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The Playbook | U15 Boys Team Ontario vs Team Quebec Provincial Series

U15 Team Ontario/ Team Quebec Provincial Series:- FTF Combined XI

GK: Team Ontario #1 – Abednego Mugadaza

  • Abednego is a great goalkeeper, always helping out his team and making sure they are aware of what is going on around them. From the first minute until the final whistle, you will rarely hear a time where he is not speaking to his teammates. He shows great leadership when speaking from the back, and he combines this with great reflexes and bravery in pressure situations. 

CB: Team Quebec #19 – Raphael Vilceus

  • Raphael, a formidable central back, excels in 1v1 defending, rarely beaten and always patient. His comfort in possession adds depth to his game, making him a reliable presence at the heart of his team’s defence.

CB: Team Ontario #3 – Zydan Naseeb

  • Zydan, a commanding centre-back, is a masterful tackler known for his strength and physicality in defence. His ability to make timely recovery runs bolsters his team’s backline, often thwarting opposition attacks with decisive interventions.

CB: Team Ontario #5 – Jaxon Royer

  • Jaxon, a dominant presence in defence, utilises his strength and adept body positioning to assert his authority on the game, often dictating the pace and flow with his commanding presence.

CM: Team Ontario #4 – Kofi Coleman

  • Kofi, a dynamic midfielder, excels in both short and long passing. When given space, he consistently causes problems for defences with precise split balls or incisive passes over the top. His knack for finding spaces between the lines offers constant passing options, making him a pivotal playmaker.

CM: Team Quebec #7 – Sami Bouayad

  • Sami dazzles with his wide range of passing abilities. His vision and precision on the ball unlock defences and ignite his team’s attacking play. Whether it’s a defence-splitting through ball or a perfectly weighted long-range pass, Sami dictates the tempo of the game with his exquisite passing repertoire, consistently setting up scoring opportunities for his teammates.

CM: Team Quebec #17 – Thomas Loth

  • Thomas, a dynamic central midfielder, excels as a carrier of the ball, adept at navigating through opposition lines with ease. His ability to ride contact and use his dribbling skills effectively makes him a potent force in breaking defensive lines and driving his team’s attacks forward.

RW: Team Quebec #11 – El Moukthar Loukili

  • El Moukthar, a cunning winger, wields his left foot with finesse, consistently weaving magic on the field. His trickery and creativity pose constant headaches for opposing defences as he deftly crafts chances for his team with precision.

ST: Team Ontario #18 – Deshauni Gayle

  • Deshauni, a dynamic forward, is characterised by his explosive acceleration and exceptional speed on the pitch. His intelligence shines through in his strategic runs, always finding pockets of space to exploit. Combined with his excellent first touch, Deshauni poses a constant threat to opposition defences, capable of turning defence into attack in the blink of an eye.

ST: Team Quebec #10 – Marcus-Jordan Robergeau

  • Marcus-Jordan, a formidable striker, thrives in one-on-one situations with his combination of strength and speed. His ability to outmuscle defenders and get in front of them effectively gives him the edge in goal-scoring opportunities, making him a constant threat in the opposition’s box.

LW: Team Ontario #11 – Tariq Livermore

  • Tariq, an electrifying athlete, is known for his incredible speed and exceptional quality on the ball. His pace and precision make him a constant attacking threat, consistently creating opportunities and putting pressure on opposing defences.

U15 Honourable Mentions:

  • Team Ontario #12 – Brian Angrish
  • Team Quebec #6 – Patrick Arana
  • Team Ontario #6 – Nathan Miller
  • Team Ontario #8 – Jonathan Vazquez 
  • Team Quebec #13 – Diego Ortega
  • Team Quebec #12 – Amadou Diallo
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