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The Playbook | Sigma Showcase 2023 – 2024 Grads

The 13th Annual Sigma Showcase 2023 is known throughout the country as the premier recruiting event, drawing an array of coaches from both U Sports and the NCAA across two days. The high-level competition and talent on display made it a significant platform for aspiring athletes to showcase their skills in Mississauga, Ontario December 14th & 15th 2023. Below are our FTF Team of the Tournament (TOTT) selections from the groups who participated. 

2024 Grad/ 2006 Born Boys

Standout Performers: 

Chrisitan Kyriacou / 2024 Grad / Vaughan HP

Christian Kyriacou is a versatile player, excelling in both defensive and offensive 1v1 situations. His technical ability, coupled with a keen sense of timing, allows him to contribute effectively in attacks, delivering precise crosses. With good fitness and speed, Kyriacou seamlessly transitions between defensive containment and attacking plays, showcasing comfort in both roles on the field.

Hoce Massunda / 2024 Grad / Sigma FC 

Hoce Massunda, a dynamic winger, excels in pushing forward and exhibits impressive skills in one-on-one situations. His attacking proficiency is evident whether he attacks going inside or outside, showcasing versatility on the field. Massunda’s notable speed amplifies his threat, allowing him to beat defenders with ease. Additionally, his ability to get his shot off in any situation adds a potent dimension to his attacking repertoire.

Feli Cintra / 2024 Grad / North York 

Feli Cintra, a physically imposing center back, excels in 1v1 defending, thwarting opponents with ease. His notable ball control and precise passing amplify his contribution to build-up play. Cintra strategically breaks lines with precise passes, creating scoring opportunities. His defensive prowess is highlighted by his rarity in being beaten by opposing players.

Tasos Golias / 2024 Grad / Sigma FC 

Tasos Golias stands out as a midfielder with exceptional technical skills, making a significant impact by leading in goal-scoring. His impressive finishing ability adds a lethal dimension to his game, consistently converting chances into goals. Furthermore, Golias proves to be a creative force on the field, regularly initiating and crafting goal-scoring opportunities for his team. His well-rounded abilities make him a standout player, contributing both as a scorer and a playmaker in the midfield.

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