number 9 on the field. Often likened to a young Kai Havertz, he shares similarities with the versatile playmaking abilities of the German sensation. Jordan’s versatility allows him to adapt to various positions and play styles, making him a valuable asset for any team. Additionally, his prolific scoring record attests to his ability to consistently find the back of the net at a high rate.

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